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Where The Bears Are - Season 7: Episode 9 SEX TAPE BEARS

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Text Comments (145)
Umesh Patil (26 days ago)
I watch WTBA only for Ian sir.
Ivan Salamat (1 month ago)
I love ian parks. I like ian parks
Jose Ferreira (2 months ago)
Wilson TC (2 months ago)
Wilson TC (2 months ago)
I like it.
Sandris Lazdins (3 months ago)
Joanie C (4 months ago)
Charlie Harding 😍
Raimundo Arthur (6 months ago)
Beatriz Gonzalez (6 months ago)
G H (6 months ago)
Are everyone gay? Todd didn't act like he wanted his leg licked...
James Parcia (7 months ago)
I want to meet someday.. mark Martinez hehe
James Parcia (7 months ago)
I want mark Martinez so verry2x handsome😘😍😘😍
Luis Scott (7 months ago)
This,message goes out to the cute guy in the black shirt with the beard if u ever wanna meet up let me know
Julie Richardson (7 months ago)
Sophie Rolland (7 months ago)
bigboy (7 months ago)
Enuff of all the fookin ads
GorillaPHX (8 months ago)
Yeah, gotta admit, the whole rape scene was pretty huberistically dismissed. Didn't really think that one through guys...
Ivan Salamat (8 months ago)
Wow. I love where the bears are.. Ian parks. I love U❤✌
SquatBenchDeadlift (8 months ago)
The reactions of everyone in this episode are priceless. Ian cracked me up!
Alex Brunk (8 months ago)
Sparkle, Nelson, sparkle!
Erwin Nivo (8 months ago)
omar jimenez Beisa (8 months ago)
I know who is the killer, but why?
Hyou Vizer (8 months ago)
What happened to reggie is a kink of mine but....having it played off as a non-consensual joke is the others dismiss it easily is really disturbing
David Perez (8 months ago)
Well...Hello raper! 😈
hambone0000 (8 months ago)
Uh can we talk about how Reggie got raped, lol. He's like, typical Saturday.
spare spare (8 months ago)
I wanna have sex with the fat one
Aman Teran (8 months ago)
Reggie is hot 🔥
GentleCat (8 months ago)
augusts1 (8 months ago)
What is the Aussie bear's name & IG? He is so fine!
Alex (8 months ago)
5:00 actually, this is LITERALLY rape.
Richland Zee (8 months ago)
Adam and Chad should do a sex tape together, muahahahahah!
Sloma Sloma (8 months ago)
lyle laurence (8 months ago)
you know... i never held your show to a high bar; it was a low budget high camp thing with a challenging format filling a niche so it wouldn't be fair to hold it to the standards of something with a big budget, large crew and a tv slot, but... what the fuck? you didn't just go under the bar, you passed out on the ground beneath it and shit yourselves. i mean i'm not thin skinned, i can handle some pretty tasteless jokes -i watch this show after all- you coulda went with reggie waking up restrained with the freak threatening to have his way with him and taping it for blackmail and then have Reggie turn it around like the way he did without showing him actually getting raped to wamp-waah music. fuck, i've had friends who've been drugged and raped while stumbling home from bars or at parties ffs. and then having another character saying '...it's probably not rape.' what the hell?
Howard Kerr (8 months ago)
Not sure which is more ridiculous, the (borderline) cavalier idea that rape is a joke, or that Reggie (or any out gay person) can be blackmailed by a "sex tape". The rape of 2 different characters in back to back episodes would seem to be lazy writing. BTW, is it too obvious that the cub who is so sure he will win the contest, is the person behind all these "accidents" ?
CristianTuber (8 months ago)
Imam Iniesta (8 months ago)
Very hot
F CV (8 months ago)
Where's Chad's partner? he hasn't appeared in all the season
Where The Bears Are (8 months ago)
George Unda shows up later in the season and also appears in the Valentine's Day Special that is available only on our Season 7 DVD.
Binidj (8 months ago)
Showing an actual rape and then have everyone dismiss it? Not cool guys, not cool.
Ian Buroran (7 months ago)
@ribtickler exactly, its a webseries comedy about murder mysteries. dark comedy is a given for this kind of thing, so not just someone dying but even rape etc
ribtickler (8 months ago)
'Actual rape'?! Didn't notice or see it in this fictional series
TheNeos07 (8 months ago)
So very true. But in Nelson and Todd's defense, Reggie has done a shit ton of messed up sexual acts, so it's pretty easy to see why they'd react the way they did.
James Figueiredo (8 months ago)
Love the show, been a fan since it started but, guys, c'mon. If there isn't CONSENT, it's rape, simple as that. It doesn't matter how many shots and drugs and whatever else was involved.
