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Sea Cottage 1967 Cutty Sark - his last race

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Tickey Horseman (12 days ago)
This race track is sadly not there any more. Dont forget that Sea Cottage had a bullet wound when he raced because the corrupt bookmakers tried to stop him running. What a big crowd that turned out to watch him run.
Jake James (3 months ago)
Tony thank you so much for posting these films. I had just taken an interest in racing then , although only about 8. I went to school with great racing sons then and always followed racing. Years later through a fantastic man, Jack Snell, I had the privilege of meeting Rob and his wife Mary at Scotsville, I bent Rob's ear and it was then he told me that he considered "the King" the better horse because the horse cold read the pace better than him. He also told me how he used to whisper in "cottage's'' ear, Saah, Saah and Cottage would take off. Of course, I'm sure he got bored with me and kept on asking Jack about Sooty, Jack's Parrot Thanks again for the posting.
Jay August (7 months ago)
Great! Thanks for adding this.

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