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Jeans I wore in this video: Club Monaco MOTHER High-Waisted Looker - https://go.magik.ly/ml/cxkx/ h&m Super Skinny High Jeans - https://go.magik.ly/ml/cxkz/ Top Shop MOTO Authentic Joni Jeans - https://go.magik.ly/ml/cxl0/ My second channel Scale ASMR: ASMR Pedicure | Relaxing Foot Transformation https://youtu.be/nH768mzmGKo FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM Instagram: @AlexandrasGirlyTalk http://bit.ly/1TSclUm Camera Equipment & Editing Software Canon EOS 70D - http://go.magik.ly/ml/8824/ Canon 5D Mark II - http://go.magik.ly/ml/8820/ Canon 24-105mm - http://go.magik.ly/ml/8826/ Final Cut Pro X - http://go.magik.ly/ml/881k/ Rode VideoMic Pro (not used in this video) - http://go.magik.ly/ml/aeg8/ Business Inquiries: [email protected]
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Text Comments (13841)
Gunjan Almiyabisht (59 minutes ago)
thank you so much
Sugna j (2 hours ago)
very informative..... tq
Jaunice Reed (7 hours ago)
Changed my life alright 🙄 I had to toss every pair of jeans but one 😒 my trusty Levi’s 🤷🏾‍♀️
Debbie Yikessy (7 hours ago)
Pleaseee would you Post a Video where you help finding the right bodytype and Then say what clothes are good in General for each type?
Evelyn Yeet (8 hours ago)
I think Im a skinny rectangle. I thought I was an inverted triangle but boy. Worst jeans for me are low rise.
Naomie Sasseville (9 hours ago)
I think i am type 2and i JUST have high waisted jeans 🤣 and i did not know
Stacey Chavez (11 hours ago)
Great video! What brand skinny jeans do you wear? I think i want to invest in a good pair
rayeditssio (15 hours ago)
Though ripped jeans make me seem shorter, they allow more movement
Pink Blue (15 hours ago)
I can wear jean shorts but not jean pants because jean pants all ways hurt my knees 😭
Mia Potts (18 hours ago)
If any guy watches this I’m gonna personally slap him 😂
Stacey Plattenberger (18 hours ago)
I don’t typically watch these types of videos but was very glad I watched yours. It was very informative. I’ve been trying to figure what it is about certain pairs of jeans that look so much better on me. Now I have specific things to look for. Also, I tend to be annoyed by women’s voices/the way they speak, but listening to you was really pleasant and oddly calming.
Jimin's Wifeu (18 hours ago)
I think I am type 2
dan bernal (20 hours ago)
Kasey Holm (1 day ago)
I am 5'5" weight 120-128lbs, thin prolly inverted triangle. I have wider hips but not much of a butt and I feel like high waisted jeans make my butt look flatter and emphasize my hips??? I feel like low to mid rise make my butt look better, any suggestions on jean brands and/or fit?
jeNOJAEMin (1 day ago)
Now that i thought of it, how many jeans did you have to make this vdieo xD
jeNOJAEMin (1 day ago)
jeNOJAEMin (1 day ago)
hello .__. hehe (1 day ago)
I’m skinny but you can see I have an hourglass shape
CuteBlueCherri (1 day ago)
me at the store, choking myself with jeans: I'm measuring them
roro osman (1 day ago)
بتعرفي تحكي عربي ؟؟؟
Anonym Anonymus (1 day ago)
I have an hourglass figure with a lil tummy and I only wear high waisted stretch jeans because the comfort is 💯
Paris Blash (1 day ago)
I never knew jeans could have so much to them😦 thank u💯💕
ANETE (2 days ago)
Jeans was made in Latvia
Thaakirah Gabriels (2 days ago)
I think I'm more of a body type 6 and I prefer high waisted jeans 'cause they make my waist look smaller.
Akanksha Pandey (2 days ago)
It was great knowing these small tips for online shopping...thanku 😊
Peachy . Edits (2 days ago)
Most of the viewer are middle schooler
Midory Gomez (2 days ago)
Ponen el título en español y el video es en inglés
Jasmine S.567 (2 days ago)
I just love how raw she is with us
keilani jade (2 days ago)
I’m very tall and wearing low rise jeans makes my already long torso look out of proportion and just too long >_<
serenity scott (2 days ago)
2:30 floating pants 😭😭
special K (2 days ago)
I'm a hourglass and a bit of triangle
Kita Tronic (2 days ago)
Helpful video if I could actually find jeans that fit me since I’m 5’1 100lbs and most jeans that say 24 inch waist size up
YK Gaming (2 days ago)
10 Million views only bcoz of that perfect ass
NO wonder I always hated jeans, I didn't own any high wasted ones!
