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How-to find the perfect jeans for your body-type! If you want to find jeans that make your butt look good, and how to find the perfect jeans for your body, then this is for you! A a personal stylist, I'm constantly talking to my clients about how they can find the perfect jeans for their body type. I'm going to walk you through what details you need to pay attention to when shopping for your perfect jeans so that you nail a beautiful look every single time. STYLE SQUAD MEMBERSHIP: https://tinyurl.com/y722xpon LEARN HOW TO DRESS YOUR BODY-SHAPE: https://tinyurl.com/ycur26rb Join the STYLE SQUAD on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/857285307755031/ Online Style Services: http://tinyurl.com/ycubto6f Wardrobe basics: https://youtu.be/vJqydt2AEPI Why You have Nothing To Wear: https://youtu.be/wXTNgll-MYM Top Summer accessories: https://youtu.be/idAzFoh-MLw 50 Ways to style a basic white tee: https://youtu.be/fBBv3ddy4CI Summer Haul + Try on 2017: https://youtu.be/0z8i_z7wyq4 Capsule wardrobe 14 pieces = 107 outfits: https://youtu.be/KQ2LiVn5ARs Shopping Haul: https://youtu.be/guTd16PzIhE Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ChristieRessel Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ChristieRessel Snapchat: ChristieRessel Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/yczmywhp Website: http://www.fashiontranslated.com *thumbnail picture from tastethestyle
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thelittlewoman (10 days ago)
Best video I've seen on jeans! My body type is a mix between V and H and my torso is on the shorter side. Of course I didn't realize that when the "high-rise" and "high-waist" trend took over the shops and I was in need of new bottoms. So I got these jeans that don't give me a flattering silhouette and I couldn't understand why! Now I'm more educated about fashion and my body. I love mid to low-rise but anything less than 10" is so hard to find. Like hello brands, do you not realize people with short torsos exist?! The pockets are something I had to learn through trial and error. My small bum looks practically non-existent in huge, low-placed pockets yet that's all I see in stores :/
Poppy Suro (14 days ago)
Awesome video, thanks for the help! Always had troubles finding the right jean(s)
Debra Conlee (22 days ago)
Yes I would love to see a video on "How To Dress Different Body Types?"
Amy Wallace (24 days ago)
Yes please body type video! I’m lost
JustAnotherPerson -_- (29 days ago)
So I bought a pair of skinny jeans from Wal-Mart because I didnt have money at the time they were size 7 they fit perfectly a month later I went to jcpennys in a rush and bought 3 pairs of size 7 skinny jeans I should have tried them on as soon as I got a chanve I got home put them on the next day they were soooooo baggy around my waist and knees I will never make the mistake of not trying pants on before I buy them again XD
ercokat1965 (1 month ago)
I am an inverted V or apple shape. Mid to low rise jeans feel like they’re always falling down. I’ve broken belt loops on the waistband because I’m constantly pulling them up. If I buy a size up so the waist is bigger, they are huge in the hips. The struggle is real! 😂
Christie Ressel (1 month ago)
That can be due to the cut being wrong. Even within a certain rise, the cut still has to be correct for the body-shape to fit properly 💖
Swapna Darsaka (1 month ago)
hyy ur vdeo is copied by a malayalam channel recently😂
Karen Nevins (1 month ago)
Confused about body type for jeans
Carole Minx-Blanton (1 month ago)
Please help describe the shape of our body types
Ellie Ann (1 month ago)
So what on earth would someone's who has the curves at their waist, but also have height; thus a longer torso as well?! Gotta say I'm sorta stuck between two different worlds right about now. Yippee!! Haha 😂
sparkygamer101 (1 month ago)
When i talk about a muffin top i mean when i sit down, if i wear a high waisted jean imma be suffocating
Jillian Giambra (1 month ago)
Please tell me how to find high rise jeans that don't turn into a disaster when I try to sit down! Can't breathe, bunching, comes up way to high when sitting. helpppp. Stretch jeans give me the same problem but they just come up even higher when sitting.
