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Three Men Arrested over Planned Sex and Murder Attack on a Bear Sure News

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The men were held on animal cruelty charges after a video filmed by a female friend was posted online showing them kicking the bear after ramming it with a Pajero SUV in Iturup, Russia. The recording also picked up on the men discussing plans to sexually assault it with a stick and knife it to death. The bear can be seen trapped under the vehicle with its paws sticking out before it manages to free itself and starts to destroy the car’s tires with its teeth and claws. They reversed over the bear eight times Read more at http://www.surenews.com/controversial/three-men-arrested-planned-sex-and-murder-attack-on-a-bear-but-it-decided-to-fight-back/#CwzlH14mTQMG7Zzz.99
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