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My 94 Year Old Grandma Reacts to Magic Tricks

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My Grandma is almost 100 years old and she has fantastic reactions to magic. I decided to call her up one afternoon and go over to her house to surprise her with some fun magic tricks and illusions! Grandmas reactions to the tricks were hilarious and I even threw a funny magic prank in at the end just to freak her out. I pranked her with the classic knife through the arm prank, did some amazing card tricks, showed the magic wand that turns into a fireball and even made some money magically levitate and float! Grandma reacts to these impossible feats of magic with the sort of shock and sweetness only a Grandmother possesses! She's been alive for nearly a century and is still extremely sharp and funny; do you think your Grandma would be amazed if you performed these magic tricks for her? If so, be sure to stay tuned for the end of the magic video because I'm giving away the tricks to you! Thumbs up for more Grandma reaction videos! Subscribe here ► http://bit.ly/SubToEvan If you're new to our channel remember to hit that subscribe button and welcome to the family! Remember that anything is possible as long as you stay positive, work hard, and [email protected] my friends! :) Magic Shop here ► http://www.EvanEraTV.com Send Mail To PO BOX 943 Crestwood KY 40014 USA [email protected] Merch ► http://www.ShopLaughAtLife.com EMAIL: [email protected] Follow Evan Era: Facebook ► https://facebook.com/EvanEraTV Instagram ► https://instagram.com/EvanRosenman Twitter ► https://twitter.com/evnera Snapchat ► http://bit.ly/SnapchatEvan Magic Tricks in this Video: 1.) Magic Disappearing Hanky Trick 2.) Floating Dollar Bill Money Trick 3.) Paperclipped by Jay Sankey 4.) The Invisible Deck Card Trick 5.) Magic Fire Wand Flash Paper Trick 6.) Amazing Flipper Coin Illusion 7.) Cap Thru Bottle Magic Trick 8.) Magic Disappearing Bottle of Soda 9.) The Haunted Deck Magic Card Trick 10.) The Bending Spoon Magic Trick 11.) Knife Thru Arm Funny Magic Prank 12.) Magic Color Changing Card Trick GOOD LUCK in the FREE MAGIC TRICKS GIVEAWAY!! More Magic Tricks Here: https://youtu.be/BEmfgg2oQRc On this channel we make fun, family-friendly content in the form of magic, pranks, vlogs, and other cool videos - SUBSCRIBE for weekly uploads!! :) More Videos Here: http://www.youtube.com/EvanEraTV
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EvanEraTV (9 months ago)
This was so much fun :) big thanks to my Grandma for being in the video and being such an awesome Grandma. Thumbs up and Share if you want to see more of my Grandmother in the videos! New episodes of How To Magic coming soon! Good luck in the giveaway and stay tuned to www.EvanEraTV.com we have some MAJOR new releases coming soooooooon!!!! :) much love & [email protected] my friends! -E
Antonio Susan (4 months ago)
How are you do that?????
Albin Gotthardsson (5 months ago)
Tutorial?? Plz
Alan Gielow (5 months ago)
EvanEraTV l
Albin Gotthardsson (5 months ago)
Can you make a tutorial on this trick please 😁😁
Ty Elliott (5 months ago)
EvanEraTV Is so cool
Miguel Pascual (3 months ago)
All the magic
Miguel Pascual (3 months ago)
Jody Perkins (3 months ago)
She is so sweet!
Ewan Guinane (3 months ago)
All these tricks r so obvious
Annoying Marshmallow (3 months ago)
I'm 9 and my great grandpa is only 81 but 82 in June 2019
David DeMar (3 months ago)
Wow that was wonderful! God bless both of you 😊
Spider-Man Peter-Parker (3 months ago)
HOW U maDE THE MONEY FLY?!!!!!!!!????
Dmxk (3 months ago)
Your gonna give her a heart attack
dsbuilder76 (3 months ago)
Can I have one Thanks
Hamster Lover9030 (3 months ago)
7:58 watch his hands
DestryRae Holguin (3 months ago)
that was awesome
Drew Harr (3 months ago)
Wtf wrong with her fingers lol
Aiden Riojas (3 months ago)
Coke bottle in a bag
Rashelie Batista (3 months ago)
If you give me the magic Juan I'll give you my tablet please please just please baby yeah
Colin Ferguson (3 months ago)
Your grandma is very healthy for her age
Lukas Reinberger (3 months ago)
Wie man einfach schon beim ersten Trick den Fake-finger sieht!😂😂😂😃😁
Carlton Whitted Jr (3 months ago)
Who was here before 1M subs Like if you were
Gavyn Bailey (3 months ago)
I want them plz I turn on the post notifications and subscribed
Randon ASMR (3 months ago)
I don't want your grandma to die she fun to play with and play with magic she funny also 1 subscribe to Evan = grandma to stay alive
Harm Keunen (3 months ago)
Vers cool
Hxley (3 months ago)
I just... I don't know what to say she is so sweet!
Yvonne Martinez (4 months ago)
How do you do magic with everyone
Robin the Attaker 0912 (4 months ago)
Hi idol
Thair Alhachami (4 months ago)
Will you tell us the secrits
Thair Alhachami (4 months ago)
i love magic
Super Cool Banana (4 months ago)
Your grandma sooo sweet love this channel!