Jennifer Elwell (1 month ago)
OK... I'm a standard (38-30-40), but I have a very short torso and broad shoulders. Should I really be wearing high-rise jeans? I know not all advice applies to everyone, but I do have a challenge! I've found that wearing ankle and cropped styles balance me out. At least that is what I see when looking in the mirror. I also absolutely cannot tuck in tops unless I have a longer layer on top.
Christie Ressel (1 month ago)
Hi Jennifer, I'd have to look at you to best give advice. I'd be happy to-do an hour style session with you online if you'd ever like to know more about your shape and how to style it in-depth (as well as answer any other questions you may have!) https://www.fashiontranslated.com/online-style-coaching/
Kathy Schieb (1 month ago)
Yes full body type please!!!
Christie Ressel (1 month ago)
I created an online class instead for those that want the info in-depth. https://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/
Onbayview (1 month ago)
Wow, you rock blue good👌🏾
Tricia Gaunt (1 month ago)
Yes need a full video on body types .. I do not know what body type i am ... This is a real struggle for me .. I am 5'1 petete 130 pounds
GirlZee (1 month ago)
Can you do a video on accessories please?
MimAesthetic (1 month ago)
I'm a V (inverted triangle, shoulders are the broadest part) with a 9-10 inch difference between my hips and waist... I used to like low rise (to make my torso appear longer as I have high waist and short Torso) but I decided to stop suffering the perpetual feeling of my jeans trying to fall down and now I like a good mid to high rise because they just feel secure.
Lazy Ukulele (1 month ago)
LiveLoveHula (1 month ago)
Yes please A video on body types and how to dress them
Mary Wright (2 months ago)
yes! body type BUT...with photos of women in leotards...I can't relate to cartoon shapes. Thank you.
Sarah Butcher (2 months ago)
I'm so late to the game watching this, but this was life-changing!!! haha
BellyJae (2 months ago)
I’m very much built like a guy. No hips no butt and toothpick legs. I’m chubby up top so I have a belly and side fat. I pretty much live in American Eagle jeans because they’re cut straight and make look pretty good. :)
Kyle Guersey (2 months ago)
I'm a V shape and have read we shud not wear skinny jeans. How can we look sexy if we can't wear skinny jeans? It's so frustrating when I shop bcuz everything seems to be skinny. Also--why is everything in the store ankle length? It doesn't work if you are a V and if your legs are short. It's so hard to find a flattering length for a V shape.
Christie Ressel (2 months ago)
Not sure where you read that, but V's can definitely wear skinny's. If you want any personalized style advice, or where to find things, I have online style services you can look into on my website. xo
Kyle Guersey (2 months ago)
Yes PLEASE! Do a full video on body types👍👍👍👍👍🎶🎶🎶THANK YOU😘
Alma Medrano (2 months ago)
who makes a good boyfriend jean?
RainbowSprnklz (2 months ago)
Idk how i feel about some tips but the stuff about the h body type and the pockets made me feel better about some of the jeans ive tried
Roi-Lynn Munsey (2 months ago)
I would like to see body types as well
Christie Ressel (2 months ago)
I created an online class for it instead of a video since there was so much to cover. https://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/
K P (2 months ago)
I would love to see a video made by you how to buy belts to wear with jeans. Like which width belt looks best with skinny or boyfriend jeans for example, how to tuck shirts to show off the belt, and it would be great if you could show the belts you own or do try ons in different stores. I like basic black and brown belts because it’s more for fit why I need them, but since I don’t own any belts yet the tips and seeing your belts might help guide me what to buy 😊 Honestly I rarely see how to belt videos so we could use more recent ones
Random question: what is a UK 14 in the USA?
Tracy Teesdale (2 months ago)
I would love to have you do a body type video. it would be very helpful
Sharon Taylor (2 months ago)
Girl. Your teeth are gorgeous. 😁
ms ghose (3 months ago)
Your personality is addictive
Sylvie the whalien (3 months ago)
I have two pair of jeans that fit and I wear them everyday, everywhere
abby nxitleX (3 months ago)
You just saved middle school life!
