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An American Bear In an Italian Shower

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I visited Rome in April and it was wonderful.. Except for the size of the Shower....
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Dharmram Urad (1 month ago)
Kekvin Veloz (6 months ago)
Badboy Jr (8 months ago)
Can u do more videos of you like putting some lotion on and oiling your body down
giuliodf (1 year ago)
if you come back in italy you can use my shower, it's enough large for both of us! ;-)
tonymunchy boo (1 year ago)
lol. shocked. very sexy
Markus Schaller (2 years ago)
MARUSK ggfnnfg
Markus Schaller (2 years ago)
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Markus Schaller (2 years ago)
Teresa Megginson (2 years ago)
Royce Collins (3 years ago)
beautiful man!!
yogi bear (4 years ago)
what can you say apart from, woof!!!!!
fiz Aldo (4 years ago)
hahaha this is funny , but awww (heartbreaking)  how cute polar deals with this :(
ALAIN QUENTEL (4 years ago)
hello,matthew;you are "taquin" kisses,alain
ALAIN QUENTEL (4 years ago)
matthew,it,s not easy to write matthew it,s easier to write dean ahahah you are,a so,great couple,anyway so talented your voice,so good you are so good men kisses alain,from france
ALAIN QUENTEL (4 years ago)
hello ,congratulations for your wedding,so sensible and so human
Ben Davis (4 years ago)
I cold easily fit in the shower and in my room I have same shower so my mom and brother and sister the guest no it Does not
ariell pascual (4 years ago)
what a handsome man...
Matthew Temple (2 years ago)
I do https://www.facebook.com/Bear4Cubs?fref=ts
ariell pascual (4 years ago)
do have facebook account?
ariell pascual (4 years ago)
i really really like that..hopemore daring than that lol hahhah
Matthew Temple (4 years ago)
Oh Thank you!! and yes it's me :)
ariell pascual (4 years ago)
so sexy...
Sean Kang (4 years ago)
My daddy.
Sean Kang (4 years ago)
So cuteeeeeeeee ^-^, god I wish u were my father, Matthew. Ill be so happy, if you would. :)
VorssaGaming (6 years ago)
i did miss the bear
Aware (6 years ago)
those towels arent needed:D

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