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Cottage By The Sea - Patrick Feeney

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Written by Gerry Carney. Taken from Patrick Feeney's debut DVD "The Story So Far" available in all good record stores. P&C 2011 Spotlight Entertainment
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bommel L (1 month ago)
mick mcguane (2 months ago)
One of the great songs of exile. There were so many exiles in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Many of the" Paddies" in England had a hard life, died young and never saw home again. Its an Ireland that's passing from memory now tg. Nowadays people are educated, travel is much easier and mobile phones enable people to stay in touch. May God be good to all those men who "worked on Sundays" and who lived on "takeaways and tin cans"
Natasha Brizard (4 months ago)
I love it 😍
Eamonn Obrien (5 months ago)
Well done good job
Cathie Sharkey (6 months ago)
Beautiful voice first time hearing the song and singer.
im hooked
Roberta Harrison (1 year ago)
cissie2455 (1 year ago)
Brilliant Loved it
MrGhost 1244 (1 year ago)
em (1 year ago)
ommmggg i can't stop listening to this!!!! I love!!!
emmaphelanx (1 year ago)
terence doonan (2 years ago)
Mayo is a shithole
lneranger4 (4 years ago)
how man"old"irish does this refer to,seems like me are all the same,like" galway john "from Declan nerney,another great sad irish song,also "paddy"by Gerry carney,the man who wrote this one.
patricia mulholland (4 years ago)
Patrick feeney the best Irish singer o what a voice no more to be said.
lneranger4 (6 years ago)
Thank gerry carney for this,listen to his song paddy,however,patrick has such a wonderfull voice,he sings this so well
PJ Dun (10 months ago)
lneranger4 .inI'm
marena burd (7 years ago)
What a lovely song and great video
Susan Hobbs (7 years ago)
What an awesome video, truly like it and your voice is outstanding,,thank you so much for sharing,,,Blessings
CountrynIrish (7 years ago)
Wonderful Song ! Love it ! It has great lyrics and Patrick sings it beautifully ! Magnificent Video ! It is very nicely filmed and really suits the song ! Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous upload ! 5*****+

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