Randomins t (3 months ago)
i’m a hourglass and i use to wear low rise, but it made my butt look bad, then i got highrise and it’s perfect‼️🖤
peggydid (3 months ago)
Such great tips! I like a mid-rise, as I'm short in that area.
Fiona Winstone (3 months ago)
Yes please body type video :)
Carrie Matthews (3 months ago)
Please do a body type dressing. 🐶🐾🐾
Chiara Zago (3 months ago)
What about hip dips :(
MimAesthetic (1 month ago)
Mara Sibson they're natural
Green arrow (3 months ago)
So sexy
Bibi Grill (4 months ago)
what is a muffin top? non english people don't understand what that means
MimAesthetic (1 month ago)
Zoch 7 when you wear ill fitting jeans that are too low and tight and they push your stomach/midsection up and out so it looks like a muffin spilling out of a muffin cup. Note it's not the person that looks bad it's the jeans that are terrible.
Onbayview (4 months ago)
Top and necklace on point👌🏾
Annie Eilish (4 months ago)
Thank you! This really help me to find the perfect jeans and feel confident about my body.
DNE Momming (4 months ago)
Jean shopping is always a struggle.
kt 72 (4 months ago)
I have been really struggling with the rise of jeans. Everything is so high rise and as much as I wish it fit me, it just doesn't. It's always so bunched at the top of the thighs, the crotch is hanging low, the waist is way to big, or my butt looks long. It just doesn't look good on me and it's all they sell.. So annoying!
Sleepy Claus (4 months ago)
I have short legs with thick thighs that are muscle and so it's hard to find one that goes well with my waist (that is not that defined rip). I also have both deep hip dips and thigh gap. Everytime I try a Jean I feel bad about my body (85-69-90😓)
Alessia (4 months ago)
Why would you want your torso to look longer? If anything longer legs are more flattering in my opinion
MimAesthetic (1 month ago)
Alessia if you're short torso-ed, you might. I have a short torso I can't go with the ultra high rise craziness that stores are coming out with nowadays... First my legs are already long relative to my body because I have a short torso, but if I wear ultra high rise... I look like legs... Just legs...with a head 😅😅
Joyce Adaliosentono (5 months ago)
And what if...like me. You have an hourglass figure with an apple belly 😑😑
Isha Lohia (5 months ago)
Absolutely love your smile😍
JesusMySavior (5 months ago)
I'm pretty skinny (5'4, 110 lbs, shirt size small, pant size 6)...what kind of jeans should I get?
Gloria Osborne (6 months ago)
Thank you. Very informative.
mercy wachira (6 months ago)
Great video
Udayraj Nishad (6 months ago)
U look so cute.....😙
Udayraj Nishad (6 months ago)
just can u say wear do u stay plzz tell me....
Sherry Edwards (6 months ago)
Great tips. I'm still searching for the most perfect pair of jeans. My problem is I have a large fleshy belly but all the jeans I find are loose and baggy between bottom of butt and top of thighs. Also, baggy in the crotch area above thighs and baggy at the back of knees. My thighs do not touch except at the very top making that annoying triangle shape which I constantly try to hind with long sweaters and jackets which then hide the pockets. What would your suggestions be?
DeAnne Sielaff (6 months ago)
would love a video on body types..have you done this already? :)
Christie Ressel (6 months ago)
I did an online class about it instead that has 3 hours of VERY detailed video content and a workbook. It was too much to cover in a YT video: http://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/
La Ge (6 months ago)
Yes a vídeo on body types would be great thank u!
Christie Ressel (6 months ago)
I did an online class about it instead that has 3 hours of VERY detailed video content and a workbook. It was too much to cover in a YT video: http://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/
FCK THEM ROBLOX (7 months ago)
Men pls get out
Magda kar (7 months ago)
I used to hate shopping denim, because i always thought there was sth wrong with my body. It is good to be "fashion or style - educated ". Thanks for that! 😘
Ashley Reyes (7 months ago)
Omg I just discovered your channel and I’m going down the rabbit hole. SO ADDICTED!!!!! 😆
Nana Finn (7 months ago)
What about for those who have short legs but a bit thick thigh
Clara Maria Garcia (7 months ago)
Great tips! I will definitely check Yoga Jeans, seems like my cup of tea.
