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Golden Girls Tribute - R.I.P Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan

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In memory of Estelle Getty, B. Arthur and Rue McClanahan. Song: "Wind Beneath My Wings" performed by Lara Fabian
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Τζενη Γ. (41 minutes ago)
they were just fabulous..still watch their shows..never get tired of them..may they be RIP
Edna Perhach (1 day ago)
I so loved this show , 4 old broad's taking care of each other threw good and bad . No one is lonely. Have thought about doing something like this , with so many people alone , hungry and homeless . We really need to think about this. 😘☮️
Jacquelyn C (2 days ago)
Only one is left .... she is actually the oldest of all 4 crazy how it works that way 👌🏻👌🏻
V J (3 days ago)
It's still funny, so is Betty her camos on SNL are amazing!
Kaden Micallef (3 days ago)
Rip thanks for all the laughs u give us 😢
JULIE KENNEDY (5 days ago)
How sad, ironic and telling that Betty was the one to say those words. Sometimes it’s as if things are already destined to be.
Shane FamilyVlog (5 days ago)
2019..i still love this show.. I 100% miss them so much😭
Ivette Quinones (7 days ago)
How ironic life is the older one is still alive, and she said what will hapens if is one of us left, and happens to be her the only one left, the were funny, good actresses including Betty, not like the ones now.
Patricia Arold (8 days ago)
They are showing “The Golden Girls” on TV Land and Hallmark channel. When I see the program, I get a little choked up watching Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia. I really miss them. Now there is only one left. Rest In Peace Bea, Rue and Estelle. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
TAVITA BRICKLE (10 days ago)
Oh dear cant helping crying.The many years of laughter fell silent in the memory of these special talented women. The golden girls were loved by millions and even today re-runs still make us laugh but sadly three of the four have passed away. Thank you to you all for the many years of continued laughter.You may have left this world but your memories will live on forever. RIP beautifull ladies. There will never be anyone like the Golden girls.
haopy gay (10 days ago)
In 2019 I am still watching this show this is one of my favourite show ever I got my sister into it and I can't find words to say how I feel about this show and I would to say rest in peace to the wonderful ladys who made the world smile ☺
Moi briones (11 days ago)
I cried through the video
InkyPen Ro'maeve (11 days ago)
Time is both a blessing and a curse. It was time that gave us the technology and these amazing women to create the Golden Girls we all know and love. But... it was also Time that took almost all of them away.
Adam Sukenick (12 days ago)
I hope Betty makes it to 100.
Samantha Prine (12 days ago)
I cried so bad :( poor betty she is the last one who carries their legacy
just someone (13 days ago)
the last 15 secs i think it is when bea walks odd set she looks right at the camera,thats her way of saying goodbye.to the show and the fans all around the world.and they did not show it here but when they were going off the air betty looked at the crowd...neither betty or bea were supposed to but they did not care and even said it in an interview,they said i did not care at the time the show was ending and i was going to say goodbye my way.....r.i.p to all 3 of them there were 100% fantastic and no other actors will ever be the real golden girls
Chris Winters (14 days ago)
I’m fucking crying my eyes out I never got to meet them...but they will forever live in my heart 😢❤️✨
Jackie Acheson (15 days ago)
Anyone here cryin in 2019?
Cascadian Ranger (15 days ago)
Thank you girls, for being all of our friends. We will always remember you.
Mark McLaughlin (17 days ago)
Новая рубрика
Rino Storm (17 days ago)
Brooke Goslin (18 days ago)
Eerie !?
Sileca Benjamin (18 days ago)
Nasir Tresor (20 days ago)
Beautiful tribute!
Не принципиальна сочетаемость одежку , её крой , важен лейбл ,какой приклеен на тебя , будто на маркетинговый стент и стоимость которую он представляет
Kenneth Desmond Mosley (23 days ago)
Wow Betty White gets the one of us left line
eryka nicole12 (27 days ago)
The all passed a year apart so sad I'm n tears
Mary Shoemaker (28 days ago)
Need to bring this show back, it was a delight to watch ❣❣❣
Wellit'sElle (29 days ago)
betty white dying is illegal should she die we will revolt because that ain’t allowed
Annie Cartwright (1 month ago)
What a beautiful Tribute :-( Nicely do mate!
Benjamin Mwaria (1 month ago)
Missing you girls.
