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Daddy Older Men ( Gay bears )

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Jerry Jerry (5 days ago)
Quiero uno así!!!
andr4h4 (6 days ago)
handsome daddies and bears :) It's always funny when they call me daddy >:D
Martin Carns (6 days ago)
Hey Scorpio daddy. I'm a pisces.you know what happens when those 2 get together.sex so good someone's gonna cry.and it not me.
dan ger (10 days ago)
Spinler Muckflitt (17 days ago)
Just don't speak
Sean Hammond (1 month ago)
Woof woof grrr hot dady bears,mmmm don't you love them!
James Gough (1 month ago)
Many of these guys appear to be in their 30s or maybe 40s. Older? A little, but that word makes me think you are designing this for some skinny twink in his 20s.
Hommi#1 Vazquez (1 month ago)
Q hombres más deliciosos,no cabe duda q los cuerpos más reales despiertan algo q va mas allá del deseo sexual. Con sus barrigas reales y no menos sexys q los q viven en un gym. Sin menospreciar a los super atléticos.
Reda Sports (1 month ago)
I Love Ian Parks ☆♡☆♡♥♥♥♥♥♡♥♥♥♥
Dennis Johnson (1 month ago)
I would love to have one of those gay Daddy's bear for my own
ben smith (1 month ago)
Im looking some partner who like me
Dennis Johnson (1 month ago)
Woof woof woof Daddy's 😍😍 😍
JAVIER ORTEGA (2 months ago)
Costas ricas, yo quiero uno.
Bill Guill (2 months ago)
The man at the 1:05 mark looks somewhat like Bob Hoskins did when he was in "Roger Rabbitt."
light (2 months ago)
love them
Rabindra Bhuyan (2 months ago)
I am getting emotional and crying in dark
Daniel Fernandes (2 months ago)
My cowboy my life gay my my my kid love
Ratul Ratul panter (2 months ago)
Raimundo Arthur (2 months ago)
Camille Bossard (2 months ago)
c .est.mike.brand..qui.chantait.cette.magnifique.slow.au.depart.je.crois.
Joseph Tran (2 months ago)
C'est Morris Albert qui chante cette magnifique chanson qui est Feelings
Camille Bossard (2 months ago)
Ivan Alf (2 months ago)
This music makes me wish to kill myself right now
Philippe 23MR (2 months ago)
Wow very nice
Debbie Briar (2 months ago)
Im sure u wish u had never met me how do u sit there every day and lie to me or think up more things to do to me good ol jay never stops the games ur better at playing games then loving the me u better start looking for a new victim BC soon ill be gone and i really am looking forward to leaving what drives u to keep ripping my heart out how do u call yourself a good person ur not a good person a good person doesn't keep finding ways to hurt someone else i found a person that is good and kind not fake what is ur name now Aaron J really am
Guillermo Pater C (3 months ago)
Daddy imparable hermosas
Guillermo Pater C (3 months ago)
Muy vien
Guillermo Pater C (3 months ago)
Sobradamente hermosa megusta
Guillermo Pater C (3 months ago)
No la melle al corazo
Guillermo Pater C (3 months ago)
Daddy maravilloso lacancion ermosa
Rr. Pc (4 months ago)
I’m gay
Bargoth Dragon (4 months ago)
Handsome Dad Bears.
TTS Gaming (4 months ago)
Bú ti miếng
rodel anin (4 months ago)
My god,I love them all
Apolonio Nl musica (4 months ago)
Bichtor como estas
windstorm1000 (5 months ago)
I like middle eastern and Indian bears. So sexy. Any out there.
Yolly B (5 months ago)
Lori. R.S. (5 months ago)
eres el amor de mi vida
Ganesh Gavali (6 months ago)
Hot daddies
Aoi ken (6 months ago)
Only one can dream
jay chouhan (6 months ago)
I am Top and i like bottom uncle my watsup nb 9617714356
n n (4 months ago)
من وين؟
Sandris Lazdins (7 months ago)
Helen Strobel (7 months ago)
Raimundo Arthur (7 months ago)
Raimundo Arthur (7 months ago)
Akirajhay Buena (7 months ago)
Howard Kerr (7 months ago)
Unlike the impression given by the title, not all older gay men are bears or for that matter, necessarily daddies. I am a "mature" guy, but don't consider myself to be a daddy, but due to an (over?) abundance of hair I would be a candidate for the bear designation. Nearly all bears, and I would imagine nearly all mature gay men, realize that these names don't necessarily apply unless the guy claims them. Myself, as above, claim bear but not daddy. Though if the right younger man came along.....
