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Bears Have Lower Self-Esteem & Engage In Much Riskier Sex

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A recent study published by the Clinical Journal of Nursing and the University of Miami states that Gay men who identify themselves as "Bears" suffer from lower self-esteem and are more likely going to engage in riskier sexual activities. As a member of this wonder community of hairy handsome men, I have much to say about this so called study and I'm letting it all hang out. Yes, once again, I am shirtless for all you hunks out there. Enjoy and have a wonderful Friday. Bears Have Lower Self-Esteem And Engage In Much Riskier Sex, Study Finds: http://www.queerty.com/bears-lower-self-esteem-engage-much-riskier-sex-study-finds Instagram: Bear_Elliott BlogSpot: http://www.thebearwithmeshow.blogspot... Reddit: BearElliott Twitter: BearElliott Free Royalty Free Music for YouTube from: http://www.SmartSound.com/royalty-fre... Provided by http://www.SmartSound.com/royalty-fre...
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dr fil (2 years ago)
all good, but that bit about the rest of the gay community being interested in appearance whereas bears arent, is not true. maybe in the 90s it was so. but now it is one of the most appearance-conscious subcultures in the LGBT sprectrum
Steve Miller (2 years ago)
interesting. I've not associated myself with the bear community due to not being accepted by bears in my local community.
Bear Elliott (2 years ago)
+Steve Miller I'm really sorry to hear this Steve. I had that same rejection by the few Bears I met but I found good people inside this community. Don't give up hope. They are out there.
greendaybaby2010 (2 years ago)
eh I wouldn't go as far as to say bears are more masculine. maybe physically, but I've met plenty of femmy queeny bears.
Bear Elliott (2 years ago)
+greendaybaby2010 I stated in the video there are all kinds of bears :-)

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