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California FoxHunt Flashdance Contest #3

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The Third California FoxHunt Flashdance Contest at Marbles Dining & Escapades, Manhattan Beach, California. Line-up includes Avalon Anders, Jamie Ortlieb, Lauren Hays and Angela Dawn. Contestants: 1.Jamie (Jamie Ortlieb) 1:57 2.Avalon (Avalon Anders) 4:27 3.Bubbles 6:38 4.Melodee 8:30 5.Ricky (Wendy Fernandez) 10:59 6.Sherri 13:19 7.Candy 15:41 8.Christina 18:12 9.Jessica 20:13 10.Donna 22:40 11.Lauren (Lauren Hays) 25:13 12.Angela (Angela Dawn) 27:33 13.Jodi 29:43 14.Nikki 31:24 15.Dana 33:43 16.Tabitha 35:42 17.Destiny 37:54 18.Chanelle 39:45 19.Mercedes 42:33 20.Taylor Fury 44:27
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Text Comments (14)
I Love the 80s (1 year ago)
Check out the description box for timestamps!
schrecks69 (6 months ago)
56 minutes of i'm too sexy???? loved that song before, sick of now thank u
Norbert Struttmann (6 months ago)
Jamie is the best. 2:24-2:27 and 2:44-2:48, 3:41-3:44 are incredible. Nice big boobies.
Tony Rhodes (8 months ago)
Jamie's bodacious...
TheBuddybundy (1 year ago)
nikki is so retro hot at these times like her outfit
TheBuddybundy (1 year ago)
candy uuuuuuuh my fav one
ductho hoang (1 year ago)
Ping Chen (1 year ago)
Tiffany Ann was great!
Grind Metal (1 year ago)
#5 Ricky is Wendy Fernandez from those Hot Body videos.
I Love the 80s (1 year ago)
Good catch!She's indeed Wendy Hagen/Fernandez.
COTTERO (1 year ago)
Is Dana A.K.A. Tiffany Ann?
Pritesh Mathur (1 year ago)
I Love the 80s more videos please
puffy2003 (1 year ago)
Dana grew up to be Triple XXX star Devinn Lane
I Love the 80s (1 year ago)
Nope, it's not her.

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