Shaturia InTheFlesh (2 days ago)
🤔 so i came into this with pure doubt that my life would be changed... 👏🏾 i stand corrected 😌 great vid. Btw you have a beautiful speaking voice - very admirable!
Ray 05 (3 days ago)
I love jeans, but I hate the jeans that my mother forces and buys me to wear, just because it's too big. I used to be very fat when I was younger (5 years ago), and my pants were the right size. But for some reason, my mother is now buying me VERY big pants, that is like 10cm bigger than my waistline (I'm currently 13 so I can't buy things myself cuz I don't have money) even if she's noticing I got slimmer (bc of puberty. Edit: my body shape is also a 7
baekhyun eee (3 days ago)
Black jeans r always the best they don't draw attention to my butt which is more comfortable to me
Sanjana N (3 days ago)
tbh high waisted jeans look good on everyone. if you're flat, great, if you have a stomach, it can hide it! finding the perfect high waisted jeans for you, however, is always a challenge because i feel like they're all so different
cook ies (3 days ago)
I’m so shock cause your body looks exactly like mine 😱😱. Like you guys it’s creepy I thought I was turning his video 😂😂😂
IVY TRESHA REYES (3 days ago)
Shape 4😥💔
LeeYurim (3 days ago)
Which jeans from H&M did she wear??
Mauvy D (3 days ago)
Charlotte Neuheuser (3 days ago)
As a tall person with wide hips and long legs I hate shopping for jeans. When they fit at the hips, they're sloppy at the legs, even if they're supposed to be skinny. And when I want them to be skinny (and still rech my ankle) they don't fit at my hips. Maybe high waisted jeans don't have this problem, I've only got low jeans but got all the problems you're describing (muffin top, butt looks soggy bc of pockets). Gotta try out high waist I guess.
Talya Arda (3 days ago)
i watch this channel and find out i'm doing everything wrong lol
Elly xoxo (3 days ago)
But i have hip-dips:(
Nastia J (3 days ago)
My shopping will never be the same, thank you ^^
Boiled Rice Soup (3 days ago)
...but if you're pear-shaped, it might fits your waist after trying it on your neck, but it might not even passed your thighs/buttocks.
plastic angel (3 days ago)
Soooooo how to you find a pair of jeans that fit both your waist and your hips?
Cristal Stockham (3 days ago)
I’m part rectangle part hourglass 🤷🏼‍♀️😂☺️
SHRUTI GANDHI (4 days ago)
my jeans show v shape and really hate that
TICTACTOE (4 days ago)
We're all beautiful! trust me
alex wessels (4 days ago)
I'm just to small and skinny no jeans fit me normaly and it sucks
Summer (4 days ago)
Wow, I learned SO MUCH! I have a nice, but big bottom and it’s always been an issue finding a jeans that does not attract attention (more) to my bottom. So grateful thank you.
Queen Annie (4 days ago)
im rly curvy and have thick thighs but a thigh gap, so personally, i think bleached high waisted suits me, the colours highlight my curves but the tightness gives my curves a more sleek look
Monica Lewis (4 days ago)
i am skinny so i will need light jeans 👖 thank you so so much for these tips
fourfinity (4 days ago)
that they're pants? :o i thought you were supposed to put them on ur head
cyrine majdoub (4 days ago)
Thank you . 👌
ilse vogel (5 days ago)
your cameltoe is like almost nothing compared with my cameltoe😂😂
Mika chu (5 days ago)
i am a slim newspaper and i like high waisted jeans
Angela Asylum (5 days ago)
I'm about a chubby 7, and my favorite jeans are the YMI Wanna Betta Butt jeans
marina lou (5 days ago)
For everyone who is scared to wear skinny jeans - wear mom/boyfriend jeans they’re so comfortable and btw vintage and soft aesthetics are literally the cutest🍒
Elizabeth Nunez (6 days ago)
I think ima 5
Angela The Stoner (6 days ago)
Ok but like.... what about plus size people Bc I seem to have a muffin top no matter what jeans I wear so I don’t even wear them lmao
KEVLARカリム (6 days ago)
Im not even a woman wtf am I doing here ???
