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Betty White and Bea Arthur -- BEFORE THE GOLDEN GIRLS

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Betty White and Bea Arthur sing 42nd Street in this 1970s clip. With Dinah Shore and Robert Goulet.
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drewski 15 (1 month ago)
Wow pre Dorothy and Rose days no wounder golden girls worked out so well
georgelee43211 (3 months ago)
sue ann nivins-and maude findley.
Luke Jack (4 months ago)
...and white folks call this dancing???
uknow who (6 months ago)
I'm just struck by how shamelessly racist Hollywood has been. Not a non-white person in sight.
S G (5 months ago)
Yayyyyy!!! I won! I won! I won "Spot the Racism Claim on a Non-Race Topic Video." What'd I win?
Delana Johnson (9 months ago)
Bea Arthur, Betty White, and Robert Guliet! You can't beat this!
MIS315 (1 year ago)
Awww look at them getting along :)
TwistedDoll09 (1 year ago)
You guys & your "they hated each other" or "Bea hated Betty" comments are WAY off! First of all, Betty said "my cheerfulness sometimes got on her nerves & I don't think she was very fond of me". After that interview Bea's son Matthew spoke out & said absolutely not, his mother loved Betty, she was just reserved & more of a loner who preferred to keep to herself most of the time, so sometimes someone with Betty's cheerful, bubbly personality was too much for her. Bea used to treat the girls to theatre nights out, and Betty would have them all over for dinners at her house. After Estelle fell ill the girls would go visit her together. Both ladies were quoted many times as saying "the 4 of us have really become a family. We are truly a family". Upon Bea's passing Betty said "I knew it was gonna hurt, I just didn't realize it would hurt this much". A far cry from hating each other! Please do your homework before speaking on things!
Monique2631 (4 months ago)
Thanks for clarifying.
uknow who (6 months ago)
+musicaltheatergeek79 actually Rue said the opposite.
uknow who (6 months ago)
I guess you haven't read the Rue McClanahan autobiography. She vividly illustrates that they all ran in pretty separate circles during the run of the Golden Girls despite their PR to the contrary. Give it a read.
musicaltheatergeek79 (6 months ago)
It's been so long since I read Rue's book MY FIRST FIVE HUSBANDS, but didn't she mention that Bea and Betty used to have lunch together almost every single day at work? In fact, Bea would often wait for Betty and they would walk to the commissary together. I agree that this whole 'feud' has been blown out of proportion. It's merely a clash of different personalities (Bea was a professional; Betty could be a cut-up on set), but I don't believe that Bea truly hated Betty. She just sometimes got annoyed by Betty hamming it up, while Bea just wanted to do the work. Who hasn't experienced that with friends/acquaintances/colleagues?
MIS315 (6 months ago)
+Chris Kimnel what I said is true. If you cant accept that, youre a child
Purple Gypsy (2 years ago)
This makes me so happy.
13blanket (2 years ago)
Holy feud related comments. The bottom line is they did a show together for 7 years, so, even if there was some animosity, it wasn't great enough to bring Hollywood to a screeching halt. You work with it, we all do.
Mark W (2 years ago)
They really look like they are having a great time together. Doing a talk show is very different than doing a sitcom, and here, breaking the fourth wall is fine, but if you are from the theater, unless you are doing "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", that would be inappropriate. Two different styles of acting, both great for what they were, but I could see slight conflicts. Bea seemed to not suffer fools very well, while Betty liked to clown around, having done sitcoms in the 50's while Bea was struggling Off Broadway.
Mr. Nobody (3 years ago)
OMG, I wish they had liked each other because they were both so talented and great together.
Ken M (4 years ago)
Maude and Sue Ann Nivens. 
MIS315 (4 years ago)
Sad to think they hated each other :(
MIS315 (2 years ago)
Vicky 12 it's not nonsense at all. It may disrupt your wish fulfillment but it's true. Betty may have admired bea, but there's no question that bea disliked (to say the least) Betty. Several sources (including rue mclanahan and Betty White herself) confirmed this.
Vicky 12 (2 years ago)
MIS315 Oh they did not! White. has often said she actually liked Bea, while Bea Arthur was "just not that thrilled" by her (my personal assumption is, Betty White's naturally positive, bright temper was not so comfortable to handle for a genuinely realistic, always slightly distanced Bea Arthur). But so what!? There are people getting along and working perfectly who might just not be bffs! In any case interpersonal relationships aren't just black or white, "hated each-other"... Really, what a cliché-ridden nonsense! They we're no adolescent school girls, maybe just more colleagues than friends like on the show.