Jayden Goings (4 months ago)
bro you need to go on americas got talent
Can We Hit 5,000 Subs? (4 months ago)
Haters will say it’s fake Because u won’t believe she’s 94 U probaly think she would be dead by now no But mammals can live up to 120
pewdie pie (4 months ago)
I love how she like "HOW THO"
Demonica Minor (4 months ago)
I loved at how amused and entertained she was lol! Really made meh day 😇
aidyn b (4 months ago)
Gatcha Kid (4 months ago)
Librado martinez (4 months ago)
Part 2
Z-man 411 (4 months ago)
God bless your grandma!!!!!
Можно перевод
Ara Ara (4 months ago)
So cool Evan
Ramon_noodles _ (4 months ago)
She`s really healthy
leo leo (4 months ago)
Can I have loops
Maulik Barot (4 months ago)
You can see he has a thumb cap on at 2:21. See His other hand and you will see a slightly darker thing on his thumb.
anonymousstreamer 69 (4 months ago)
The dollar one was my favourite
kingston hinds (4 months ago)
Crazy_ Chris32.6 (4 months ago)
she said hell 3 times, grandmas still on the trends
Crazy_ Chris32.6 (4 months ago)
I have no more grandparents, they're all dead. :'(
Kelly wililliupson (4 months ago)
Not your grandma
Birbs And Doggos (4 months ago)
1 like equals one more year for his wonderful grandma to live a wonderful year more Also no I’m not begging for likes
Vai is ugly Ofena (4 months ago)
And i like grandmas
Vai is ugly Ofena (4 months ago)
Awww shes cute hope she goes heavean
Jordan Duffy (4 months ago)
I love it when u pull fast ones even if it’s grandma yore great and I think Grandmas still gunner love u just as much as I do carry on with the vids and [email protected]
Jordan Duffy (4 months ago)
I love your grandma respect
Jordan Duffy (4 months ago)
Grandma is the best all grandmas are but u pulled some fast ones there love it and grandma didn’t know great I like it
Ashraf Matalih (4 months ago)
First one is easy you just need like our finger
Teena Thomas (4 months ago)
Uriah Coleman (4 months ago)
Uriah Coleman (4 months ago)
Erin Ritchie (4 months ago)
Ángel Agüero (4 months ago)
I see the fake thumb in your thumb
Ke'mon Hines (4 months ago)
She was shocked
Ryan Maglia (4 months ago)
my grandma is nicer
Sunnypinky FRA (4 months ago)
Shut up
Elizabeth Yaremchuk (4 months ago)
That’s was so cool
Elizabeth Yaremchuk (4 months ago)
Elizabeth Yaremchuk (4 months ago)
So interesting!😂😂😂😂
Blue Magic 30 (4 months ago)
I want the magic Knife pls....
Yaboy lightning (4 months ago)
You can tell your grandma doesn't watch your videos
master pug gamer (4 months ago)
The grandma looks like the girl from batteries not included
Becky Spaulding (4 months ago)
I love magic
VJ & KK (4 months ago)
Evan from Heaven💪👼💯
peka reaper (4 months ago)
She is in great shape for 94
Amar Satkar (4 months ago)
You have god gifted adorable grandmother nd daughter
Lucas Faubel (4 months ago)
The second last trick was creepy
Daphne Herard (4 months ago)
O yeah yeah
IlyaasPlayz (4 months ago)
Evan heavan
Born To Rock (4 months ago)
That Grandma Is so CUTE!
MOCMationFilm (4 months ago)
Can you teach them :)
Salek Brodsky (4 months ago)
Loved this video really liked the coke trick you are so cool
Sushila Meikam (4 months ago)
I hate people who says "like if u agree" LIKE IF U AGREE
GamingWithLogan (4 months ago)
Please give it to me
Poppy Hopkinson (4 months ago)
I really want to chow my mom and grandpa and grandma the magic tricks thank you
Antonio Susan (4 months ago)
4:49 how????
Antonio Susan (4 months ago)
How are you do that????
Garfield the cat (4 months ago)
EVAN from heaven 😇
Miss Dawn Sunderland (4 months ago)
Can I have the knife
Jose Luis Alanis (4 months ago)
When grandma's holding a 100 bill puase at 9.44 her index finger is bended
James Lumernous (4 months ago)
Why you dont tell the secret
Zack Halsall (5 months ago)
that was awesome!!!!!!!!!
Móra Máté (5 months ago)
4:06 finger
afjal magic show (5 months ago)
nice magic brather
Solomon Binu (5 months ago)
Nicest grandma ever I LOVE OLD PEOPLE
Koby Brodbeck (5 months ago)
That was so cool
rad (5 months ago)
7:43 Does his ring have something to do with it ( a magnet )?
Igor Antoski (5 months ago)
I like your grandmother
Kelly Fritsch (5 months ago)
My son and I love your tricks but now we want to see how to do them ourselves. Please
Jay Flare (5 months ago)
Please reveal the secrets
woozyarun60661 (5 months ago)
Anyone else think she sounds like Mickey Mouse?
Shyla_playz ! (5 months ago)
I am in the give away now I know I’m probs not getting the props but what ever
Timothy Wang (5 months ago)
Salt and pepper (5 months ago)
You are the best🥳🤩🍭🎁😊📱💻🖥
Clay Harrington (5 months ago)
My great Grammy died she was 93
Clay Harrington (5 months ago)
My great-grand baby died when she

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