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5 EASY Magic Tricks Kids Can Do!

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GET MAGIC - http://www.EvanEraTV.com SHOP NOW - http://www.PrankKits.com HOW TO PRANK - http://bit.ly/SubHowToPrank CRAZY GIFT PRANKS - http://bit.ly/2hzCmv5 In this episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV shows 5 Easy Magic Tricks Kids Can Do! Teaming up with Dennis Roady from How To Prank channel these are perfect family friendly magic trick and magic prank tutorials for kids! Easy magic tricks with step by step instructions for each explanation! Fun for beginners, children, and advanced magicians too! Thanks for watching, if you're new to the channel be sure to hit that magic SUBSCRIBE button and welcome to the family! :) Stay positive and [email protected] my friends! SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SubToEvan MY VLOGS: http://bit.ly/EvanVlogs SEND MAIL TO: PO BOX 943 Crestwood KY 40014 SHOP HERE - http://www.EvanEraTV.com EMAIL: [email protected] SNAPCHAT: http://bit.ly/SnapchatEvan TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/EvnEra INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/EvanRosenman FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/EvanEraTV BEME: http://www.beme.com/EvanEra YOUNOW: http://www.younow.com/EvanEra PERISCOPE: EvanEra Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video: 1.) Vanish Coin Under Glass Magic Trick Revealed - 0:40 2.) How To Do Disappearing Crayons Magic Trick - 3:35 3.) Funny Magic Squirt Disappearing Ink Pen Prank - 4:51 4.) Easy Magic Wand Change Into Flower Trick - 6:11 5.) Simple Magic Water Thru Cup Trick Revealed - 7:32 GOOD LUCK in the FREE Magic Tricks GIVEAWAY!! More Magic Pranks Here: http://bit.ly/2gQhFtG #EvanEra #EvanEraTV #HowToMagic #eraSQUAD #LaughAtLife [email protected] This channel provides awesome content in the form of magic, pranks, and other cool videos - SUBSCRIBE for weekly uploads!! :) More Videos Here: http://www.youtube.com/EvanEraTV
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Text Comments (35346)
Susan Glebbeek (3 months ago)
That's paper
AJ Smasherboy (3 months ago)
i subscribed and liked
PotatoLife XD (4 months ago)
I want
Zoila Reyes (4 months ago)
Yo mama so stupid she thought Dunkin Donuts what's a actual basketball team
Mikie Calvery (4 months ago)
I put up a thumb
Elizabeth Yaremchuk (4 months ago)
I know how!
jane brunning (4 months ago)
Knock knock who's there. "Waiter " "who waiter?" Waiter minute while I get the right address!!! by Esme aged 7.
Amazinglizzy Wolfs (4 months ago)
My names jeff
Ulvehylerne (4 months ago)
Kaden Abas (4 months ago)
Thanks for everything
Ben Cassidy (4 months ago)
I loooooooooooooooooove thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat triiiiiiiiiiiiik
Gelos919 (4 months ago)
why do golf clubers wear two shirts? incase they get a hole in one
Kian Dota (4 months ago)
Wow easy i try it
Kaydia Edwards (5 months ago)
What do Elfs learn at school 😎🙋😈😈😈😈😈😇😇😇😇😇😅😅😅😅😅😠😠😠😠😠
Excarternoah1 (5 months ago)
how did you do it?
Heinthaw Zin (5 months ago)
When the world all of people has got married that is not good mainrjfg
Ricardo Lalloo (5 months ago)
A plane is coming from America around 2.30 and a plane is coming from Trinadad around 4.30 what time the two planes meet one pass one lol
Hannah Seyer (5 months ago)
We really loved this video
Viviana Boehm (5 months ago)
The “Vanish Coin Under Glass Magic Trick” was my favorite!
Ryan Kianzadeh (5 months ago)
We like it. How do penguins fly? I didn’t know penguins can fly
Emma Langley (5 months ago)
Aweee I wanted the wand
Rahel Abebe (5 months ago)
I liked the easy magic wand change into flower trick
Rahel Abebe (5 months ago)
Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact Breaststroke don't have eyes
Beverly Flores (5 months ago)
👍 nice
Felix Lobos (5 months ago)
I think your tricks are really cool 😁
Sharon Polisi (5 months ago)
why could,et the tolet paper crose the tolet ? because he got stuck in a crack
Sharon Polisi (5 months ago)
I love all of these magic tricks I love the flower wand one
Kristina Thomas (5 months ago)
Why did the chicken and cow cross the road to get to the barn cuz it's at the other side of the road
makenzie crawford (5 months ago)
wayne nassis (5 months ago)
Hi this is the best magic trick I ever seen in my life I love love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WWE FANS (5 months ago)
Who else knew few of these tricks because of what's up mums no just me
catrina kong (5 months ago)
hi I like your video
nyyfan13 (5 months ago)
The first trick
nyyfan13 (5 months ago)
This trick is the easiest I have ever accomplished
Sanchez Brothers (5 months ago)
Hi can I enter in your give away this is my joke why is the ocean friendly... it 🌊 waves
Narwhale Nub (5 months ago)
Why did the picture gobyi jail he was fraimed
Carrie Holliday (5 months ago)
This was the best magi show ever! I liked the invisible ink.
Rasha qahtan (5 months ago)
i liked
Hakeem Ogunleye (5 months ago)
how did you do the 1 won .
