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Text Comments (191)
Kimiscloset (1 day ago)
Every outfit is beautiful!! Just like you! x
Marie Mai (1 month ago)
One thing to consider, washed out jeans require substantially more water in the production. Please shop responsibility
Love Hijab Girl (1 month ago)
Love this styling video. You inspired me to make my own version too! Thank you xx
Eugenia Molina (3 months ago)
Elodie Kerroux (3 months ago)
Love the design of the video
Its just Jacob (3 months ago)
I usually don't subscribe to any channels most of fashion youtubers end up getting me annoyed with all the superficial content specially talking about high brands but still they don't have any taste nor style. I really like your style and specially your humble personality. I will definitely be subscribing to your channel.
Claire Sauzel (4 months ago)
Always on point !! xx
TOWANDA the STYLIST (4 months ago)
Love these looks! Fabulous 😍❤️
Jennifer L (4 months ago)
Song at 2:21?
Kelly Lewis (4 months ago)
Love your videos ❤️❤️ and all your styling tips. Your absolutely amazing. BUT I would have personally loved to see the full length pic of your outfits. Shoes! Shoes 👠! I love shoes and I love seeing what shoes you wear with each outfit and I couldn’t 😢 Just wanted to share that with you. But either way...Your gorgeous and amazing. TY❤️❤️❤️
Asyikin shahri (4 months ago)
Can you make a video on how to style red boots tq
Emilia Ratajska (4 months ago)
You are amazing!!
R L (4 months ago)
Where are your black boots on the first outfit from? I love them, have been looking for a pair like that for months!
Claire O' Halloran (4 months ago)
After seeing the comments on this vid - even though constructive - I want to say how I love how creative and fun these videos are to watch now!! Makes me so much more engaged :)
Jennybunkport34 (4 months ago)
Would love to see a video where you style outfits on someone else so we can see on different body types. Thanks and love your style videos!
T4health (4 months ago)
Omg that house of Harlow look is stunning!!!
T4health (4 months ago)
Quality advice! Well made video! You did it again :)
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
Thank you love ❤️❤️
Karina Caldera (4 months ago)
I love this blouse you’re wearing talking about the clothes, where is it from??
britt ten nee21 (4 months ago)
Absolutely love that red jacket!😍😍
Mandi Kekic (4 months ago)
How do you feel about Seven jeans? Love? Hate?
Eliška Váchalová (4 months ago)
Love it!! 😍 Your styles ideas are the best., second outfit is so unique! I need try it! And edit of this video is number one, you are still better a better, great job Ashley. 💕 💕💕
BeCreativeBeYou (4 months ago)
Great video! Where did you get that cute black belt with the chain?
awwshitlady2 (4 months ago)
Funny that I watched the video to get inspired but all of these looks are totally unwearable in France, showing the belly button is everything but classy here
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
I don’t think I showed my belly button?
Katherine Caspersz (4 months ago)
Why aren't there links for the shoes and accessories?
Yevi Lopatina (4 months ago)
This entire video!!!! wow perfect!!!!! Editing, pictures, details, outfits!!! amazing
alimotshadiat (4 months ago)
Love this! Do you have a video on camera equipment you use for vlogging or video on your at home videos with camera and lighting information?
Mercedes Florentino (4 months ago)
Mae Coulson (4 months ago)
love this video style!! please do more lookbooks!!
Jacqueline Vasquez (4 months ago)
love the song, who is it by?
Fashion Takedown (4 months ago)
Your fashion is goals
missanri3 (4 months ago)
Can you do an updated athleisure style video? I never know just how to get that perfect athleisure look!
brenda gaggiato (4 months ago)
You are the bestt
Jordan Pulvse (4 months ago)
I’m in love with the shirt you’re wearing! Where is is from?
kathleen swenning (4 months ago)
Cool looks! Great filming, modeling, styling, editing and music! I always get such a wonderful and inspiring vibe when I watch your videos! Thank you, I feel like you guys upped your game!!!!!!
Noemi (4 months ago)
Your style is incomparable!! 😍 I love watching your Videos 😘 you are great Ashley!!
Sujata Subba (4 months ago)
I like ur dressing sense
anna co (4 months ago)
So inspiring Outfits and Tips on your channel! But I don't know it's not really my style (I'm 17) and it would be kinda overdressed to go to school like this 😅 would you like to film a 'What I wore in High School' video or how you would dress yourself when you're a Teenie 😊
VictimOfBoredom (4 months ago)
Where is the shirt your wearing throughout the video? Do you know the brand? It's so cute
Vaishali Singh (4 months ago)
Why am i getting more and more obessed with your style day by day..!😭😭😍❤🙈🙊
Bárbara Ruiz (4 months ago)
These are the videos I love. Great job!
Samantha Irizar (4 months ago)
Absolutely love how this video was edited ❤️ and I second the business casual ideas that someone else mentioned!!
