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The Golden Girls - Dorothy Confronts Dr. Budd

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Dorothy confronts the neurologist who dismissed her in New York. This was one one of her most climactic scenes on the Golden Girls. No copyright infringement intended.
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Anna L. (11 days ago)
Andrea Hawley (29 days ago)
TheMonsterGroovy (1 month ago)
I had a similar thing happen just last week. I went to the doctor knowing I had early signs of bronchitis. Turns out just because I wasn’t wheezing heavily he dismissed it as asthma and gave me a wimpy inhaler. I was literally in the office with him for 3 minutes at the most. Two days later I started coughing so hard I was vomiting up mucus. Now I’m waiting for my medication to take effect after visiting another, nicer doctor. I know this may seem sexist but I always have better experiences with female doctors than male ones (this is coming from a male).
Christopher Watson (1 month ago)
When the woman said Louis who is this person I now saying a very tick off passant who is letting your husband boyfriend or fiancé have it for the bad service she got
Anthony Assadourian (2 months ago)
Not only is Dorothy a great character but bea Arthur is a great actress it just 3 minutes she delivers comedy with excellent timing, a heartfelt speech which plays with different emotions whilst remaining to keep her grit and grace. Excellent scene
Wafflecrisp Warlock (6 months ago)
Doctor Butt
Candice Perry (6 months ago)
Dorthy is always mean
Loraine Kielsmeier (3 months ago)
in this case tho, the doctor did deserve every word dorothy told him
TheaterPup (4 months ago)
Only to those who deserve it.
MK_Wizard (7 months ago)
We so need sitcoms like this again.
Wafflecrisp Warlock (8 months ago)
Dorothy is savage
vintagetvandexciting (10 months ago)
This episode won Creator/Head Writer Susan Harris an Emmy for it.
Elettra Nash (10 months ago)
“You dismissed me!”
Buford Blu (10 months ago)
"but I will", Bea had killer timing...rip (
Buford Blu (10 months ago)
Nobody could deliver a line like Bea! Brilliant acting and top notch writing. Funny and mature without being vulgar..I can't tell you how many times tones I've binge- watched the entire series!
Nate Owen (10 months ago)
Hands down Bea Arthur's greatest performace as Dorothy Zbornak. If you want an acting lesson, then here it is. She gives you comedy, drama, perfect timing and makes you really believe that her character went through the pain of this illness. A great scene is television history.
Eric Rivers (11 months ago)
I feel her...I had my ankle removed thru years of marathon running..doctors told me that I would heal and walk within a year and may spend my life in a wheelchair..I told the doctors, you know science but you don't know me. I was walking and healed within a month and working out , doctors were amazed and did a documentary on me but then labeled me bipolar manaic and demand I take 2000 mgs of meds which I refused..the psyche literally called the police on me during a session and they stuck me in a psyche ward for two months but I still refused the meds. My body, my choice.
Eric Rivers (11 months ago)
Damien Bobby Jack thank you , but I saw people on those meds, they were heavily addicted and walked around dopey..I deal with my mania thru yoga and meditation.
Damien Bobby Jack (11 months ago)
This is your choice but don't let the fact that you had a bad experience with doctors blind you from good one. Prescribing strong meds and labeling someone a bipolar maniac is not a joke, they won't say this lightely. Maybe consult another doctor because in the end, you are the only one who will be suffering if you were correctly diagnosed, or if you have something near the spectrum of this illness (My cousin is bipolar, without his meds his health deteriorated suddenly and he never was able to go back to what he used to be). Good luck man.
Alex W (11 months ago)
I understand this so much..
Low-key Drama (11 months ago)
You go Dorothy. Tell that jerk bag what for
Max Gooding (10 months ago)
Low-key Drama “But I will.”😂
Seth Tubman (11 months ago)
"I still wish you a better doctor than you were to me". The harshest and to me, the most powerful, words of her entire speech. They damned him more than any expletive-filled rant could have. Most doctors I know are very much like Dr. Budd: Self-assured, inflappable and arrogant; to say to his face that he's a crap doctor, which is the basis of his self-image and esteem, and to do so calmly and coolly, is worse than anything else. It shows he's a quack, which doctors deep down fear being.
Balaram Hariharan (8 months ago)
Seth Tubman Great analysis!!😊😊👍👍
Goliath sparrow (11 months ago)
thats what i love about this show, they really did tackle a lot of taboo subject among ts the laughts
Gregory Mouton (10 months ago)
Eric Andrews I think Rose being affected was a strong point. So many then and now assume AIDS is for bad people. When it has no direction, AIDS is like bullets, it doesn't matter who it is. Just like Blanche says, when Rose questions why she would have to deal with having such a horrible disease.
Eric Andrews (11 months ago)
The episode with Rose possibly having AIDS was definitely gutsy for its time, even if it took the safe route of contracting it through nonsexual means (DESIGNING WOMEN actually went there). But any discussion of it in the epidemic's earliest days was brave enough.
landyachtfan79 (11 months ago)
I CAN'T be the only one who watched this entire exchange with only one thought: "Aw, man............he's not going to be getting any tonight, I GUARANTEE YOU!!!!!!!"
Eric Andrews (11 months ago)
I am thinking she might be calling a lawyer after this, too.
Lavellyn (11 months ago)
landyachtfan79 sigh
Buford Blu (11 months ago)
The series was so mature, funny, sincere.... One of the best shows ever.
Buford Blu (11 months ago)
Love her channel suit, very sharp.
Lavellyn (11 months ago)
Buford Blu indeed. very elegant
lynx9264 (1 year ago)
*voice cracking* "I can't do this in a restaurant..." "Good." *voice steady as fuck* "But, I will!"