Spinler Muckflitt (17 days ago)
People who are over 25 get called daddy. It's a pretty loose term like most gay monikers
toyoscio (7 months ago)
No black bears not surprised
Herval Jose (7 months ago)
Sera que é tão dificil encontrar um Amor cinsero e verdadeiro
Ivan Alf (2 months ago)
Herval Jose é mais difícil ainda quando não se sabe escrever
BELARMINO PAULO (8 months ago)
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
quero ser feliz ao lado de uma pessoa muito legal, amorosa e carinhosa.
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
Não me canço de assitir
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
Sempre spnheiem ter alguem só para min amar muito
CronoV (8 months ago)
I want Daddy bear boyfriend😊
Joee Guzman (8 months ago)
Wooow que hermosos hombres. Adoro ser gay estos chicos son la perfección que ganas de estar con alguno de ellos todos son bellos y super sabrosos esos ositos barrigones que bellos 😍😍😍😍😍
Arnold Quintana (7 days ago)
Estoy de acuerdo contigo entre más gorditos más hermosos
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
Joee Guzman o nome da serie é COM LUGAR SIM BRASIL RIO DE JANEIRO 997352755 COD DO RIO É 21
Joee Guzman (8 months ago)
@Herval Jose claro que sí jejeje tú tienes WhatsApp
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
Joee Guzman eu amo o Mexico asisto uma série mexicana chamada esqueci vou ver depois te falo Me convida para conhecer o MEXICO MUITOS BEIJOS♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Joee Guzman (8 months ago)
@Herval Jose yo soy mexicano vivo en Jalisco
Ghassan Hakeem Sleman (8 months ago)
Try to feel it always my own teddies bears....
Herval Jose (6 months ago)
Oi tudo bem e vc bjs meu querido amigo
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
Ghassan Hakeem Sleman Chatila boa tarde meu amigo gomo você esta
Rildo Araujo (8 months ago)
Ghassan Hakeem Sleman (8 months ago)
45 anos Líbano Beirute....
Ghassan Hakeem Sleman (8 months ago)
Hola hola amigos...boa noite...
MZ J (8 months ago)
Indian and Arab men love this kind of cocks
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
MZ J realmente śão muito belos
D J (8 months ago)
O like you older daddy's body any bady have
Sahir Sahir (8 months ago)
What is your mobile number
Tracata Jony (8 months ago)
Victor, victor...que se te ve el plumero. 😄😄😄👍🏼
Gordon Herrick (5 months ago)
Y by NJ hi no
ronaldo silver silver (8 months ago)
I want one of this guys for me!
Anish Verma (8 months ago)
I love you my Dad
Juanito Soriano (8 months ago)
I love the music...
Sourabh Jadhav (8 months ago)
Wow super Beard Wow.... Wow... Wow.. Wow.. Wow ... Wow... Wow... Nice hairy
Deep Blue (8 months ago)
Whenever I see bears, daddy bears or fat bears, I feel no longer discriminated. I have had "a recent spell" of gynecomastia lately and I was feeling down. However I love you all anyway. Love to hear Your voices, to sense Your lips, love to look at you. You're gorgeous.
jc de la vega (8 months ago)
Wow cute bears, I like daddy bear,..I wish I've got one bear,..
Bernardo Schonhals (9 months ago)
Rildo Araujo (8 months ago)
Guantos anos vc tem meu querido
David Henderson (9 months ago)
Romantic song shame it’s wasted here most gay men want fuck and go , no feelings about it . I know
Vee Chaleun (9 months ago)
Victor, I likes to say that thank you for upload of slideshow pictures along with song in the video and I really love it. But it's beautiful song and its sounds like romantic. ❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💞💞💋💋💋💋
Ghassan Hakeem Sleman (9 months ago)
Very very nice & romantic song I like it....feeling better also with the song...
