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The Golden Palace - Rose hits Dorothy and they make up

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Golden Palace Episode 8, "Seems Like Old Times (Part 2)"
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Matthew Mandalinic (4 days ago)
Hfffddd fgffsc morning gcvdd
chelsi irvine (22 days ago)
best friends forever and when did rose become so strong?
Nia Nightshade (27 days ago)
Chuy walked out to to prepare Rose’s funeral arrangements
Chris Amon (1 month ago)
Oh, God.
Kellie Kane (1 month ago)
I still don't understand why Blanche sold her house to buy a hotel. Well other than the network change...
TJ Singleton (1 month ago)
"I- i thought you didn't need me anymore" took me out. Oh my heart 😫
Maya D (1 month ago)
They didn't need her.....she had a husband! She shouldn't always be the boss of everything!! I would have smacked her!!
BetterThanEmril (3 months ago)
Damn I never heard Bea/Dorthy voice pitch up so high 😂😂😂
QCM (3 months ago)
This was the only good episode that was worth watching for the entire shows run.
KanishQ Quotes (2 months ago)
Watch one about blancehs brother Ted
Woytek101 (3 months ago)
carl4230 (4 months ago)
My girl's love each other, I just love them
Jasmine Surreal (5 months ago)
Dorothy used to hit Rose on the head with a newspaper when she thought she was being stupid on many occasions. So when Rose did it, boy did she earn that one. Dorothy has a cheek to complain.
omqr Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Thanking All Omar The view Joy TheTlk Joy The view Joy
omqr Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Thanking All omar TheTlk Joy The view
Jon Ruff (3 months ago)
0:29 oooooooooooo
catherine roberts (6 months ago)
:O HOW did I not know that there was a sequel series to the Golden Girls 'till now?! *Frantically goes to search more episodes of the Golden Palace*
thetvzone (6 months ago)
Goes to show The Golden Girls had life, and if they did a season 8 on NBC & Bea came to guest star could of been interesting...
Anthony Barrett (7 months ago)
One of my favorite episodes when Rose hits Dorothy!! Lmao
Rebmetpes4 (7 months ago)
😮😱 Dorothy has a high pitch for once!
newyorkcitylatinguy (7 months ago)
Why would she need a kidney?
hazeeq razak (8 months ago)
This is not just any a spin off,its just without dorothy and i mean,if it were a spinoff thy would let 1 of the main characters from the GG to b put in the spinoff lik blanch or rose and couldn decide weather rose is gona get married to miles or blanch moving away
Kingbopit (8 months ago)
This just like the re-enactment of One Flew Out of The Cuckoo’s Nest Part 2 ending
Delana Johnson (8 months ago)
What is this?? Why did she leave Golden Girls just to make a cameo here??? They should've kept GG and let Bea make her stupid cameos. Blanche would've never sold that house. The show could've kept the same network and Sat night slot. But too late now. :(
GeorgiaRattlesnake (7 days ago)
TJ Singleton Estelle Getty was the first to pass on, Bea Arthur passed on in 2009, and Rue McLanahan died in 2010... Betty’s the last one.
TJ Singleton (1 month ago)
I thinm she was sick. She was the first to pass
Julie Smallwood (8 months ago)
Was Dorothy still married to Lucus?
mdmelnoelle (8 months ago)
I like how Blanche and Chewy look scared shitless lmao
Kirk LaCombe (8 months ago)
I love this show so much. I want to buy the whole season
A BHAD BIH (8 months ago)
*why did you hit me?*
Jazz Ramblings (9 months ago)
Ugh the writing is not as good the golden girls.
Cristine Battung (9 months ago)
0:18 rip replay button 💛💛💛
Taharkah X (10 months ago)
The writing for this spinoff was awful.
Terrell Ryans (10 months ago)
I've watched the Golden Girls, Empty Nest and Nurses I have to catch up on The Golden Palace
Justine morning Brennen (10 months ago)
Not that great as the golden girls
Singapore Pearl (10 months ago)
David (10 months ago)
It was about time Rose asserted herself to Dorothy! Hear Hear!!!