Titia Halfen (1 month ago)
So beautifully made...thank you
Kelly Victorino (1 month ago)
prossy Nannyanzi (1 month ago)
Jacqui Wambura (1 month ago)
Jamie Stephens (1 month ago)
r.i.p ladies.
Jillian Terpend (1 month ago)
And now sadly Betty White, at 97 doesn't look well at all. RIP the 3. Nobody will ever touch them wit a remake.... God forbid
Rip angels n our family love this show
Douglas Dawson (1 month ago)
I miss the three goldern girls thank god betty white still here thanks goldern girls putting an smile on my face in australia and new zealand tv so long ago
lisa frizzell (1 month ago)
I love this show.....I love each one of those beautiful ladies so missed
Joan Carter (1 month ago)
That is so sad Now the only one
Joan Carter (1 month ago)
I watch this show everyday
Robert Clatworthy (1 month ago)
There’ll never be another programme as good as The Golden Girls. Thanks for the laughs
Atrophy Queen (1 month ago)
I always loved how Bea dressed for Dorothy. so strong and solid on top but you got that delicate sweep of a long skirt over ankle boots to remind you that's not just a strong human that's a fucking lady.
Ruby Wingo (1 month ago)
Rue was my fave!
SONY (2 months ago)
Just the motions (or the lack, there of) on their faces, without saying a word, was just HILLARIOUS, what a chemistry!!!! You all will be missed. Thanks for the laughter. R.I.P.
Rubertha Blackman (2 months ago)
Sophia was my favorite. She was brutal with the one liners
Bubbles LaVerne (2 months ago)
Watching this makes me very sad. They’ll be missed forever. Wonderfull wonderfull women, that made so many people laugh.
Lola Bella (2 months ago)
:( RIP I love "The Golden Girls". I still watch reruns!
jjjonse (2 months ago)
Had to stop watching at 3:26. I hate crying.
Amy Rose (2 months ago)
Yup and Betty is the only one left. Makes me so sad.
LGMAX (2 months ago)
OMG! I miss them!
Janette Davis (2 months ago)
Thank you Bea, Estelle, Rue, Betty. What fun and laughs you gave us. I was in a doctors surgery waiting feeling not well and down. I turned on the TV in the waiting room this show was on very funny so much so I forgot I was sick. Never forgot it.
Laura Luffman (2 months ago)
RIP to Estelle, Beatrice, and Rue always be my girls😘
Laura Luffman (2 months ago)
That was rhetorical rose
Gina Smith (2 months ago)
Love all these ladies .
Ana cristal Muñiz (2 months ago)
You always be my sisters always..
Ludwig van Beethoven (2 months ago)
I wont know how to feel if we loose betty 😓😭
wow dad (2 months ago)
Was a great show and great times.
Tina lacey (2 months ago)
Thank you girls for the laughs. God bless you all.
Che Cox (2 months ago)
Rest In Peace Estelle, Bea and Rue ❤️ you will forever be golden girls ❤️
Richard Simon (2 months ago)
Betty's line almost had me to tears. I just started to watch bit and pieces of the series lately. Lots to catch up. Probably my next fave after The Nanny.
Rosie Fernandez (2 months ago)
I’ve literally been watching this show since in the womb. My mom told me stories of how she always watched it when she was pregnant of me, then again in the hospital for my birth with all the nurses, and now I watch it almost every day without fail. Something about this show is truly unmatched! No one could ever replace these ladies or the writing for that matter. This will forever be my favorite show❤️I’ll love you always my golden girls 💫
Justin Newton (2 months ago)
I like how Dorothy tells Blanche... "No women ever looked better than you look right now and no one ever will"
Elsa Mabhena (2 months ago)
I'm so emo right now. RIP girls
Amanda Choses (2 months ago)
Janette Davis (2 months ago)
Bring it back the world needs a laugh and this show was tops. Golden Girls for ever. I loved it. Come on Australia our TV programs are depressing Let's Laugh again.
Natasha Jhinnoo (2 months ago)
I love the Golden Girls they were really golden and isnt it funny they die a year after each other. Betty White really do looks go for her age and always with a smile.