Landen Payne (5 months ago)
That was your best video bye far
jonathan Fowler (6 months ago)
How did the gum cross the road? Because it was stuck to someone's foot!
Kay Robertson (6 months ago)
Why is six afraid of seven
Ciara Butler (6 months ago)
What is a boxers favorite drink Punch
WWE FANS (5 months ago)
Ciara Butler 😂😂😂😂
It’s Time To Sparkle!! (6 months ago)
Ima joke🤫
Jennifer Pineda (6 months ago)
I now you put a peace of blue paper and you put it on top
lone wolf (6 months ago)
I really like your magic tricks. I actually did one of them for my family. They had no idea.how I did it
lone wolf (6 months ago)
Why don't wolves ask for help because they don't know howl to
Sakeena Ali (6 months ago)
Nikki Furdero (6 months ago)
A guy with no eyes and no knows nobody
Kasandra Feazell (6 months ago)
There was a blue circle on the top of the wine glass
QKmhay (6 months ago)
can you do easy slinky magic tricks for kid please
Alcira Godoy (6 months ago)
love the vidio
Alcira Godoy (6 months ago)
so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eghosa Odigie (6 months ago)
bitch let's fuck uh
Axolotl Make 'N' Break (6 months ago)
So cool 🙂😊☺🙂😍😁😃😄😆😎😎🙂☺😏🙄🤗🤗🐆🐅🦁🦁🐮🐄🐷🐴🐯🐮🐄🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐱🐱🐺
Midget Madness (6 months ago)
what do you call a three hump camel
Wayne Roanhorse (6 months ago)
Knock knock Hoos there Mary Mary Hoover Mary christmas
Lily Brown (6 months ago)
What do you call a cow that is laying on the ground?? Ground beef
Angelrose Monillas (7 months ago)
latrell choice (7 months ago)
Why did the lady put her money in the freazer ....cuz she wanted COLD HARD CASH😄😀
Noah Parungao (7 months ago)
I see you and I think I would want to be that person when I grow up I really like your tricks
Camden Wyatt (7 months ago)
What time does the tooth go to the dentist
The Boss Bros (7 months ago)
why do golfers wear 2 pants when they golf in case they get a hole-in-one
Lisa Lovell-Lahr (7 months ago)
you rock Evan
lance sitchon (7 months ago)
soccerzoom (7 months ago)
nocknock whos ther boo boo who stop crying its just a joke.
The Neighborhood kids (7 months ago)
I did not actually it was a joke
The Neighborhood kids (7 months ago)
I ate poop and it tasted like my dinner and chemicals
Terrell Grant (7 months ago)
What's the different beteew jeans and a elevated you can fit more than to in an elevator 2 in jeans
Terrell Grant (7 months ago)
Hey daddy I smack them hs
Graces Vlog life!! (7 months ago)
H He Hel Hell Hello Hell Hel He H
Tory Achatz (7 months ago)
How did you do it
Rosie Toes (7 months ago)
Alex moon (7 months ago)
What do you call a dog on a bed lazy dog
fawcetts2 (7 months ago)
I love magic. your video was awesome!
Haley Greer (7 months ago)
What did the fri say to the fri kechup
Luke Sanson (7 months ago)
Why did the mouth go to the shops minus
Ricky singh (7 months ago)
very easy to guess allready bullshit
Jake Clodfelter (7 months ago)
That’s the thing you said a kid can do it.... but how is a kid going to convince his parents to buy a weird flower wand thing online from some guy who apparently does magic
Trish Bradley (7 months ago)
How did you do that??
Abang Long Fadil asmr (7 months ago)
Abang Long Fadil asmr (7 months ago)
What did a peanut say to elaphant
Faruqi Team (7 months ago)
1# Where do birds like to shop 2# where do lions like to walk 1# in cheap cheap shops 2# on the rrrrrrroadddd
He cut cardboard out underneath the wine glass and put it over the quarter.
Lizzie Price (8 months ago)
Blake Austin (8 months ago)
Give me one please
Mason Murphy (8 months ago)
a horse walked in to a bar and the bar tender said ''hey whats with the long face''.
jenny plays (8 months ago)
knock knock who's there? etch etch who? bless you hahahahhahahahahaahahahhaahhaahhhahaahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHhHAHHAHAHA
Arawen Alberg (8 months ago)
there is paper on the wine glasses top, obviously
Benjamin Uwechia (8 months ago)
Jayden StFore (8 months ago)
Wow just.....wow
Vidhya Boopalan (8 months ago)
best magician ever
Tamara Akkad (8 months ago)
Did you here about the race the ledis was ahed but the tomato was about to catch up
enow messi (8 months ago)
My best magician
Azura Testerman (8 months ago)
Why did the chicken cross the road becase it wanted to go to my school
Trista Polley (8 months ago)
What do you call a fish without an eye An fsh
Watch Xtop (8 months ago)
My parents have decided to have the grandkids (ages 3 to 12) show their talents at Christmas this year. Our daughter who is 7 has decided to learn some magic tricks and these are perfect. Thank you. JOKE: what is a potatoes favourite game? Answer: hashtag
Afnan Chowdhury (8 months ago)
Why don’t Paul about Why don’t polar bears gets a good shot I love shopping there
supremejosh 1 (8 months ago)
There's a word that's Starrt with a T ends with the T and T in middle.................. A TEAPOT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
rodolfo brillante (8 months ago)
How did you come up with dose magic tricks

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