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Otters, Cubs and Bears, Oh My! - Steam Room Stories.com

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ep.# 3.13 - The guys discuss gay bears, otters and cubs. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SteamRoomStories Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/@SteamRMStories Steam Room Stories - sexy, comedic sketch webisodes featuring sexy shirtless men and tons of laughs. This TV series is bursting with lgbtq pride for the gay community. If you love gay and straight studs engaging in hilarious sketch comedy that has a no holds barred attitude, you must see this hot and wild man-on-man comedy. Hot, shirtless and sexy gay, straight and everything in between men in towels serving up steamy sketch comedy in a steam room that's 90% laughs and 10% body fat! These sweaty men cover all kinds of subjects from sex to sexual positions, from gay kink to gay kisses.
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Kasnar F Burns (15 days ago)
Yeah, Right......That's MY TYPE!!!! All other things being equal, give me furry man any day!!!
RGB Crafts (1 month ago)
I'm an otter. I love bears.
Mommy Kitty (2 months ago)
Mike is no bear...A bear is big, thick, and cuddly!!! Mike is just furry.
Die unbekannten Zocker (7 months ago)
0:39 Oh so I‘m not the only one into it. Interesting.
aeonjoey (9 months ago)
fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
RM apCynan (11 months ago)
the man on the right has women's boobs.
Sajjad (1 year ago)
I am gay and I need the guy in the middle (that hairy boy)!
Robert Bielman (1 year ago)
I was gonna say, not many straight guys act so calm when you hit on them. They get so tensed and immediately retreat to protect their manhood.
cameron smith (1 year ago)
That light skin dude is funny as fuck he's def gonna enjoy it😂😂😂😂😂
nyyyankee (2 years ago)
LOL its soooo funny!!! Whenever i talk to a hot guy, if i play hard to get and dont reply or respond too much, they keep trying harder when u talk too much and are too nice they lose interest
New Luk (2 years ago)
This rules! :)
CYB079 D701D (2 years ago)
still single until find a bear or cub for relationship I like men stocky to chubby yes indeed want hairy men and think hairy men are attractive to me
Nico Las (2 years ago)
so so so bad, why are the guys acting like Queen Latifah? and the script, man, really? so fucking bad
nyyyankee (2 years ago)
one of the best rappers ever^^ shes a lesbian tho
Sharjjahn Aziz (2 years ago)
Kong King Queen Latifah ? Who is that ?
New Luk (2 years ago)
That's what I call a furry fiasco! :D
cameron smith (3 years ago)
bears are sexy
valent16n1 (9 months ago)
But how sexy they are 😋
Justin Junior (3 years ago)
Wow such a hairy guy is straight?
Josh Clontz (3 years ago)
Celso Principal (4 years ago)
yes, very sexy.
Don'tWatchTheWorldBURN (4 years ago)
It seems like in the gay community, if you couldn't pass for some sort of model, you don't exist.
Gyoza Sauce (4 years ago)
How have I never found these videos before?
Rajanroop Singh Bling (4 years ago)
Oh god this is so good
Patrik Star (4 years ago)
:D OMG He Loved Black now 2:48! "Straight my ass" = hahahahahahahhaahha. Take the 22 cm BITCH!
MARCON ROGER (3 years ago)
not guy.
garudj (4 years ago)
hahahahahaha indentified that much?
Sylph70 (4 years ago)
Isn't that Teddy from Wish It Inc?
MARCON ROGER (3 years ago)
+Steam Room Stories gay sex
Steam Room Stories (4 years ago)
Yup - It is.  We wished he'd take his shirt off and put on a towel for us. Our wish came true!
Nikko Medina (5 years ago)
so stupid
Kyle Añonuevo (5 years ago)
The two in beside are gay
Dennis LePorte (5 years ago)
@ The Croaker probably b/c even though this is a spoof it really is'nt lol. Sex is 95% mental 5% physical lol
Michael Harper (6 months ago)
It sure is
Tony Boroni (5 years ago)
im difenatly a fucking bear oh well loving who i am. 
Tony Boroni (2 years ago)
Me to
Tony Boroni (5 years ago)
i love it what a hairy bear 
delightglow (5 years ago)
Love bears..... MMMMMM
Aaron B (5 years ago)
aaaaaand of course, they're all skinny/built and gorgeous.
Dean in BNE (5 years ago)
All in one take. Great stuff
ERAUPRCWA (5 years ago)
Why can't he... I'm mean it be this easy?
otterlover95 (5 years ago)
.....mmmmmmMMM.  Mi-i-i-i-i-i-KE !