Erwin Nivo (8 months ago)
Marc Lisetto-Smith (8 months ago)
Agreed! Was a bit surprised by that.
keyplayer123 (8 months ago)
Too much fabric in this episode, especially on Adam and Chad.
Rahul Rahul (2 months ago)
A hot sexy boy Rahul jatav
ryan mandala putra (8 months ago)
TheNeos07 (8 months ago)
Soon they'll be in speedos.
garine may (8 months ago)
I think I have seen that guy in orange shirt .... chad sanders's real sex tape.... am I the only one?
Chris Smith (8 months ago)
That was terrific.
Test Test (8 months ago)
Release the tape 😋 (I hope there's more of that in the DVD)
Rene Navas (8 months ago)
Jajja la very good
tall32guy (8 months ago)
LOVE LOVE LOVE that house all this is set in! Can you at Where the Bears Are tell me anymore about it? I presume it's in LA....
Brandon Warner (8 months ago)
Is. That Charlie Harding he is talker, but sexy
Marcia Pereia (8 months ago)
Zero 2 Hiroki (8 months ago)
TRISTAN IS BEHIND ALL OF THIS!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!! I AM CALLING IT!!!!!!!! Also 7:51 - 7:59. Rude!!! Don’t talk to Wood like that!! He’s precious.😊
John K (8 months ago)
He's definitely suspicious!
João Carlos (8 months ago)
Captain Coley he is so sweet, love hear him talking. Can't wait to see they going undercover
TOM REC (8 months ago)
Subtitle in French please
Patrice Gremeau (8 months ago)
Il y a les sous-titres en Francais. We have subtitles for English and 11 languages. Just activate subtitles with the [CC] button, then select the language you want using the Settings (wheel icon) next to it.
TOM REC (8 months ago)
Sous titre en français please
Sam Galloway (8 months ago)
You guys definitely seem drunk at the beginning. And yeah, thanks for making it even harder for people to come forward about being raped since 1. People say it wasn’t, and just say it was your fault. 2. People joke about it and just laugh.
John Kimber (8 months ago)
No one cares if you get raped unless you have a vagina
angelboi2k (8 months ago)
How do you blackmail someone with video evidence of you raping them?
Catman Mark Blanchard (8 months ago)
So great to see more scenes with Captain Coley. After this show he should get hired as a series regular. He's funny and good looking. Glad Todd is getting things together thanks to Nelson who always makes me laugh when he gets a role like: judge of the Mr Bear America pagent.
Justme Young (8 months ago)
Chad. ❤️❤️❤️
eric maddox (8 months ago)
I would like to know every bear in this episode!
Dazz Talkies (8 months ago)
orange shirt guy is hot...
james quinn (8 months ago)
i wouldnt mind doing a sex tape with that sexy bear love nipple piercings ! great video guys
Galdor Tv (8 months ago)
There isn’t sex
Galdor Tv (8 months ago)
More sex
Galdor Tv (8 months ago)
More sex
Youtube Channel (8 months ago)
I love you Nelcon😍😍😍
Rene Mendoza (8 months ago)
Charlie Harding omg!!!!
Shtbk (8 months ago)
Now this episode was fun :) happy to see Tod healthy, and to see more of Aussie bear... both of them are gorgeous AF...
Braulio Hernandez (8 months ago)
Los amo!!!!! 😘😘😘
my love 19 (8 months ago)
pablo anabalon (8 months ago)
I love tim hooper, he's my dreamm
Cees Kist (8 months ago)
Yes BooHoo, BooHoo. I've won so Tim, get that cute face with that lovely smile and that gorgeous body over here. Oh btw, I hear you can hire him for parties and he will juggle balls.
pablo anabalon (8 months ago)
Yes,we could share lol,but definitely, I'm give up,he could never pick a guy like me, I'm chilean,and all those wonderful bears like him,could never like a latino guy,so I'll keep dreaming with him 😢
Cees Kist (8 months ago)
If I was any good at sharing, we could share him. But I'm not so, HE'S MINE!
pablo anabalon (8 months ago)
@Cees Kist ohhh no, he's mine 😍,i love him since the first time i watch this serie
Cees Kist (8 months ago)
I'm sorry but I saw him first.
Rufus Dowling (8 months ago)
Another great episode and please shorten the promotion. We sure all support you and first 30 seconds are enough to convince the last doubter 😉! Cuddles! 🐻😘❤️
Lisandro Torres (5 months ago)
Cesar Hernandez (8 months ago)
Hi do you want to be my 🐻 to cuddle and have fun? If you want.😃
blachubear (8 months ago)
I love it when Nelson get so excited jumping up and down . It's too cute And I'm just imagining Captain Coley getting his butt buttered. Mmmmmmm.
