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Hot Body International: Miss Acapulco

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Hot Body International Miss Acapulco at the News Club in Acapulco, Mexico. Contestants: 1.Noemi Santana 2.Lori Pallett 3.Katherine Crowell 4.Wendy Fernandez 5.Jaki Gentry 6.Tami Kim 7.Katrina Lake 8.Olivia O'Keefe 9.Cathy Carnes 10.Tammy Rief 12.Tanya Crowell 13.Kelly Wild 14.Angela Dawn 15.Janell Burns 16.Dana Loury 17.Staci Yarbrough 18.Tiffany Weston 19.Sharis Savage 20.Kele Ward 21.Lauren Thorsen (Lauren Hays)
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I Love the 80s (3 months ago)
1. Sharis Savage 19:18 2. Dana Loury 21:35 3. Cathy Carnes 23:37 4. Lori Pallett 26:10 5. Staci Yarbrough 31:18 6. Tanya Crowell 34:07 7. Kele Ward 36:47 8. Kelly Wild 40:32 9. Angela Dawn 46:48 10. Tiffany Weston 49:30
Harsh Mishra (5 months ago)
Grind Metal (1 year ago)
Many infernals thanks for this upload!
I just wanna leave a big thank you for uploading this amazing content. Another subscriber gained!

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