Tina Johnson (5 years ago)
Pardon me for asking this, and I am not meaning to put anyone down; but certain terms I am not familiar with in the LGBT community.  I know what Bears and Cubs are, but what is an Otter? 
Abby Brown (3 years ago)
+matthew xiong Do they have to be a very athletic type
Tina Johnson (5 years ago)
Ok, thank you for the information.
MXMusic (5 years ago)
skinny hairy guy 
Jaden Khor (5 years ago)
anime fan (5 years ago)
Another funny steam mean Story
Razorokc (5 years ago)
whyd the only good looking guy in this(hairy guy) have to be the douchebag?
otterlover95 (5 years ago)
What made Mr. Mike a douchebag? A douchebag is a republican... yeah,  I don't think Mike is THAT. your thoughts....
Kent Custer (5 years ago)
I saw this posted , it's silly 
The Croaker (5 years ago)
...why do I find this hilarious and I am straight?
Toby Bankole (5 years ago)
same here! LOL...
Drom Sealis (5 years ago)
@The Croaker =) <3 <3 <3
The Croaker (5 years ago)
@BattleChessGN18 O.o people are planning things for me now oh god haha
Drom Sealis (5 years ago)
Hmmm, what should we do with Renegade? xD xD
The Croaker (5 years ago)
@BattleChessGN18 Straight male lol
meandmymouth (5 years ago)
The bear is definitely my type. We all want a real man and they are so hard to find these days. To find a bear who also likes cubs is just fantastic. How can they keep their hands off him ?
Fernando Rodriguez (5 years ago)
I jerked of to this video
sdarms111 (5 years ago)
Mike... come to DADDY!
AnthonyPLUR (5 years ago)
Holy actual fuck! That man is just .... *tries to hold it in* .... Wooooooooof!
Robert Mccarter (5 years ago)
Mommy Kitty (2 months ago)
So, you're watching this because?
otterlover95 (5 years ago)
That's close. Bears apparently don't have to be hairy, but do need to be big bodied/boned. An Otter is not limited by age. He is Height and weight proportionate (not overweight or steroided). Mike, here, is a tasty creature, and gives me butterflies for sure. Love the skinny Jewish, hairy guys ! Saw a goateed, ginger otter the other day. WHEW, heaven, I'm in heaven.....
brian richmond (5 years ago)
i just love a man in a towel
scottytmcgee (5 years ago)
love the delivery on that last line, "god im gonna hate this!"
Isabel W (5 years ago)
"straight... my ass" haha that's what i think about my brother every time he screams like a girl XD
Sierra Allen (5 years ago)
slushies!! who does not like slushies???
Whitegoldelephant (5 years ago)
Ok so im not a bear im a cub...or an otter? The gay-world is so confusing sometimes -.- anyways i really like the videos i will keep watching them! :)
Michael Petersen (6 years ago)
honey im mike can i be your love slave
Angus Delaney (6 years ago)
I just wish the bear/cub/otter would've been more chubby. <3 Still cute :)
Justin Todd-Walker (6 years ago)
Yes you're correct ... although you can have older otters too :-)
teddy kuh (6 years ago)
Hah funny
Wradiant (6 years ago)
That's funny, the last guy knows how to hunt .
Kellie La (6 years ago)
"We are all men here." LOL
bixxius (6 years ago)
My boyfriend is. lol
Chris Hooten (6 years ago)
I love this channel
Rope (6 years ago)
I loved the end; that made me laugh so hard XDDD
aeonjoey (6 years ago)
Yeah, tho some popular caveats: husky older hairy gentlemen is bear, a muscular hairy older gentlemen is a muscle-bear; there's also muscle cubs, some people refer to them as wolves or muscle wolves. A 'chub' is a hairless or non-hairy husky gentleman. A cub is usually younger, or simply younger than - their bear bf, but can also refer to a hairy guy that's shorter sometimes, or just young - it's debatable when someone goes from cub to bear, likely around 35-40.
aeonjoey (6 years ago)
his nips are EVERYTHING /drool
RICHARD MACLEOD (6 years ago)
This is pants Im gay and these guys are shallow. I like all kinds of guys, Im not a type or style of gay all this is old hat
fatmunchy1 (6 years ago)
funny video lol
Jeysin Sterling (6 years ago)
GOD! I'm gonna hate this.
Kat (6 years ago)
Dem big nipples.
tongtong168 (6 years ago)
thank you... i just went to his FB saw him before and after the beard shave off... he is not just sexy but also very talented musically. I am very happy to have known him and found him and listen to his music. He is a very talented man with a beautiful voice.