Cu Be (8 months ago)
I love the way he says "He Crazy"
Mitch Grooms (8 months ago)
OMG, that is Emmuote "can't spell" from Queer As Folk.
Jose Guillena (8 months ago)
@Cesar Hernandez i just saying hi to you
Cesar Hernandez (8 months ago)
What are you saying? 😶🤔
Jose Guillena (8 months ago)
tipofmytongue1024 (8 months ago)
So all of a sudden Gay people are concerned about rape? LOL That's hilarious
Zero 2 Hiroki (8 months ago)
Um.... Rude.
Alex 2.0 (8 months ago)
tipofmytongue1024 Wow thats a stupid thing to say.
tipofmytongue1024 What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Saraj Debbarma (8 months ago)
Contec me
Saraj Debbarma (8 months ago)
William Cox (8 months ago)
But why? Why does it have to end?
I like tod
ERAUPRCWA (8 months ago)
Wait, were gonna ignore Regie being raped? Also Charlie Harding? Damn, he's looking good.
Shane Johnson (8 months ago)
Not a good time ever to make a joke based on someone being raped . Should have rethinked that. Being raped is not a funny thing.
Rafael Cárcamo-V (8 months ago)
Another great episode!!! The opening scene had me busting out laughing.😄 I am going to miss watching what new adventures everyone gets into. But, at least I can re-watch all of the previous season.
boxcpl (8 months ago)
Joe's arm cross was so genuine. Hehe
Alex 2.0 (8 months ago)
Geez! More rape jokes. 🙄
ANDY NICK (8 months ago)
Belkir Kz (6 months ago)
Not good
John K (8 months ago)
I get that you want to attract viewers with provocative thumbnails, but I wish you hadn't spoiled what happened to Reggie! Also, now I'm worried that people might think we gay men are turned on by the idea of rape.
Shane Johnson (8 months ago)
RATUBA ポ鋭も (8 months ago)
Is the rapist Charlie Harding?
ANDY NICK (8 months ago)
知名Gʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Dee Dee (8 months ago)
2 minutes and 15 seconds is a fucking promotion.
IDH2008 (8 months ago)
This is the second time you have made a joke or skit about rape. Getting to be quite concerning...
ronnel tiongco (8 months ago)
alex, then from now on stop watching and move on with your life and opinions.
Alex (8 months ago)
@ronnel tiongco you're missing how life works. never said I didnt like it. as well, your logic is bizarre: clearly i watched this episode, how else would i know that theres a rape joke in it??!
ronnel tiongco (8 months ago)
alex, and still you're watching, hahaha you like WTBA too.
Alex (8 months ago)
ronnel tiongco they're also free to make comments on something they were previously invested in that looks at rape as something humorous
ronnel tiongco (8 months ago)
you are free to not watch,
TheNeos07 (8 months ago)
Only Reggie could have such a jaded reaction to be drugged, raped, amd black mailed.
Eric crutcher (8 months ago)
This videos really cool🐻🐻🐻❤️✌️
Cesar Hernandez (8 months ago)
Hey do you want to be my 🐻 I need one to cuddle and have fun? 😍😘
A/kariim Zaed (8 months ago)
I love you so where do you live
Cleber Fregatto (8 months ago)
More from the Aussie bear, please! Why is he still wearing a shirt?
Maycon santos Mayquin (8 months ago)
WAYNE OSTLER (8 months ago)
Adam Ridge shirtless pic https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjf07WoqP3dAhWLUd4KHSU8CNYQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fmodernbear%2Fstatus%2F563397370323292161&psig=AOvVaw3v4ZwK6x4G2LVCD-qZo7Qy&ust=1539310420252738 Happy Now!!! ? :-)
Rene Mendoza (8 months ago)
Right? That should be illegal lol
Howard Kerr (8 months ago)
I am not 100% sure, but this morning while doing a Google Images search I ran across a picture of a guy who sure looked like him....wearing only a Speedo.
Ian Parks (8 months ago)
Don’t worry. He has his shirt off a lot by the end. 😉
Cleilson porfirio (8 months ago)
Nelson 😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂😂 he is crazy
صدام الريمي (5 hours ago)
Cleilson porfirio
TOP HAT (8 months ago)
It's all building up 😎
Long Hoàng (8 months ago)
omg charlie harding so hot
G H (6 months ago)
Rape nothing to joke about..
ANDY NICK (8 months ago)
ANDY NICK (8 months ago)
Calvin Allen (8 months ago)
Rape is funny??
ooGAUoo (8 months ago)
early notifcation squad \o/
Oindrila Sen (8 months ago)
Reggie ❤ .. marry me ❤🔥

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