Sheeza Mann (10 months ago)
dorothy---hit rose...how many times on the golden girls?????
DeshaunX (10 months ago)
This show wasn't that bad. The premise was dumb and the chemistry didn't work without Dorothy. It's like fan fiction. Somebody said, "Hey, I wonder what would happen if Dorothy moved away and the other 3 make a stupid impulsive decision to buy a hotel." It would have made more sense if they had turned Uncle Angelo's apartment building into a hotel or something, rather than selling the house. Blanche was so desperate to keep the house that she almost evicted one of them when the inspector came, yet she was willing to throw it away for some stupid hotel? Ridiculous.
Planetcharr (10 months ago)
As the season progressed it got funnier but that chemistry wasn't there; so true and they did kind of re-hash some of the story lines ...but that's the writers fault and a changing in the guard ... Should have kept the house and intertwined the Weston's (Empty Nest) and the Nurses. They did have a lot of heavy comedic special guests but it wasn't enough to save it. I believe the premise though of the Hotel was basically the girls got snookered into buying the hotel; they had to continue with it in order for each to make enough money to gain back their very bad investment. A great episode is when Blanche meets her match ... in the form of Ricardo Montalban. Oh well, it was sad when this finally went off the air ... Nurses ended and Empty Nest went all weird.
newyorkcitylatinguy (7 months ago)
KanishQ Quotes (2 months ago)
Not now MA
Shenice Says (10 months ago)
What episode is it where Rose hits Dorothy?
LaKevious Lacy (10 months ago)
Shenice Says Seems Like Old Times part 2
Jerry (10 months ago)
It’s almost embarrassing to watch how bad this show is.
Alec Bahm (1 month ago)
1:47 “And rose you hit me once more and you won’t live long enough to hear me say ow.” Lol
David (10 months ago)
But I don’t think it would have been quite as easy this time now that Rose found her new self confidence and powers!
Love when rose would stand up for herself or tell Blanche off
Mike Lutton (1 year ago)
what is living tv
Olah Olah (1 year ago)
I can't find any golden palace episodes..
catherine roberts (6 months ago)
Singapore Pearl (10 months ago)
Cireu ola It wasn't a very popular show and many people didn't keep footages of it
lindsey krontz (1 year ago)
God I thought this was the golden girls. How come this show didnt go as long as the other?
ThunderClan Lives (8 months ago)
William o'neal I watched a video where Rue and Betty talked about how Estelle was forgetting lines and showing signs of dementia on the golden girls. If she had trouble then, I doubt she would have had an easy time with a whole other show.
William o'neal (8 months ago)
Estelle Getty was not even 70 yet when this show was around. She was the second youngest GG, younger than Bea. Betty White was 86 in 2008 when Getty died. In 1993, White was 70. Bea was 70, slightly younger than White. Getty was 69. Rue was over a decade younger than all of them.
Jerry (10 months ago)
Because the writing was bad and they changed the characters.
SteppinLady Underwood (10 months ago)
Due to age of the actresses. The actress that played Sophia mind was waning.😢
TheHomey NowUKnowMe (11 months ago)
lindsey krontz Probably because of the lack of Bea Arthur. (She guest-starred in Golden Palace for 2 episodes, and the show only lasted 1 season.)
La Kellita La Kellita (1 year ago)
Why DID they buy a hotel?
hazeeq razak (6 months ago)
I think it bcuz dorothy got married to lucas and thy didn actually tell dorothy that thy bought the hotel,thy sell the house to get the money 4 the hotel
Marchant2 (1 year ago)
The Golden Palace was a good show, and it was canceled pre-maturely. It's a helluvalot better than most the junk on TV today.
kristin amanda thimas (5 months ago)
+Jasmine Surreal anytime and you sound like ne I'm just as bad She has always been my favorite too
Jasmine Surreal (5 months ago)
+kristin amanda thimas Thanks a lot I'll have a look, gotta have my Dorothy fix!