Sunday Osullivan (2 months ago)
I love this show 😓I still watch it ❤️❤️ RIp
Julie Warrington (2 months ago)
Rest In Peace 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Chris Mc Evoy (2 months ago)
Happy Heavenly Birthday Rue McClanahan! February 21, 1934-June 3, 2010 Rest In Peace.
Rosa Lopez (2 months ago)
nature (3 months ago)
Everytime I watch this, it physically pains me knowing these talented and beautiful women are no longer here. Sometimes when watch the show, I forget they are dead.🤔
FamousKelz82 (3 months ago)
This put so many tears in my eyes
Di Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Wow :* ( they left one year apart
lucky sol (3 months ago)
I can not hear clearly the talk when the song is too loud .
Kelvin Khoo (3 months ago)
My favourite The golden Girls, Love you all.💖💖
GreenEyes 1226 (3 months ago)
The World Will Miss All You Beautiful and Talent Women
Mike Pino (3 months ago)
We will all one day see that great golden girls reuion!! In time when it's our final days here on Earth... I was born November 1980 and as I get older I realize time is going by so fast!!! Growing up watching the golden girls is what I thought of everyone who is that age and lives in Florida!!! Lol times have changed but as I type this I can tell the rest of the golden girls are looking down smiling and still happy that us fans will always remember them!!! And the great memories that they gave all of us!! Thank you to all the golden girls....WE LOVE YOU FOREVER!!
J Scott (3 months ago)
Like everyone else, I loved this show and these four ladies...still do. My favorite scene of any tv show ever is when Blanche confuses being a lesbian with being Lebanese. I like to play fhe reruns on hulu overnight while I sleep, I swear it makes me have good dreams.
Vlogzzz Life (3 months ago)
honestly though if I were Betty White I would’ve been SO nervous all of 2011
Dave Arcudi (3 months ago)
The immortal Betty White
Phyllis Jenkins (4 months ago)
Best show ever! I watch every rerun over and over again. Loved everyone of them .
Krystal Elim (4 months ago)
It's already 2019 and Betty has turned 97 and is still living her life. I feel sad that she's the only one remaining of the Golden Girls but at the same time thankful. ❤ Missing Bea, Rue and Estelle! 😭
Mary Davis (4 months ago)
RIP ladies,I watch you everyday like clock work...
Kio Byg (4 months ago)
this made me cry love these women!!
Jamie's Life (4 months ago)
It's so Sad😭 that the three of them went year after year 08,09,10 Rip you beautiful Ladies and God bless you Betty your a very beautiful Lady and I'm so Glad we still have you ❤️
Their humor, laughter can never compare to any other show. Sad, this show had to end and three talent actresses left this world a mark with one flaming the torch to carry on the memories.
Millie Hernandez (4 months ago)
Thanks for your time and effort in making a great day today and I truly appreciate all of your shows I really love the golden girls alot and wonder if Betty white ever get a chance to see the golden girls reruns
rl h (4 months ago)
Just stumbled upon this today...and the crocodile tears are flowing. I remember watching the very first episode at 5 years old, on NBC September 14, 1985 with my grandma. And it is a staple in my house. My mom and I watch it every day and it never gets old.
Isabel Gongora Garcia (4 months ago)
Norah Lisa (4 months ago)
I cried when Dorothy said while she was crying "you'll always be my sisters, always" 😢😢😢😢
Anna Cottle Cottle (4 months ago)
An 84 Y/o with dementia, how unusual
neglectad angel Angel (4 months ago)
They seemed like those 3 fairies 🧚‍♂️ from sleeping beauty.
James Aria (4 months ago)
This video got me emotional at the end of it when Dorothy was talking to the girls
Syd San99 (4 months ago)
What killed me was when they talked about the last time they talked with each other .....I cried when Betty white said she didn't know how sick Bea
Junior Mendez (4 months ago)
Best sitcom in history. Glad Betty White, (age 97) is still with us in 2019. RIP Estelle, Bea and Rue. 👼👼👼
dips cool (5 months ago)
Untill today I didn’t get a chance to see this golden girls episode it’s made me so laugh. And at the same time made me sad after i came know that the three of already passed away.there shows start about when i was born but i am late to understand this episode as well cause English is not my language. Even late after watching thier funny moments I became fan of these ladies. And made me emotional too . Rest In Peace sophia, dorthy and blanche. God bless you rose 🌹
Dany (5 months ago)
This is so sad 😭

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