Kaitlyn Tyler (7 months ago)
You mention that mid/high rise is good for a standard, but low rise is good for an H shape... I’m so confused! Am I a standard or an H?! They seem the same shape to me! Haha. How do you determine your body type? Thanks!!!
Christie Ressel (7 months ago)
hi hun! I have an online class about how to find and dress your shape here: http://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/
water2wine1 (7 months ago)
I always have the problem of the seam along the back always shifts left of my crack. Drives me nuts. So I cannot wear any jeans skin tight unless I want to look crooked. I think my left hip is bigger than the right. Have had this no matter what size I am.
PinkMinx in Vegas (7 months ago)
Oh yeah! I DEFINITELY want to see an in depth video about the different body types ! Please!!!
Christie Ressel (7 months ago)
HI love, I ended up creating an online class because there's too much information to cover in a YT video. It's a class with 3 hours worth of body-type info, workbook, and info on how to style each shape! :http://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/
Bonnie Skokan (7 months ago)
I wear glasses like so many of us women do which presents certain challenges with jewelry, hair , accessories like hats etc. Would love to have your expertise !
victoria caropreso (8 months ago)
Body type please!
Christie Ressel (7 months ago)
Hi love! I ended up doing an online class for the body-type info because there is too much to cover in a YT video. You can read about the class and workbook info here: http://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/
Gina Friend (8 months ago)
One thing I've learned and not mentioned is the Zipper. Very important that a longer zipper to fit the style of the cut, or the eye will be directed "there". I have dark blue Guess Jeans with black crystal detail. I love the way they look, but dark wash isn't my "thing". Black and light wash, Yes! Bell-bottoms were and still are my faves, but then again, I lived through those Great 70's!! Your eyelashes look Spectacular, by the way! 😉
Khushi Singh (8 months ago)
A video on body type please
Masha SK (8 months ago)
An advice what to wear if you’re tall would be appreciated - there are few advices for petite persons, but not what would be better if you’re taller. Thanks!
Michelle Pimm (8 months ago)
How do I dress my body 5’2 belly bulge help
Truther Revolution (8 months ago)
I literally hate low rise thank god high rise is in
Linda Ursin (8 months ago)
I would love to know how to dress a petite, inverted triangle that's plus-sized :)
Christie Ressel (8 months ago)
HI love! I covered all of that in the body-type class I created. Too much info to cover in a YT video: http://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/
Sarit Sandmann (8 months ago)
Yes definitely want you to do a video on body types!
Barbara Prater (8 months ago)
I would like to see you do a video you mentioned on different body shapes
Christie Ressel (8 months ago)
There was too much information to cover, so I made an online class for it instead for those that want me info on it. There's 3 hours of info, plus a workbook and a walk through of how to find your shape: http://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/
Zlata Z (8 months ago)
Great video! In case of petite angular V shape (shoulders wider than hips, small breasts) should boot cut opening be equal to hips or shoulders in order to balance the figure better? Which leg opening (skinny, straight, boot, other) is ideal for the V shape? Thank you.
Tory Shepard (8 months ago)
Wow I never noticed about the muffin top until now! You’re so right about the cut! Thanks for showing the body type, I kind of have that fusion of hourglass and pear and finding jeans was the WORST thing ever. I had such a hard time finding them.
Cara Susanne Ives (8 months ago)
I just had a baby. I had a bad c section and my skin is loose in the middle. I also have hips now and thighs. I used to be just skinny. I am so confused now. I do not even know my shape? Can you help me?
Christie Ressel (8 months ago)
Hi Cara! Yes, your shape can totally change after having a baby. If you want to know more about your body-type and how to dress is now, the best way I can help is with my body-type online class: http://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/
Lilliz91 (8 months ago)
Yes please do a body type video.
Melissa Espinoza (8 months ago)
Like how you addressed the variation of jeans with the different body types. Wish it wasn't difficult to find the suitable jean as certain cuts, rises, and washes styles trend in and out.
