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#45 The REAL Golden Girls House Location! (9/24/16)

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Unicorn Queen Rylie (9 days ago)
Im 13 and this is my favorite show
Go Go (1 month ago)
...Thank You for being a Friend!!... 😉👍
Robert Squires (5 months ago)
Well I'm with you I woulda bet my last peso that was in Florida. They do a great job selling that in the series. Thank you for sharing
Gretchen C (6 months ago)
I love The Golden Girls!!
chargermom (7 months ago)
Wow putting someones license number out there, kinda crazy.....golden girls is a classic, love it
John Kifflom (4 months ago)
It's not crazy. Addressees are already public knowledge, plus you can google the house and get the address online.
Michelle Lopez (7 months ago)
Rue aka Blanche from the show her birth town Healton & Velma Oklahoma areas actually isn't located to far southeast of my location
Jetthead18 (9 months ago)
They wanted Elaine Stritch but Stritch tanked her audition. Rue called Beatrice and asked her to audition. Beatrice didn't want to cuz she didnt want to play a Maude character but she got the part.
Jessica Richards (10 months ago)
I actually hate Golden Girls. I like the house design I just don't like to show
Jacqueline davy (10 months ago)
enjoyed his very much one of my favorite show still watch the reruns
Rosalie Allen (1 year ago)
Alwayz liked that comedy. Golden Girlz sure complimented ea other. Beautiful bit of history.
Rosalie Allen (1 year ago)
Daze with Jordan the Lion Ur welcome
Thank you
Rita Duarte (1 year ago)
Thanks one of my favorite shows watch still so funny
Play4u67 (1 year ago)
Estelle Getty also did a movie with Sylvester Stallone called "Stop or My Mom will Shoot". I thought it was a pretty good movie, she and Stallone got along great, in fact, I read somewhere, where Stallone stated that he just loved Estelle so much, he thought of her like his own mom. That was pretty cool. Just wanted to add something here (: Have a great day/night Jordan, Jah...everyone! (:
Sondrae’ Rabideau (1 year ago)
Me and the whole family loved the show ! Actually my sister named her only daughter Rue ! lol
marie trent (1 year ago)
You need an assistant & I think I am available- let me check my calendar- YEP! I'd absolutely love actually being able to do this but for now, I'll continue my documentaries, Google searches, books and now- YOUR VIDEOS!!! TY Again! Just found and subscribed a few days ago. Love all the info u provide too. Love old Hollywood and the backstories of those actors.
marie trent (1 year ago)
Thank you! Love the show!!
amanda whitworth (1 year ago)
I’m tickled to know it’s real!!!I love that show!
Kevin Eaton (1 year ago)
Estelle Getty was more of a theater actress and was well known at the time for Torch Song Trilogy. Estelle Getty was actually the first one hired. Bea Arthur actually hated cheesecake. She also said Betty White irritated her some times. Which Bea Arthur was an actress much like Lucy. Get in and get it done. Betty loved to play around so I think just a clash of personality
hensley2803 (1 year ago)
I would love to see inside the real house!
Jimmy Short (1 year ago)
Especially LOVED this vlog Jordan, thanks as always for capturing it for us!
Alan Cofer (2 years ago)
Estelle Getty  had already been doing roles in films like Mask (with Cher) and a bit part in Tootsie (with Dustin Hoffman). She had made appearances on Fantasy Island,  Cagney & Lacey etc before scoring with the Golden Girls.
Shane Folan (1 month ago)
when he alluded to estelle getty's career i think he meant more that it was the first big role that she had ever done, her roles before that were small supporting roles. He didn't mean she never acted before.
jill. (4 months ago)
She also was on gunsmoke. I loved the golden girls and still watch them. Thank you for your information I knew she was an actress before golden girls but did not know what all she had acted in she was a wonderful actress.
Desire Love (2 years ago)
thank you still love that show
+twiggy 2142 me too!
ansont (2 years ago)
Disney MGM. 😂
ansont (2 years ago)
Never knew a real house existed. Thanks for the vid.
+ansont that's right! Thanks for the reminder.. I hit so many parks the week I went to Florida, I couldn't remember exactly which park it was in.

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