Luci Bray (4 months ago)
where were the straight black jeans from? the ones at the start?
runspud (4 months ago)
Cheers for Wide-leg jeans
Eliza Snodgrass (4 months ago)
literally everything about your style is AMAZING. can I please shop in your closet omg
TOWANDA the STYLIST (4 months ago)
Just ran across your channel & I'm love with your videos! I'm all about fashion and I love your style! New supporter here 💞
TOWANDA the STYLIST (4 months ago)
Just ran across your channel & I'm love with your videos! I'm all about fashion and I love your style! New supporter here 💞
Magali Campos (4 months ago)
video is fire!!! 🔥
Rachel Phillips (4 months ago)
Great how to style video again, these are by far my favourite! Can u ask where your non-embellished black boots with the tall ankle are from please?!
ivonne sotelo (4 months ago)
Where is you necklace from?
L‘ Eve (4 months ago)
Love your style so so so much! But I‘m in the 40 something and unfortunately way too fat for cropped stuff. Maybe you have some other ideas or tips?
Chloé Lafond (4 months ago)
Well she did say ´´a crop top’´ OR a tighter fitting top tucked in... so I mean any cami, tee, bodysuit would work I believe!
Kim Cuevas (4 months ago)
Obsessed with all of the sleeves in this video!
Cellavie (4 months ago)
Please tell me where do you buy your shirt that you wear all along this video? thank's
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
Cindy (4 months ago)
Hey Ashley, I love the video and inspiration 😍 can you tell me where the black boots from outfit 3 are from? I would love to have a pair in my closet! Love you ❤️
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
Steve Madden!
Ana Maria Florea (4 months ago)
Hi! I usually love your videos, but come on, cropped top and showing the skin in winter? It is absolutely impossible to wear and it gives such a bad example to young girls. My 18 years old niece has been on medication for 3 weeks... all because she either doesn't wear socks in order to show her ankles or she wants to show her stomach. And it is way too cold for that. She lives in Italy and still too cold for showing skin. I don't think it is any wormer in New York... and for the wormer climate, let's face it: a long sleeve thick cropped top and a blazer??? It looks great but it is impossible to wear. Love your line, but this particularly one is SF.
Ana Maria Florea (4 months ago)
Ashley Brooke i guessed so. I live in a place with 4 seasons and I could never wear a cropped top with long sleeves:-) it is either too chill or too worm. But i would like to see how you can wear this kind of top when it is cold, with something underneath... and cropped jeans with socks... i personally wear cropped jeans with black longer socks if the ankle boots are black. I do love your stile, don't get me wrong. I do feel inspired by your videos but i just need ideas of how to be cool and chic and worm:-)
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
Hi there! I can definitely understand where you’re coming from. However, not all of my viewers are in the US. I have viewers from all across the world that I’m catering to :) if something doesn’t seem fit for your season, feel free to modify!
Goran Jovic (4 months ago)
You so amazing😀😀
Chic Culture (4 months ago)
I really really love your style but these looks... I don't know :( the third one is the best one for sure, the rest just really ok. I don't want to sound critical but also think that not that 'good' comments helps you to do better :)
Marta Kraljević (4 months ago)
Please do a how to style bootcut jeans. I always struggle with what shoes to pair with them... 😅😅😅
Dominika Kovacova (4 months ago)
I love that cropp jacket/blazer ♥ please can someone find dupes for that ??
MARIE CHRISTINE (4 months ago)
Noticed the changes in your editing! Love those extra details 😍 such an Inspiration and always a blast to watch!
Ina B (4 months ago)
A crop top in winter??? Brrrrrr........
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
It's not winter everywhere :) I have viewers from all over!
Maria Maldonado (4 months ago)
When you want to see the full outfit -including shoes- and you cantttttttttttttt cause it doesnt fit in the frame :'( Ashhhhh please find another place to film so we can see it all. Kisses!!
annabaharma (4 months ago)
Maria Maldonado love it that way haha Just casual try on in the livingroom 😅
blackouten (4 months ago)
love the style + the editing of this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏
innsafful (4 months ago)
Hey Ashley I’m new on your channel and I love your videos 😍 Tell me where did you get your 2 necklaces ? they’re gorgeous 😍😍 Love from France 💋💋
Only here for Pete (4 months ago)
I can’t find those first pair of jeans 😢 they must not be selling them anymore. They are gorgeous.
Only here for Pete (4 months ago)
Ashley Brooke that’s odd, I still can’t find them.
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
I think they are still on Re/Done's site
Silvia Sauc (4 months ago)
love the video!
Morgan Johnson (4 months ago)
What is the brand & name of the boots at 5:31?
Zoe John (4 months ago)
Oh GURLLLLLLLL.... you slay in this video omg 😍😍😍 that pink stripe blazer is 💯
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
Thanks my girrllll :)
Imzne Aze (4 months ago)
My go to girl love u :*
K W (4 months ago)
Can you please link your cropped black sweater??!
Claire murphy (4 months ago)
Love the editing 👌🏻
Caroline Dumont (4 months ago)
Thank you Ashley for your videos! You are awesome 💟 I would like to know where you get the blouse that you wear in the video? Thanks!
