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California Girl Bikini Contest #3

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Third California Girl Bikini Contest at Oscar's Night Club in Anaheim, California. Contestants: 1.Sherry 3:00 2.Didn't show up! 3.Kim (Kimberly Schreyer) 7:30 4.Donna 13:17 5.Julie (Julie Kruis) 18:00 6.Denise (Denise Schreyer) 23:41 7.Cindy (Cindy Taylor) 28:00 8.Robin (Maureen Flaherty) 32:09 9.Renee (Renee Way) 38:45
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I Love the 80s (1 year ago)
Timestamps are in the description box.
nikemac84 (1 year ago)
What year was this?????
Tony Monte (1 year ago)
I was very glad when Renee won!
m31570 (1 year ago)
T RAGE (1 year ago)
You know its a classic when you see those VCR tracking lines...............2nd comment ...: WTF is a VCR?........VCR is all the toxic gasses that escape from the canisters of HAIR spray these wonderful dancers ,that seem to have no sense of timing or a beat , They look lost without a pole .Good times...CB thanks for the memories
ti08287 (2 months ago)
but they wear smaller strings that the pole dancers on yt

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