kristin amanda thimas (5 months ago)
All I know is that a couple of clips have been shown where she makes an appearance check out Bea Arthur Golden Palace. and check out Have a Nice Day. I came across it when watching some Bea Arthur clips
Jasmine Surreal (5 months ago)
I'm very au fait with the Golden Girls but never seen The Golden Palace, primarily as I'm watching GG through from Season 1 and want to focus on that. I've heard it wasn't so good, and must admit I'm not keen on the supporting cast so much, but is it worth a watch? I dunno if Dorothy isn't in it regularly....
kristin amanda thimas (5 months ago)
+Nikolle Chandler I have always known the Golden Girls. I never knew about this show. So it's good to hear it turned out well considering I never had a chance to see it it was just so priceless after they hug when Bea says " if you hit me one more time......." let alone the scene with the annoying customer it just reminds me of how much I've missed her considering I've wondered what happened to her after The Golden Girls I've never seen her in anything else
Sergio QUINTANILLA (1 year ago)
At 0:56 is when it gets real. Somehow it feels like they're not talking about the hotel anymore, but the show itself :'(
Dilly Dally (2 months ago)
If you ever watch that 70 show, on the last episode when Topher Grace returns, he apologizes to Donna for leaving and saying he thought he was doing the right thing. I'm almost sure it's Topher talking and not Eric Forman because leaving the show screwed up the last season and his career in Hollywood never took off like he hoped.
I'm Beautiful (1 year ago)
This was too cute
Dorinda Thurman (1 year ago)
Golden Palace was good but it was the same without Dorothy
J L N (2 months ago)
That makes no sense.
Candice Perry (1 year ago)
The women would get along with each other
Mike Parson (1 year ago)
7 years of newspaper bonks have led to this.
Lois Anne Barin (11 months ago)
Mike Parson lol
Chris Canale (1 year ago)
not as good as Golden Girls
Shannon Boynton (1 year ago)
I love this
Michael Rauch (1 year ago)
Love this
David Rudolph (1 year ago)
And my tears getting wet....
Isla Melo (1 year ago)
I Love that scene. The best the golden palace
Leon Britz (1 year ago)
Bea Arthur was the female version of Alan Rickman.
hazeeq razak (3 months ago)
Dorthy is the younger of max black from 2 broke girls cuz both women had the same sarcastic personalities
Cam Rogers (3 months ago)
Definitely would have loved to see them work together.
kristin amanda thimas (7 months ago)
I only know him as Professor Snape
Katharina Hofmeister (1 year ago)
Leon Britz Oh my gosh!!! I'm not the only one how see this!!!!!! 😀😱
ChrisC11291980 (1 year ago)
Chuy caught on to their dynamic fast. When Rose hit Dorothy, he reacted exactly the right way and he didn't even know Dorothy that well.
Chris Peplinski (1 year ago)
Such a great scene. Wish dorothy appeared more often.
Kellie Kane (13 days ago)
This show only lasted the one season
Lima Neris (4 months ago)
Did you know after this show ended, Sophia moved to "Empty Nests" as a series regular for the final 2 seasons but her daughter Dorothy never visited her at Shady Pines. So this truly makes this the final appearences of Dorothy. You know, ever!
RolandTheBigBootMan (1 year ago)
Wes Mix (1 year ago)
Dorothy is such a baby she hit Rose so many times with the newspaper a book and many things even slapped you in the face and she never cried and Dorothy gets hit once and she cries
kristin amanda thimas (7 months ago)
She never thought she'd have the guts to stand up to her so I imagine it was a mix of shock and surprise and hurt
Delana Johnson (8 months ago)
Amanda Vo (9 months ago)
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Amanda Vo (9 months ago)
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Alma Flores (1 year ago)
I missed this episode.😢
ZeroFox75 (1 year ago)
This show wasn't successful bc there was no Dorothy
hazeeq razak (8 months ago)
Jerry Granata u mean rose bcame the strong one?
