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Rue McClanahan on how different the Golden Girls actresses were from their characters

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For the full interview with Rue McClanahan visit http://www.emmytvlegends.org/interviews/people/rue-mcclanahan
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Text Comments (45)
Nate Russell (2 years ago)
I see the similarities that she has with her character in that last joke.
experimentalactor (2 years ago)
She was also great on some 70s shows like All In the Family. She did great work on that show.
Barbara Mowrey (2 years ago)
JR Ewing (2 years ago)
WOW I never realized her voice was like that. Outstanding job!
Wilde (2 years ago)
Love love love Rue.
L'Acadien en titi (3 years ago)
love her. What a great actress.
Hamzah Elsulayman (4 years ago)
Richard Hatch (4 years ago)
I knew from watching "Maude" years ago, that Rue wasn't Southern....also from her appearance on "All In The Family"....can't remember if she had an accent in "Mama's Family"?
Richard Hatch (4 years ago)
Could be, I didn't watch all of that series' episodes...
PrimeNavigator (4 years ago)
+alonzo9772 I'm pretty sure Mama's Family took place in Raytown, Missouri.
Julian (4 years ago)
She did. Mama's Family took place in Texas, so all the actors gave a slight Texas drawl.
margolou2010 (4 years ago)
+spongebobcrazy123 ... Betty White is a very soft-hearted animal lover, and is always fighting for animal rights. She's more sophisticated than Rose, but you're right ... she has a good heart.
Ken Ross (5 years ago)
Rest in peace.
reticulan5 (5 years ago)
This was a great show. I loved the characters being older women, but still acted like they were boy crazy. Blanche played the most hussy like, but you never saw anything inappropriate. The acting and our imagination came in. Not like todays shows where it's in your face and smut.
Mihai Carneol (5 years ago)
i miss her
Slytherinsrule316 (5 years ago)
I LOVE the golden girls. I have all the dvds and I am rewatching season 4 at present.
TheRedfire555 (5 years ago)
Wow, her accent isn't as strong as it is on the show... too bad. :/ But she is a great actress!
Zoe Jenkins (5 years ago)
It's really refreshing to hear the difference between Blanche's Georgian accent and Rue's native Oklahoman accent
Docthal010 (5 years ago)
me too :(
19flipped1 (5 years ago)
Makes dying a breeze after viewing the show & her.
Paige Grant (5 years ago)
i miss her so much.
GuinnevereB (5 years ago)
The networks were very skittish about depicting ethnicity to TV viewers: there were "acceptable" and "unacceptable" backgrounds. They were afraid to portray Lucille Ball's marriage to Desi Arnaz in the 1950s, and even in the 1990s Fran Drescher got resistance about The Nanny being Jewish. At the end of the day, it's less about ethnicity than talent: funny is funny. Good is good. That's the bottom line.
Anthony Ogans (5 years ago)
Rue, you were my favorite Golden Girl. Although, it's been 3 years since you've been gone, RIP, Southern Belle!!
Ann Xiety (5 years ago)
Oh my god, the thing she said about Estelle wanting the Jewish thing. There's an episode where randomly she comes in the kitchen all dressed up saying "Okay I'm ready for Temple." Now that makes so much more sense.
Yeah_Sure (6 years ago)
Oh Rue... you were so lovely... I feel great sadness when I watch you... Thank you for being a friend... You gave us so many laughs... you were like a friend.
Rachel Seymour (6 years ago)
i miss them- i REALLY do. I would do anything to meet each and every one of them. Estelle did play a great Italian woman though! lol
Jamircat (6 years ago)
I la la la love golden girls, I took from each character something. Blanche's self confidence, Rose's gentle heart and optimistic views, Dorothy's sarcasm, and Sophia's wit and love for her family. Golden Girls... thank you!
wifferste (6 years ago)
I really like her answer when asked if she's like Blanche: Get real. Look at the facts. Blanche is a man crazy, successful southern belle from Atlanta GA, and I'm not from Atlanta. LOL My take is she played Blanche so well that you forget she was acting.
811chelsi (6 years ago)
I know,to think,Rose is our last Golden heart left <3 Goldensoul <3
amusedbygod (6 years ago)
Don't you just love that? lol
catolog96 (6 years ago)
Beautiful women with class.
Prince David (6 years ago)
How old was she here, I wonder?
Marcus Allison (6 years ago)
O' how I miss you Rue and how I am so glad we have The Golden Girls Forever!
spongebobcrazy123 (7 years ago)
I still think that Betty White and Rose were a lot alike! Not the dumb part of rose but the way she was so sweet and loving and kind sbe is like that in real life :)
Jaded NTupelo (7 years ago)
ugh it's common knowledge that season 7 would NEVER have happened without her input.She was more than just GLUE.Remember,she co-starred with Bea in Maude and Betty White in Mama's Family.They were were pretty much all veterans,it was Estelle Getty that kept the show on the air.and she was an unknown...
7mandoblu (7 years ago)
Too bad Ms. McClanahan didn't live long enough to have a fun comeback like Betty White. May she rest in peace.
Saltatia *Tonguepop* (7 years ago)
It's such a shame that we're losing the people who have made the entertainment industry what it is. I've been most attached to Betty though and I know I'll probably cry when she does pass on. She doesn't seem like she's in bad shape though.
RamajX (7 years ago)
@BoycottYou2ube it's funny because both Bea and Estelle were Jewish. (ouch, it hurt to type "were" )
MissGarland20 (7 years ago)
Gosh lol I almost expected her to have the southern accent when I opened this video and I was like, so proper? What! haha I'm just always gonna see her as Blanche. God Bless all The Golden Girls =)
v_espertine (7 years ago)
"Her failure in life" referring to Bea or Dorothy? LOL.
jajohnson7809 (7 years ago)
The Golden Girls brought so much laughter into my life. I watched them religiously as a young boy, and I still love them as a man in his 30s. Rue, Bea, Estelle, if there's a God I hope you are happy with him now. You deserve it after bringing happiness to so many here on earth. I'll always love you. And Betty, I love you, too!
Dan Siegeltuch (8 years ago)
RIP Rue McClanahan. <3
MotownMaster (8 years ago)
Rue is my favorite, i love Blanche, and now Dorthy, Sophia and Blanch are eating that cheesecake, waiting for Rose to get there
dmr74 (9 years ago)
That was nice to watch. Go the GG!

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