JhomasE (2 years ago)
+lacouerfairy no, it's true. Check out Emptynestonline.net. It's stated by others that worked with Bea that she couldn't stand Betty. Betty didn't call her a witch it say that Bea was cruel to her. Betty never slams her and I think that's wonderful.
lacouerfairy (2 years ago)
I think that tale has been wildly exaggerated by Betty White. According to fellow actors and crew, Bea and Betty got along fine. They weren't best friends, but they were able to work together closely for 8 years. I think their acting style and professional style were just polar opposite.
BtonMan75 (3 years ago)
+MIS315 Bea did not hate Betty. On The Golden Girls they were professionals and ate lunch together during the work day (confirmed by Rue M).
John Lingard (5 years ago)
It seems like Bea lost a lot of weight by the time she did Golden Girls, because during her Maude days she was heavy and out of shape, but by the time she did GG she looked 40 Ibs lighter.
The Rooster 88 (4 months ago)
She looked better with weight on her. She seems more wholesome.
ARZ1987 (5 months ago)
It’s funny when Bea was interviewed about her breast reduction...she said it was the best gift she ever gave herself and says I don’t have to pick them up when I shower (motions picking up a flap) ...haha
mcclurelauren14 (3 years ago)
She was a little more curvy during Maude. A lot of her weight loss came after her breast reduction. When she got rid of those, I guess she decided to drop pounds everywhere else to even out her body.
michaelleacy (5 years ago)
were people blind in the 70s? The clothes are so hideous
Anthony Floyd (1 year ago)
MIS315 this generation style is terrible
Anthony Floyd (1 year ago)
Targaryen no you went blind
Anthony Floyd (1 year ago)
Are you blind looking at this generation style is more bad I love Bea and Betty clothes
Anthony Floyd (1 year ago)
Ciara Verzin me too
Targaryen (1 year ago)
No I think it was more the 80s that folk went blind
Sebastian Wendel (5 years ago)
Bea Arthur looked much better in GG
tranurse (5 years ago)
i work with people i don't really care for, but we just do our jobs and go about our business. doesn't seem a whole lot more different.
princessjerseygirl04 (5 years ago)
I think Bea was extremely jealous of MRS BETTY WHITE. No offense to the past away but Betty was, is, and still is the BOMB!
Jansci7G (5 years ago)
Two?...Don't you mean four?
dabigisland1 (5 years ago)
yes we can be sometimes thanks
Watson Everly (5 years ago)
with Dinah Shore and Robert Goulet.
Paul Chouinard (5 years ago)
There was no great feud between Bea and Betty, Bea simply didn't care for Betty on a personal level. Bea was by all accounts a very low key and low energy person and Betty is much more bubbly and high energy. Bea was also a stage actress who always maintained the 4th wall, while Betty loved to go out into the audience and joke around. In Rue's book she strongly hints that Bea was very unhappy when Betty won the first emmy for the show. By all accounts they were professional on set.
EveningT (5 years ago)
White people are funny.
Keeke Nosliw (5 years ago)
I don't know why I can't get enough of watching them dance...
Stewart Dorsey (5 years ago)
Betty is a trained dancer.
Steve (5 years ago)
Too bad this clip wasn't used on The Golden Girls! As she was having her foot surgery in the episode "The Operation," Dorothy could have dreamed she and Rose were younger dancers who appeared on The Dinah Show ten years earlier!
eroupopper (5 years ago)
Bea and betty are funny together.
TheEric0009 (5 years ago)
Hahahah, I love Bea's clothes. Her fashion here and on the Golden Girls is just so unique. Love it.
Brooke B. (5 years ago)
I love this video! I could just watch it over and over!
t o r i (6 years ago)
Ahhhhh! I love this!
XxShadowvalkyriexX (6 years ago)
amazing to see the past!
XxShadowvalkyriexX (6 years ago)
right! lol
Darrick W (6 years ago)
Funny, Rose Nylund & Dorothy Zbornak never mentioned this!!
TitiAnita7 (6 years ago)
i loved betty whites hair on here. this was sweet to watch.
