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Sea Oleena - Island Cottage [Lyrics]

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Blue sky, white snow Brown bird sing slow Morning fade out Don't cry too loud Bring me my love Can't say too much My heart skips stones Your voice breaks bones Somehow there's a ship inside a bottle And a mountain in a picture frame. For every open window there's a suitcase Being packed and emptied out again. There's a spider in the medicine cupboard And the walls are full of mice again. --------------------------------------------------------- https://i.pinimg.com/originals/4b/4e/85/4b4e85824969fc59843e8cca4fdb9d65.jpg
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Text Comments (7)
김미나 (10 months ago)
you have notices of her? i love sea oleena so much but she disappeared ;^/
littleweirdbird (10 months ago)
김미나 I dont know:( she deleted her tumblr account months ago
Rafael Nunes (11 months ago)
Songs like this are the reason I stay alive. Thanks for uploading
littleweirdbird (11 months ago)
comments like this make me keep uploading music
Frogy (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video! Really whenever you upload a song I end up loving it! I'm sorry for the English I speak Spanish and the translator helps a lot ;)
Frogy (1 year ago)
ALV :000 Pense que hablabas ingles xd sorry jsjsjs
littleweirdbird (1 year ago)
Yeiih ♡ también hablo español hajshajhs

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