Terry Smith (7 days ago)
I originally thought you were well into your older 30s. However, when I discovered that you're in your early 20s, I was surprised--all because you are so mature, well-spoken, down to Earth, humble, and, not only incredibly intelligent, but also wise.
Erika Schumacher (7 days ago)
u sound like billie eilish 🥰
Rita Al Safar (8 days ago)
I went out and bought new jeans and i used these tricks OMG i looked so good in the new jeans because of your helpful tips
DaysoffwithShar (8 days ago)
i wish i can take you shopping with me!
Celine Navela (8 days ago)
Tess Garcia (9 days ago)
Do these tips also work for shorts? I don't know why I just can't look good in shorts 😭
Jazmin Taisan (9 days ago)
I Just wear Jeggings
Rylie2042 (10 days ago)
Maxwell jeans are my fav!!!
GEETA SHREE ROY (11 days ago)
Thank you
Erika Wright (11 days ago)
I am very mad at you. Now I can't UNSEE half zipper jeans everywhere I go. Thank you very much for this video. Being new to the exciting world of women's clothes (and the travesty of non standard sizing), this has been very helpful.
Anna N (12 days ago)
Someone please recommend where to get good jeans in Australia!! I'm having a really hard time finding a pair that fit properly
Millie Lee (12 days ago)
Instead of air dry. Would it be okay to do low heat or fluff air in the machine?
shiba (13 days ago)
i finally found a pair of jeans that were PERFECT for my body type and absolutely flattered me, annnnd then lost them on vacation :(
alex sandra (14 days ago)
I'm a type 5 👌🏽
Anaëlle Y (14 days ago)
Are you andreas sis? Yall sound alike
Reckless Recluse (15 days ago)
Okay so I'm a top hourglass and it's really difficult for me to wear loose clothing as they look like a box on me. Any advice? There are times when I don't like cinching my waist.
sovl (5 days ago)
my body shape is unexplainable so i just wear what fits me
jutla vasantha (15 days ago)
Hi Alexandra. That was really a good video. Thanks so much. I have a very slim waist but my hips and thighs are pretty large . So I get this problem of folds near our v cut in front. Would you suggest me some nice shape of jeans. Looking forward to ur reply.
dawnknorman (15 days ago)
Thank you alexandra for the enlightment. The point when you mention about the camel toe, its always been my problem, and I always thought that its because my body isn't fit in any jeans , but ur video absolutely gonna make me shop for morr valuable and wearable jeans in the future..tq tq ❤❤
Stella Davis (15 days ago)
I like her voice.
even tho i know if the jeans are fitted or big on my waist i have to buy a bigger size on most jeans because otherwise they will be really tight on my hips, and that really sucks, i think that every brand should make jeans for different body types because i'm not very curvy but i have that issue...
lets do up do (15 days ago)
I always find very interesting content on your channel which actually and really really do help in real life. Thank you for sharing and you are doing a really good job
Jjballetduckie .M (15 days ago)
I want her to go shopping with meeee! I hate the crotch thing!!!!
Mikka Kitayama (15 days ago)
Something is wrong with my body...my Arms Are big so it look like im fat but when i change it looks like im a Stick....
Trish (16 days ago)
Her favourite pear of Jean's... what are they?
Gabby Sanders (16 days ago)
How tall is she?
Lucy Baez (16 days ago)
Can you make a video of no one tells you about dresses
Annabelle Robles (16 days ago)
Help us with shirt tips for body sizes
AbBeiBei 526 (16 days ago)
This helps so much 😭😭😭😭😭💕💕💕💕💕
Katey Celli (16 days ago)
Let’s be honest. Nobody likes low waisted jeans.... we r all lying to ourselves
Iris (14 days ago)
they fit me better than high or medium waist jeans 😅
Nellyyy19 (16 days ago)
Now if only I had the bank account to go out and buy the perfect jeans that are actually my style and follow all of the above:/
Michelle Dill (16 days ago)
So helpful
Avery (16 days ago)
i go to Hollister they have good jeans
Karsen Barber (16 days ago)
actually lowkey helpfully
Z (16 days ago)
The neck tip works and also for underwear. One of the best life hacks I know

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