I'm a guy and I have a HUGE! Butt like girls at my school say they wish they can have it, but they dont wish to have me so I want to find jeans that are good for and can kinda block that view for my butt because iz hella weird
Lori O'Neil (8 months ago)
If you do the body type video please remember the tall body types because we can't find a lot of clothing that fits. Long legs, long rise, no or wide butt, etc lol. Also funny you mentioned Just Black jeans because I went to a boutique and the owner brought me in a pair and I was like. I don't know........ wow they made me look like I had a butt. Fit perfect. Now if they made those in 34-36 inch inseam then that would be perfect. American Eagle is great too. So I must be in that category you were talking about for those jeans, but I still don't know what my body type is... :(
Christie Ressel (8 months ago)
Hi love, I ended up creating an online course for body-types instead because it's too much info to cover in a YouTube video. If you want to check it out, you can here: http://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/
Marcia Fab (8 months ago)
You are so helpful in your styling tips. It is wonderful that you are kindhearted and gentle as well. I love that God helped me find your channel.
Christie Ressel (8 months ago)
I love that He lead you here as well. <3 Happy to have you in the community!
Patina77 (8 months ago)
My two denim problems: 1, I struggle to find dark wash jeans which are soft and comfy. 2, I'm short so normal rise jeans throw off my proportions but lower rise jeans though look good while I'm standing, they ride down in the back when sitting. If anyone has any tips, please let me know. Thank you :)
Pamela INGOLD (8 months ago)
Well I'm off to buy "Yoga Jeans"...
marlene hart (9 months ago)
I agree the video on body types would be appreciated!
Christie Ressel (9 months ago)
I tried to make one and there's too much content to cover properly in a YT video. I announced that I had created an online course instead that's affordable and has 3 hours of detailed content and a workbook instead for those that want my info on it: http://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/
sherris here (9 months ago)
Body-type dressing??...yes please!
Takamethyst (9 months ago)
hi ... omg that's my big problem to find the right jeans... love your vlog... thanks for sharing new subscriber here 💜
1509rachy (9 months ago)
Video with specifics please please please ... :-)
Lynn Robertson (9 months ago)
Did you ever do a full body type video?
Christie Ressel (9 months ago)
I did an online course about it instead. Has 3 hours of video content! https://tinyurl.com/ycur26rb
Shelley Broyles (9 months ago)
I wish I would have found this channel years go! You have a beautiful way of explaining fit and style without body shaming. So far I'm learning, I've got basics that I already have and love, but now need to vamp it up with MY style. I just bought a jean that I love, but now need a dark pair! Thank you! Heading to Facebook!
Nin Mar (9 months ago)
could we have a video on body types for jeans showing the bodies with the good and bad jeans ?
Emma Thornton (9 months ago)
Love to tip about lying the jeans flat to see the shape!
karbee21 (9 months ago)
need a video on body type plz
Christie Ressel (9 months ago)
Hi hun! I did a small course on it instead because there was way too much to cover that wouldn’t fit in a video. You can read about the body-type info here: Http://www.tinyurl.com/ycur26rb
Ms.Kesha Middleton (9 months ago)
Ashley Nicole (9 months ago)
my jeans fit until they get like a few inches away from my ankle. then it’s wide around my ankle area
Brenda (10 months ago)
Yes. . I have the hourglass shape. So hard to keep jeans from gapping the the back!
mimi jerez (10 months ago)
HI Christie, were I can find the Yoga jeans? any website, thank you
Rachel Wan (10 months ago)
Full vid pls
Wendy Hill (10 months ago)
I am soooo pear shaped and spend my life trying to cover my bum and thighs...feel frumpy and hate buying jeans or any trousers because they never fit! A video for us pears would be great. Lots of love from UK x
Christie Ressel (10 months ago)
Hi love! I created a course for body-types instead so I could go more in-depth than what I could on YouTube. You can read about it here: http://www.fashiontranslated.com/how-to-find-and-dress-your-body-type/ <3

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