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Hot Body International: Bikini Paradise

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Hot Body International: Bikini Paradise at Zelda's and Cecil's Nightclubs in Palms Spring, California. Among the contestants are Tammy Downey, Jacqueline Guerra, Bianca McEachin, Leslee Bremer, Dana Loury and Miss Cancun Herself, Heather Parkhurst. DISCLAMER:I hope you'll appreciate these huge ass Cantonese subtitles, I know I do!/s EDIT:Reupload, the other had pixelation and artifacts due to bad converting and YT rendering. EDIT2: It's still crap, can't salvage this file. :/ Contestants: 1.Leisa Bolfing 2.Paula Parker 3.Christine Lesh 4.Diana Atkins 5.Jacqueline Guerra 6.Tracy Weaver 7.Tammy Downey 8.Sheena Baker 9.Kimi Jones 10.Vicki Sellers 11.Dana Loury 12.Trina Pia 13.Bianca McEachin 14.Lisa Lennox 15.Leslee Bremer 16.Heather Parkhurst Finalists: 1.Diana Atkins 24:46 2.Lisa Lennox 26:31 3.Trina Pia 27:58 4.Leslee Bremer 29:14 5.Tammy Downey 30:52 6.Kimi Jones 34:46 7.Leisa Bolfing 36:12 8.Bianca McEachin 37:49 9.Tracy weaver 40:39 10.Dana Loury 42:42 11.Heather Parkhurst 44:26
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Text Comments (10)
I Love the 80s (1 year ago)
Reupload.Timestamps for finalists in the description box.
crack smackback (10 months ago)
Would love to see higher quality version of all of these, if even possible. 240p is tough viewing
Bullshido Mastacock (8 months ago)
ur mom's tough viewing
Lodho Zimba (1 year ago)
Iove those 90s bikinis
Rescue162 (1 year ago)
So all these girls are in their 40s and 50s now....like me.
Zeed (1 year ago)
you uploaded it twice
footale (1 month ago)
+I Love the 80s you can upload it as many times as you want to and I would love it just the same ;)
Pritesh Mathur (1 year ago)
I Love the 80s more videos please
Zeed (1 year ago)
+I Love the 80s if you have sex on the beach spring break texas style lemme know
I Love the 80s (1 year ago)
Yup, I'm gonna delete the previous one, something went wrong converting it.

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