Jason Silva (1 year ago)
That's why i love this show...meanful scenes,touching scenes,And real situations but with humor ..... These days i'm taking care of my mother And i've meet a few doctors like this....Sad but True..Sorry but English ia not my First language.
Capri (1 year ago)
Best speech ever! Golden Girls rules!
Valley Fire (1 year ago)
This show reminds me of how I like my hamburgers; well done.
Ashley Ashbee (11 months ago)
Valley Fire Yes, when you are introducing something like that you use a colon. A semicolon is mainly for separating independent clauses or distinguishing items on a list when each item contains commas.
Valley Fire (11 months ago)
A Colon? I will remember that. Thank you.
Ashley Ashbee (11 months ago)
Valley Fire Nice. You use a colon for this, not a semicolon.
ɴᴇᴄᴏʟᴇ (1 year ago)
*voice cracks*, “I can’t do this in a restaurant..” “GOOD!” “But I will!” 😂😂😭😭 Me asf! Get em’ Dorothy.
Balaram Hariharan (8 months ago)
viggolover1 (10 months ago)
ɴᴇᴄᴏʟᴇ 😂😂😂😂
Buford Blu (10 months ago)
ɴᴇᴄᴏʟᴇ killer timing!
Kee Leichtle (1 year ago)
I really hope his wife gives him endless hell after this!
Sergio QUINTANILLA (1 year ago)
The wife tells him to shut up because he did the same thing to her. Dr Budd tells Dorothy in New York, "change your attitude, maybe your hair color too. My wife is a totally different woman ever since she went blonde". Of course, she is depicted with blond hair. No doubt she understands Dorothy more than her husband ever will.
asra mohsin (1 year ago)
Sergio QUINTANILLA wow what an observation
BettinaBalser (1 year ago)
Nice catch!
Phoenix Morales (1 year ago)
Sergio QUINTANILLA omg how did I miss that!
TowerClimber81 (1 year ago)
This episode really hits home for me because I’m sick and I’ve been to many many doctors that dismissed me and makes me feel I was crazy! Doctors don’t really know shit!
Aaron Scarpa (9 months ago)
Some of us have chronic illnesses of our own. I got mine during medical school. So don’t say doctors don’t know anything.
Cool Dude (11 months ago)
TowerClimber81 I hope you find out what you have, I have actually found out recently I have ME. Best of wishes
Jae Pencil (1 year ago)
TheNebulaXYZ yeah. I’ve had good doctors, but we’ve also had really nasty doctors. But I think you’d be surprised how many bad doctors there are....
Jae Pencil (1 year ago)
TowerClimber81 my mother can relate to this. She’s gone to doctors to help my sister who has ADHD, and they all told her she was a bad mom. It’s pretty terrible...
TowerClimber81 (1 year ago)
TheNebulaXYZ very true. Like with all professions, there is a bad egg in every career.’
Demonslayer232 (1 year ago)
I've never actually watched this show, at least nothing more than bits and pieces of an episode, but someone posted this clip on Tumblr some time back, and I have to agree with them: this is a PERFECT representation of how invisible illnesses are treated.
Alex Rajcevic (1 year ago)
Watch the show, it was well ahead of it's time and the writing/acting is brilliant
Jennifer Chase (1 year ago)
William Holmes, she probably told him to "Shut Up", because it happened to her!
Michael Rauch (1 year ago)
This touched me
Kameelah Brown-Spence (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing. One of my favorite scenes
Cornelius Charles (1 year ago)
Would you like to see a particular scene from the Golden Girls? Let me know in the comments.
Goliath sparrow (11 months ago)
There is a few: the pig inheritance one was hillarious; when sofia and blanched dated the same guy, dorothy - "im gonna loose my lunch"; The episode when blanche and dorothy read roses diary, but it was a diary to raise a pet pig or something, when they thought she was writing about them... there are so many
Cornelius Charles (1 year ago)
Phoenix Morales check out my recent upload
Phoenix Morales (1 year ago)
Can you do the one where Blanche and Her Sister Virginia are at Big Daddy's funeral where they argue and when Blanche says her goodbyes to him??
BlackHeart Films (1 year ago)
I love the scene where Sofia was kicked out of the nun house
SHOOKEN (1 year ago)
His wife/date probably told him to shut up and listen because he's an ass to her and other people outside of work. On a personal note, this reminded me of what my grandma went through. Her doctor (a woman) she'd been seeing for years completely blew her off even though she was in pain - like she was faking it. My grandmother was dead a year later. It's been 4 years and I still feel like cursing that bitch out. Maybe I'll send her an email one of these days.. Something like this happened to me too, only at the ER. While it was not serious, I was very scared since I was 17/18, homeless, and very ill out of the blue. I understand completely that patients who crave attention come in with fake/self-diagnosed illnesses all the time, and it's very annoying and time consuming, but it comes with the territory. Other people are simply scared and doctors never really know (or ask/try to find out why) their patients seem to be so scared. Maybe some doctors need to find a different profession? Just because you like practicing medicine doesn't mean you need to be a caregiver.
Jae Pencil (1 year ago)
William Holmes my mom had a similar experience, not just personally, but with all of us. I have a little sister who has a lot of health problems and even has ADHD, but every time my mom went to the doctor, they always told her she was a bad mom who refused to discipline her kids. And she finally got a doctor who helped her solve the problem. I definitely think a doctor needs to be compassionate in order to work. I think if they cared more about the patient and less about the money, more proper healing could get done.

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