Herval Jose (7 months ago)
Ghassan Hakeem Sleman Chatila oi Ghassan ficou bem no perfil
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
Joee Guzman meu amigo como vai esta bem abraço
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
Ghassan Hakeem Sleman Chatila tu fala portgues
Rildo Araujo (8 months ago)
@Ghassan Hakeem Sleman eu quero te conhecer mio amigo
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
Ghassan Hakeem Sleman Chatila escreve bem em portugues meu amigo A primeira vez que falei com você nao respondeu em portugues o que ouvi
Luis Cervantes (9 months ago)
papi rico nos mama mos peludito rico
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
Luis Cervantes é Luis muito pelos delicia
Charlie Barry (9 months ago)
Mmmmmmmm I love kissing old men passionately mmmmmmmm suckin tongues slowly 00447900506552
Vee Chaleun (9 months ago)
Big daddy hairy bear 🐻 are so beautiful, cute, hot and sexy. I'm still single gay bottom and I'm still waiting for my soulmate.
Shah Azam (2 months ago)
fuck your ass!!!!gay is idiot
Christopher Canale (8 months ago)
Vee Chaleun (9 months ago)
Wow, I like this first picture of big daddy the most. I love older man with hairy bear 🐻 so much. I wish that I was there and I love to take pictures with all big daddy hairy bear 🐻.
Melvin Nixon (9 months ago)
I'm drooling down both sides of my mouth---woooof.....
Sai M Mok (9 months ago)
ron p (9 months ago)
I always hated this vapid song!
isopath1 (9 months ago)
That first guy is HOT
Teresa Gomez (9 months ago)
Neber Cotelo (9 months ago)
Son mios
Neber Cotelo (9 months ago)
Anna Anna (9 months ago)
Jimmy Newtron (9 months ago)
Mauricio Alcazar (9 months ago)
Como se llama la canción?
Mauricio Alcazar (9 months ago)
Carlos Jorge Stöckel muchas gracias,excrlente trabajo!!❤️
Carlos Jorge Stöckel (9 months ago)
"Feelings" de Andy Williams (1975).
sayonara pereira (9 months ago)
Esos osos son bellos yo soy un oso trangenero besos los amo
Di Silva (9 months ago)
Cada ursao gostoso!
Douglas de Melo (8 months ago)
Oi Di Manda teu contato
Douglas de Melo (8 months ago)
@Di Silva Oi Di Silva Manda teu contato pra mim bj
Douglas de Melo (9 months ago)
...manda teu contato Di
Douglas de Melo (9 months ago)
Oi Di ...aguardo teu contato 😘
Douglas de Melo (9 months ago)
Di Silva .. te aguardo bj
FREEZAN ! (9 months ago)
Sebastiana Veloz (9 months ago)
ok ok (9 months ago)
Gunaudin cok gormak istarman
leon Bañuelos (9 months ago)
Megusto mucho que guapo estas
Guadalupe Urtiz (9 months ago)
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
Guadalupe Urtiz oi gostou são lindos
Guadalupe Urtiz (9 months ago)
Estas bien felis
Guadalupe Urtiz (9 months ago)
Estabien grasias
Sadhan Sadha001 (9 months ago)
Love you sexy
Jaydeep Das (9 months ago)
I lovely daddy older men so please i m watching video
Maher Mansour (5 months ago)
0097334554952this WHATSAPP number for me ifu like habibi come enjoy together habibi im so sexy
Maher Mansour (5 months ago)
I'm ready habibi im so sexy old man come
Maher Mansour (5 months ago)
Coming habibi im older man so sexy
Maria Fatima (9 months ago)
Kishore Ganguli (10 months ago)
I love U
Guadalupe Urtiz (10 months ago)
Estas romantico
Rokko Hdz (10 months ago)
Jorge Perich (10 months ago)
Muy excibicionista ?!!
Christopher Canale (10 months ago)
Beautiful daddies
Maher Mansour (5 months ago)
Hi I'm ready habibi im so sexy old man
Abdul Rafiq (11 months ago)
Good daddy forever
Mahmood Baig (11 months ago)
Maher Mansour (3 months ago)
U like coming habibi?my number withu iwait
Maher Mansour (5 months ago)
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Bapan Das (11 months ago)
Hi....I love u
MrFrixxon (11 months ago)
Cielos ......!!!
Rildo Araujo (6 months ago)
Mio amore love you too 💋
Rildo Araujo (8 months ago)
@Herval Jose deu para você entender
Rildo Araujo (8 months ago)
@Herval Jose é o código EA operadora eo meu número do WhatsApp
Rildo Araujo (8 months ago)
@Herval Jose sim é do rio é o WhatsApp
Herval Jose (8 months ago)
Rildo Araujo é de onde este numeero é só discar todos

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