DXAB91 (6 years ago)
yes but bears now and days can also be younger guys to it depends on the submissivness and size of the person
iskatel39 (6 years ago)
and he is so hot, his nipples... OMG:)
Steam Room Stories (6 years ago)
Hey Blaaire, his name is Ben Palacios. Thanks for watching!
Michael Harper (6 months ago)
Omg. Ben's chest and nipples are savory and should be cherished
ShadowRose16 (6 years ago)
What's the name of the guy on the right
MrMountain123 (6 years ago)
That's a woof if I ever seen one!
Nightbird (6 years ago)
The "Bear" culture is going down the toilet very quickly. What started out as a group made for larger sized and hairy masculine men who celebrated their manliness and who were outcasts in the regular Gay world by the thin and hairless men who shaved their body hair and plucked their eyebrows, is now turning into a group of the former thin & hairless men who now are getting fat, but still don't like all that body hair. In other words, a bunch of fat, fem, hairless queens. But I'm not judging. =)
TeeDog63 (6 years ago)
Not "all" bears like to hunt. Some don't mind being hunted by a big, strong, handsome bear. grrrr. ;-)
Andre B. Belchior (6 years ago)
ok... really tanks for that class. >< bears <3 / hunkys <3
Godlovesallpeople (6 years ago)
twink+hairy = would probably fall into the "otter" category. There is a category in the gay community called "musclebear". If you're not into "older" bears then you probably would not be interested in "Polar Bears" (you know like how actual polar bears that live on the ice in the arctic have white fur, which would be like white or gray fur on an older gay hairy man - hence the term "Polar Bear"). Since no one is immune to the aging process all bears will - eventually - become polar bears.
Kasnar Burns (6 years ago)
If only that passive/aggressive thing worked more consistently
Kasnar Burns (6 years ago)
Yeah...you're right. Everything else being equal -- nice face, body, personality -- give me a bearded hairy man any day!!!!
rhamlett0823 (6 years ago)
Hahahaha omg that guys' eyes at 0:50 have me ROFL!!!!!
Luis (6 years ago)
This is so true... bears like to hunt.
Andre B. Belchior (6 years ago)
how much older has to be? like i love muscle bears mens but i am not into so old mens and WHAT WOULD BE "others". and if i like twink and hairy guys, what him will be?
Steam Room Stories (6 years ago)
I'll do my best (but I could be wrong) a Bear is an older, hairy, muscular or heavier gentlemen - whereas a cub is a younger hairy man (sometimes also referred to as the bottom in the bear/bear relationship). An otter is a thinner, hairy younger person.
Steam Room Stories (6 years ago)
They are different groups within the Bear Community. Others on here may have some specific definitions they can share. Also, if you Google it, you'll get some good details. Have fun! :)
18yoshisonic (6 years ago)
can someone explain to what is the diff between a bear, cub or otter, cause idk the diff :/
Michael McCoy (6 years ago)
X_X Oh my goodness... Too much! <3
Steam Room Stories (6 years ago)
his name is Mike Pourish you can find him on facebook com / michael.poursh
Den (6 years ago)
OMFG... Who's that bearded hot guy?! I'm mean... He is just SO DAMN HOT!!! Does anybody know his name please :P?
1veggiemonster (6 years ago)
Wow....so hot people like being treated like dirt gay or straight?
Devon Daniels (6 years ago)
Okay, I was just wondering. That's all, hope all the BEST of you guys! Keep the Steam Room Stories, going. Pretty good!
Steam Room Stories (6 years ago)
Yes we are gay. However, not all the actors however are gay. Honestly we don't even know which ones are and which ones aren't (but we are always trying to find out).
Devon Daniels (6 years ago)
@steamroomstories: I was wondering are you guys really gay? Just asking, not trying to offend you guys.
Tender Turd (6 years ago)
I want that sweet teddy bear to love me... :(
FrantikTv (6 years ago)
That Awkward moment when they have 69 videos made.
Uivil1234 (6 years ago)
:0 wwwwwuuuuuttttttttt????????????
chasg51 (6 years ago)
Loved this video. The hairy dude was totally hot. The black dude was too cute ;+)
LivingMindfully1975 (6 years ago)
I like the hairy chest/tummy on the guy in the middle.......and the nipples o nthe smooth guy on the right!
cadamy4 (6 years ago)
The first guy on the right has very large nipples....... I like it >:3
Steam Room Stories (6 years ago)
Hey Slapmore, we'd love to but alas YouTube wouldn't allow it. We try and push the envelope as much as possible and make it sexy while still keeping with the comedy and being able to continue to bring you all new episodes.
Raxtzikin (6 years ago)
How about showing more flesh in these steamroom stories?
Jaguar7444 (6 years ago)
Like the beard. I like in less full though.. like scruff.

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