Brooke B. (6 years ago)
Why do I love this clip so much? :)
ladyyuna2000 (6 years ago)
I like Betty white she was my favorite on the golden girls
commerce (6 years ago)
Dinah and Friends (syndicated) episode 2.39 late 1975
bubblinbrownsugar616 (7 years ago)
LMFAO!! LMFAO!!! I laughed so hard at that because I just watched a Golden Girls Episode where she asked her to do just that but wanted the metro section and then whacked her in the head!!!
jess00821 (7 years ago)
Bea is so beautiful
thetvzone (7 years ago)
@RodTalon0000 Old school Hollywood was such different back in those days they could do it all. New School Hollywood now are talentless as long as they're Kim Kardashin and Lindsay Lohan with reality shows and going to jail and having 72 hr marriages that there only talent they have
Larry S. Klein (7 years ago)
@MyLalinea My guess is 1973 on Dinah's Place.
Kathy Dowsett (7 years ago)
RIP Bea----Betty White is amazing!!!!!
Deborah Kerr (7 years ago)
Betty is so beautiful!
Brian McMann (7 years ago)
Rose, hand me that newspaper...
PatrickLHawkins (7 years ago)
@spartacus3ful I don't think Bea really disliked Betty It's just that they were so different. Susan Harris supposedly said that Betty asked her once why Bea treated her they way she does & she responded by saying you know how Bea is. Bea came from a stage background & Betty television. Susan Harris said that Bea treated the Golden Girls set they same way she would a staged production by not acknowledging audience. While Betty interacted & was very playfull with them & it irked Bea.
E.C. Altmayer (7 years ago)
Amazing. :-)
Nikolaika77 (7 years ago)
@spartacus3ful never that was a rumor
Drew Boles (7 years ago)
@Mike6E she couldn't make bea like her, apparently
CocoaFemme 1015 (1 year ago)
Drew Boles: Reading your comment, reminds me of the GG episode with the character Roger Barton, who did NOT like Rose. That's sad😢😖💔.
Mia James (7 years ago)
Oh I wish I could see the entire show! But thanks anyway :)
Hayden George (7 years ago)
some rockin' outfits!
JudgeJulieLit (7 years ago)
Great upload ... of when these "Golden Girls" were Platinum dancers ! And here to Robert Goulet (Broadway's original Lancelot) jumps swell !
Nikolaika77 (7 years ago)
Michael M. (7 years ago)
I have never seen a thing that Betty White couldn't do.
saugagirl83 (7 years ago)
Betty and Bea rock. PERIOD.
eastlake93 (7 years ago)
Betty White is awesome
Ashley Jones (7 years ago)
How many actors can do that nowadays. They're so talented.
mbullo (7 years ago)
i love 70's television :)
mbullo (7 years ago)
@bervy8 really? how is that possible when they worked together for decades?! perhaps 'loathed' is too strong a word.
02chevyguy (7 years ago)
@LittlePizzelle You should read Rue McClanahan's biography "My First Five Husbands And The Ones That Got Away".
asp5 (8 years ago)
TREMENDOUS. Thank you so much for sharing!
kay hay (8 years ago)
this is amazing!!!
Heather Era (8 years ago)
She's Maude-ing it up all over that stage.
Simon5005 (8 years ago)
I miss adults on TV.
treg1980 (8 years ago)
@mermaidofsuburbia I don't know, but you when you look at some GG bloopers and behind the scene vids on line and the way these two react to one another I would say the feud was made up by fans.
DorisDayFanatic (8 years ago)
Wow!!! This is great!!!
wolfrider910 (8 years ago)
rimay14 (8 years ago)
@mermaidofsuburbia oh wow! where is that? i'd like to read or watch that! i mean, of course it was not real, but i'd still like to know where that was posted/taped
CVActor1 (8 years ago)
Holy sh&t So many celebs in one small video. This is great!
tjmooney (8 years ago)
@MichaelJacksonFan863 I'd love to, but I don't have it. Sorry!
1joker88 (8 years ago)
WOW! Thanks for the upload!
Karin Pluss (9 years ago)
Awesome! Nothing beats the old stars. Thanks for sharing this!
outinsider (9 years ago)
thank you for finding this!
weatdamal (9 years ago)
tjmooney (9 years ago)
@AdeleParker "The Dinah Shore Show"/"DINAH!" :)
Meli- Ssa (9 years ago)
Great video!

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