Cohan Elise (4 months ago)
I love your styling videos! So many good outfit ideas x
Alina Rostova (4 months ago)
My favorite piece is actually the blouse you're wearing throughout! Where is it from?
Sara EL FAKIH (4 months ago)
Alina Rostova :( never mind , thank you for answering ☺️
Alina Rostova (4 months ago)
Sara EL FAKIH I looked but it’s out of stock which is why you couldn’t find it, sorry :(
Sara EL FAKIH (4 months ago)
Hello , could I have the link for the blouse plz because I don’t find it :)
Alina Rostova (4 months ago)
Ashley Brooke thanks! Found it!
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
Nisrine Chaouki (4 months ago)
Very nice outfit
pipette1110 (4 months ago)
This is a really great video idea! Could you maybe turn it into a series of videos? Thanks for your work you're great!
Guadalupe Velamazán (4 months ago)
You are just THE QUEEN of styling. Love all the looks
petitesideofstyle (4 months ago)
Needed this video
Cecilia Morales (4 months ago)
You are my favourite!
Jehona Haxhijaj (4 months ago)
Body goal 🔥
Mafalda Teixeira (4 months ago)
I didn't know I needed this video until I saw it!! Love it!!
Marieke Van Der Mark (4 months ago)
Hi ! I really love the video! I was wondering where is the basic black bodysuit from (3.55 min) what you are wearing under the grey Arion Top. xx
GosiaPio (4 months ago)
Love the video!!☺️ Can you do mom jeans style video?🙏🏼☺️
Ashlin Petrucci (4 months ago)
Hi there! I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia and teach English in a village school. Currently my 6th graders are working on a unit about clothing and your style videos not only immensely improve their vocabulary proficiency, but help bridge the gap from the text book to real life. So with this said, we are very grateful for you and your videos.
Jenny Herzog (4 months ago)
I loved your video! Which straight leg jeans do you recommend? I'm tired of my skinny jeans and I'd like to buy a new pair of straight leg jeans. Please let me know 3 brands that you like. Thanks! Love you Ash!
Jenny Herzog (4 months ago)
@Ashley Brooke I went to the store and all of them were sold out lol
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
Topshop has great straight leg
Maria Puente Alonso (4 months ago)
Omg that red top 😍😍 so gorgeous, as always Ashley so chic and elegant but cool at the same time 👌 you are a truly inspiration, thanks a lot 💙
Pauline Woo (4 months ago)
Not a fan of the headers, footers, barcode, frames, split screens etc. Need to see the try-ons full screen. That's my 2 cents worth.
Ivy Aquila (4 months ago)
I personally love it, its really creative
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
Aw sorry you dont like it!
imene ly (4 months ago)
Hi ash ! As always u never disappoint great video ur style is just flawless i love u so much 💜💜
Jennifer huang (4 months ago)
Where are your necklaces from?
Mature Sass (4 months ago)
Great ideas. TFS
juels (4 months ago)
"Don't forget to check out their sale happening on January 15th" ... not very helpful on a post published on Jan 21 :( still love you tho xoxo
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
Sale started Jan 15th
April G (4 months ago)
Where is your top in the intro from!? It's so cute on you
Dom Anderson (4 months ago)
Love the pink! ❤️❤️
natashabrizzz (4 months ago)
Loved this video!! So much inspiration!!😍👍🏻
YvetteXO (4 months ago)
I was so obsessed with this video I watched it twice lol
Christa Cothren (4 months ago)
I would have never thought of layering clothes the way you. Thank you for giving me inspiration! 🙌 my fave is that red tye die top, it is amazing 🤩 you look so pretty in everything
Misty Back (4 months ago)
I organized my jeans yesterday & I have 11 pair of black jeans. Cropped, skinny, destroyed, dark, washed out, straight leg, etc. I do not have wide leg though. Now I’m on the hunt! 🖤
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
Your black denim collection does not surprise. Go get yourself a wide leg and make it 12
Preti Chaturvedi (4 months ago)
Ashley could you do a video on what to wear to NYFW coming up? Other than obviously paying homage to the designer who's show one is attending that is. My first time going! Thank you!
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
Oh gosh I don't even know what i'm going to wear! haha
Julia Longo (4 months ago)
I got the notification that you posted this video and I used it as motivation, I told myself "you can only watch Ashley's video when you get hone from the gym" and here I am nowwww
Ashley Brooke (4 months ago)
i love this!
Wanderlust-Production (4 months ago)
Love the editing on this! Amazing job Blade! ☺️
Vanessa Reyes (4 months ago)
Hi Ashley thanks for this viedo. I really like your how to style videos I get a lot of inspiration from your style to my wardrobe. In the future can you do another diy jean hem styles like uneven, distressed. I noticed most of your jeans have a unique hem I've looked but I haven't been able to find jeans like that with a similar hem. I remember you mention in one of your vlogs that you diy them. As always I loved your work 👏👏😘

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