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How to rip your jeans & denim | ASOS menswear style tutorial

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Text Comments (135)
A K Nrihel (12 days ago)
It's a kind of boring beggar fashion jns
Shiki† (1 month ago)
What's paper is that?
adam jeddi (1 month ago)
C nul qui se que tu fait
Tarun Kumawat (4 months ago)
RAHUL KAIRI (4 months ago)
Nice and super
Ashking sanjay music (5 months ago)
sound is very funny 🤣🤣🤣
Bakvas vedio Tim vesat
Ajay Kumar (5 months ago)
Ajay Kumar (5 months ago)
Tapesh Gupta (6 months ago)
Hamare ghar ka kamvala esa he pantha hai jeans tum chutiyo ki taraha
yuvraj comedy and fun (6 months ago)
Good morning
Sultan Ansari (6 months ago)
Yashraj Prajapati (8 months ago)
Kay video hy bhai😂😂😂
Fzale Ali (8 months ago)
Matoi Ryuko (8 months ago)
CHHOTU KUMAR (8 months ago)
Rip sounds are so funny
one Hott (8 months ago)
💍💍看美女露点私㊙️视频加微信号hot5383💎蛋糕想疯疯癫癫ff uu
Madhu Dummu (9 months ago)
Excellent job
cherry ravi (9 months ago)
Not bad
Jaswanth Jaswanth (9 months ago)
Liked it bro superb
Decent Boy (9 months ago)
Ladd chatte lagg rhe ho katai...😀😀😀
Mobeen Ahmad (9 months ago)
Pagal he lag raha hai to
ANKIT AK (9 months ago)
Endhuku Emiti Ella (9 months ago)
Ravi Kokani (10 months ago)
Ravi kokani
Hamid Gujjar (10 months ago)
good nice
Rohith Lal Rohith (10 months ago)
Madarsud jolainde
Vikrant Sharma (10 months ago)
Dr. Hacks (10 months ago)
that sound is so irritating...
Investigation 24 (10 months ago)
Sahar ss (10 months ago)
Kasım Keman (11 months ago)
suriyeliye benzedi amk. d
goyanath panna (11 months ago)
Burnt Chicken (11 months ago)
Am I playing contra?
Atiq Qureshi (11 months ago)
Sori bro nbaj padte h
ANKIt Mourya ff (11 months ago)
very chif
savad fahad (11 months ago)
Banti the ROCKSTAR (1 year ago)
Acche pand jo kharab kr diya be tune
LOCAL HERO (1 year ago)
Shanta Singha (1 year ago)
O m g
NK CREATIVE (1 year ago)
Collection https://nkcreative1994.wooplr.com/collection/6399766198091776/fresh-arrivals/sharing
Dj_Chotu warkade (1 year ago)
Khmer Xoxo (1 year ago)
Nice tattoo
I got the white big rip jeans but the noise it looks likes you cutting your T-shirt
Alwin Alex (1 year ago)
so many comments about the sound effects 😂 glad I watched this without audio..
Raja. Khan (1 year ago)
Abhijit Chaudhari (1 year ago)
I don't know why but I think that the sound was cool!!
Chandan Rana (1 year ago)
New fesan
T T. (1 year ago)
Time to go against the grain: I thought the Mario sound effects were brilliant. A great video!
Kritin Kaushik (1 year ago)
Bohat bade chutiya hai Tu madharchod
dryrainwetsun (1 year ago)
Sound 👎
M - Tube (1 year ago)
This sounds name please
Ashraf Shirhatti (1 year ago)
Jackup John (1 year ago)
cut down music
Kadir Shah (1 year ago)
wa yar land ke
Mansi mansi (1 year ago)
Abe faduuu video h ek dam
Ankan Samanta (1 year ago)
😂😂,I found the sound to be more enjoyable....
Sunny Ray (1 year ago)
ki koo
Babu Aslam (1 year ago)
Pratik Kumar (1 year ago)
Whats that paper u are using Will u tell me
StAr StRuCk (1 year ago)
This sounds like a video game
Rusty Shackleford (1 year ago)
Wow when I was a kid back in the 50s and 60s I didn't know I was in fashion by having ripped jeans. I didn't rip them myself they just got that way from months of rough play and my parents couldn't afford new jeans every few months.
Sanjay Bhusal (1 year ago)
Jens seakes
Ellie Bailey (1 year ago)
10/10 for effort
Jai Kumar (1 year ago)
Y kya h yellow
Jitesh Bhagudia (1 year ago)
Acha hoaa mane sound nahi suna
Jitesh Bhagudia (1 year ago)
Irfan Khan (1 year ago)
David Dax (1 year ago)
Bhaiya tshirt pe koi video banao
Sri Harsh (1 year ago)
Tricky Vicky (1 year ago)
Watch it ...only for boys
Tricky Vicky (1 year ago)
Vinay Raaj (1 year ago)
Sounds effects was nt gud
Md Saajan (1 year ago)
Awesome bro👌👌👌👌👌
archie (1 year ago)
words would be helpful
What chiptune is dope don't be hatin
SimplyIsavr (1 year ago)
pls no more sound
Bang Moez chanel (2 years ago)
Adie Lisa (2 years ago)
the sound is very annoying..
Annie Medosch (2 years ago)
1. Sound effects are horribly annoying 2. Why did he sew that one part? What difference did that make??
Jeremy Jordan (2 years ago)
Those sounds really annoying lol
Hitu Hitesh Chauhan (2 years ago)
i love this video but please stops adding those music it's sounds Crepy
open the turd eye (2 years ago)
That looks sooo tacky.
Joseph playz (2 years ago)
OMG this clown knows hot to edit
A for Ashish (2 years ago)
nice editing
Sohan Sonawane (2 years ago)
dude stop dat sound it is vrry irritating
Its Jayden (2 years ago)
It works the like button works :D 👍
Iqbal Ridarman (2 years ago)
where I can get the bancsound
Angel Caido (2 years ago)
the sound is awsome, dont know why people complain
Aftercare 4 (2 years ago)
sounds are so annoying
lukas urban (2 years ago)
Themis Kasiotis (2 years ago)
why the f..k have those horrible sound effects???
Daniel Gani (2 years ago)
thanks for the great tips. but that sound so ffff annoying!
Awais Khan (2 years ago)
Dark Boy (2 years ago)
so ridiculous!!
Pk Gurung (2 years ago)
that sound is so irritating...
Siddharth Rajguru (2 years ago)
why that irritating sound while cutting and rubbing the jeans?
sourav ahodia (9 months ago)
Siddharth Rajguru .
Marya Alliyya101 (2 years ago)
what kind is paper is that
Sugar Sugar (2 years ago)
sand paper
Joseph Zeiler (3 years ago)
ProTip: Scissors provide too clean of a cut. Filing or sanding with a thin tool or piece completely through will usually do the trick depending on the type of denim.
Chandankumar Mondal (1 year ago)
Joseph Zeiler u8
PnB Sosa (2 years ago)
u sound dumb

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