Jerry (10 months ago)
This show wasn’t successful because the writing was bad and they changed the core of each character.
FallingFromTheSkyy (1 year ago)
CocoaFemme 1015 true
CocoaFemme 1015 (1 year ago)
cocopunk1486: IMHO, it certainly could have been successful. The viewing audience just didn't give it enough of a chance!! Not to mention, Cheech Marin was pretty comical, himself.
Joselyn Rivera (1 year ago)
I was about to prepare a eulogy after Rose hit Dorothy
carl4230 (4 months ago)
lol that's funny
kristin amanda thimas (7 months ago)
I was singing " God is Nigh" in my head thinking this is the end of Rose
Kean On Chor (1 year ago)
"At a funeral?" "No Rose, at a pie eating contest!" XDDDD 😂
jeimu Vivero (1 year ago)
tall32guy (1 year ago)
Rose actually hit Dorothy?! wow! lol! I haven't really watched any clips of G.P. so, it is not surprising I did not know this. LOL
Isobel Lambert (6 months ago)
I like this show
Natalie's Channel (1 year ago)
Cheech wasn't scared, he just went out to smoke a joint..
Isaac Ortiz (1 year ago)
Natalie's Channel I think Cheech was cute.
samsquantch14 (1 year ago)
he has a line of bongs
StarFighters76 (1 year ago)
Unless he gave it up, he's a stoner in real life.
Natalie's Channel he doesn't smoke
Soul Eclipse (1 year ago)
When did Rose become the strong one?
Summer21 (3 months ago)
Soul Eclipse I feel like Rose and the gang could all be strong at times, but they relied for Dorothy at times for guidance and even being the strength. After Dorothy left, they knew they had to rely on each other and themselves. 😃
BetterThanEmril (3 months ago)
Soul Eclipse being bumped up to the star of the show can do that to a character lol
cameron davila (6 months ago)
After years of abuse living with them girls lol
Don Grey (8 months ago)
Soul Eclipse after being hit twice before herself.
Dan Barker (1 year ago)
Why did Dorothy complain they didn't need her, Bea wanted to leave Golden Girls after 7 years on NBC.
kristin amanda thimas (7 months ago)
Cause it's Dorothy talking not Bea Arthur personally
Alex Moxley (1 year ago)
I'm way late here, but I'll answer your questions as best as I can. Bea DID want to leave the show to pursue other projects and because she didn't want to be typecast, but she agreed to do this two parter episode as a favor to the fans, as well as Betty, Rue and Estelle. They being said, if you'll remember, Rose moved out in Golden Girls episode Before and After following a purported near death experience and several arguments with the girls. Rose was also thinking that things would be different on her own, but when she arrived at her new apartment, she found that all the tenants were snooty and abrasive, selfish and it was nothing like Blanche's place. Ultimately the girls all went over and convinced Rose to move back with them and she did after seeing the error of her ways. Now I could be wrong about this, but I personally think that Dorothy had the same line of thinking Rose did; when she married and moved out it would be different, especially since her suitor was rich. However, not only did things become boring for Dorothy after a while (because money can't buy happiness) but Blanche and the girls moved on within a short frame of time as Dorothy points out here, and they (presumably) bought a hotel without calling and asking her if she wanted in on it. Main reason being that they thought Dorothy would say no since she was living in a mansion with a rich man. Dorothy however saw that as betrayal, especially after the way she poured her heart out to them before leaving in the Golden Girls finale. Not only did she find out that the girls had moved on without her in such a short amount of time, but they didn't even call her to ask her if she would be interested in joining them in their venture. (Which Dorothy probably counted on the fact that they'd call her if they needed her) It's just my opinion, but she had hurt feelings and I think that, on top of the aforementioned reasons, is why she was complaining.
CocoaFemme 1015 (1 year ago)
Snoopy's Biggest Fan:What a REDUNDANT comment!!!!
Snoopy's Biggest Fan (1 year ago)
Well, Dorothy is a character on the show, and Bea is a real person.

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