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Golden Girls : Sofia and Dorothy "I GOT YOU BABE" !

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This is from Season: 5 (V) Episode: 18 Title: An Illegitimate Concern Lyrics: They say we're young and we don't know Won't find out until we grow I don't know if that's true 'Cause you got me, and baby I got you Babe I got you babe I got you babe They say our love won't pay the rent
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Text Comments (104)
Chastity Harris (2 months ago)
Rose just like...naaaah 🙅🏾‍♀️😅
MondoBeno (4 months ago)
Funny thing is, they really do look like the real thing. And sound like them.
lilly smith (4 months ago)
Lol rose is done with them
Vicky 12 (7 months ago)
- BABE! 🤣🤣🤣
tianna nicole (1 year ago)
who’s watching in 2018?
marge thornton (2 years ago)
GOLDEN is Awesome for this show-My Favorite!!
Athens nike (2 years ago)
Betty White recently retired? she had a womdeful career and brought comedy we all can enjoy. author!, she was a great actress bring us classic and intresting female characters. Its amazing how enjoyable these episodes are no matter how many times you watch it.
she hasn't
Janna Watson (5 years ago)
long live Sonny &Cher- plastic forever.
artistno5 (6 years ago)
CLASSIC!!!!!Thanks for the share!
Chris Peplinski (6 years ago)
I love how Dorothy flips her hair.
Lillian Adamson (6 years ago)
Does look like cheech marin...lmao
mcog2006 (7 years ago)
Sophia Looks more like Cheech Marin
Mikey B (7 years ago)
My favorite scene from this awesome show
christine laird (7 years ago)
lmao of course sophia would be sonny
petey8887 (7 years ago)
Rose plays the wrong note at 0:13
Aaron Keeper (7 years ago)
Like a boss $Y.O.L.O$ Lololol
Aaron Keeper (7 years ago)
Omg!!!! Love this Part! Lolololololol xD
ZeroFox75 (7 years ago)
OMGOD this is epic!! The look on Rose's face when they walk out!!!!!
Andy Cervantes (7 years ago)
i love that it so funny i miss the girls
Sherry Amor (7 years ago)
I dont blame Rose
Yudi Uup (3 months ago)
So do I
Sherry Amor (7 years ago)
jennifer1003 (7 years ago)
@bonnietyleragent RIP Rue
SirCaseyHollywood (7 years ago)
Bea or Dorothy looks like DEMI MOORE, but also a convincing Cher. .. am I wrong ?
annie h. (8 years ago)
the golden girls are pure gold!
Allen John (8 years ago)
Brilliant....How they never cracked up is incredible. So glad we had these ladies to show the world what comedy is all about.
RileyL29 (8 years ago)
Easily one of my FAVORITE Golden Girls moments!!
LadyMili B (8 years ago)
@petiteFISH Thanks a lot:)
petiteFISH (8 years ago)
@odette7able This is from Season: 5, Episode: 18. Title: An Illegitimate Concern. You Can find it on the 3rd DVD.
LadyMili B (8 years ago)
pleaassse anyone which episode is thiss?
Nikolaika77 (8 years ago)
This shows and this scene is the BEST EVER! R.I.P Rue, Estelle, and Bea Long live Betty white! You guys are still alive in our memories! We <3<3<3 YOU!!!
Sita Rampersad (8 years ago)
Estelle Getty(Sophia) died in 2008,Bea Arthur(Dorothy) died in 2009,and Rue McLanaghan(Blanche) died in 2010.The only golden girl left is Betty White(Rose).
Sita Rampersad (8 years ago)
Bea Arthur(Dorothy) stated that this was one her favorite moments during the series' run.
Willow Mo (8 years ago)
Which one is Cheech and which one is Chong?
LEONORA2801 (8 years ago)
GenXorcist1976 (8 years ago)
I don't even know where to BEGIN with what's the funniest part of this clip... Bea's delivery of "Babe"? Rose's look of complete bewilderment at 0:26 (while she doesn't miss a NOTE in the piano...)? Sofia in hippie gear?? OMG, this show will NEVER go away - we may have lost 3/4 of the actors, but thank God the show lives on a) in Betty and b) in our hearts and memories forever!
avantgarde1226 (8 years ago)
After a hundred views, this still makes me laugh!!
DorisDayFanatic (8 years ago)
I so want to be Cher for Halloween now.
Frank Andrada (8 years ago)
How can they sing a song like that with a straight face? AWESOME! Love them!
Frank Andrada (8 years ago)
4AutismAwareness (8 years ago)
Last Christmas my mom and I did this song on karaoke. She was battling cancer at the time. Mom passed away in July, leaving me with a hilarious memory of our last Christmas together. RIP Mom... thanks for the laughter and the music.
SlayAnna (8 years ago)
dorthy actually looked lik cher 4 a min lol. theway she flipped her hair was funny 2
SlayAnna (8 years ago)
dorthy actually looked lik cher 4 a min lol.
airrocker001 (8 years ago)
0:27 Rose looking up to Dorothy thinking,"And they think I'm crazy!" lmao
Amber-Lyn Bigelow (8 years ago)
This still gets to me. Never mind the perfect adaptation of the height difference between Sonny and Cher, the fact that Bea went all out and did the tongue and hair flip is just proof at how magnificent she was!!! Ugh they don't make stars and TV shows like this anymore!!!!
DVDFreaker (8 years ago)
Sophia is ADORABLE as Sonny and Dorothy is AWESOME as Cher!
Alexis Elia (8 years ago)
i love Cher cause she freaking Cher and a wonderful actress and singer!!!!
11962mcr (8 years ago)
This is funny and entertaining, for sure! Also--it's great, because I was a big fan of "Sonny & Cher" back in the day!
James Fuller (9 years ago)
Very funny, she did a great cher... RIP Rue RIP Estelle RIP Bea Only one glden girl left )-:
Clarissa Mae (9 years ago)
can an one upload the whole thing
MandyyySan1 (9 years ago)
lol they took out the part where blanche says "which ones cheech and which ones chong" lmfao i loved that part!
UniverseOfMemes (9 years ago)
that was bea fav
THE1BREVALENTINE (9 years ago)
Look at dorothy lookin all cute. Cher would be proud SHE WORKED THAT HAIR...(rose killed me lol!)
DVDFreaker (9 years ago)
Dorothy is like "WTF" when Rose stops, hilarious!
h193013 (9 years ago)
why are they doing that
MsEverMe (9 years ago)
oke 0:53 is better i think
MsEverMe (9 years ago)
dorothy/bea looks great in this outfit xD and they are both very good! respect!!! <3 0:54 BABE
KadeyJoh2010 (9 years ago)
I remember seeing this episode a few weeks ago and how I died of laughter during this part! I GOT YOU BABE!
Zak Grant (9 years ago)
this is my favorite scene in the whole series
jumpinjax2 (9 years ago)
miscapb (9 years ago)
@reeseslightning11 EXACTLLYY the way she FLAT OUT says ;'BABE"' is hillarrriousss hahaha
Rose Ann Carlos (9 years ago)
I love you sofia you crack me up
BeeKayLounge (9 years ago)
I just saw this when i walked downstairs!!!! Best oldie show out there.
Linda Morales (9 years ago)
i soooo love this show don't matter if they play re-runs it still cracks me up my mom is just like sophia! ha
RESHON09 (9 years ago)
OMG....i didnt hear any news that Estelle died....my god she was my favorite on The Golden Girls...all thats left is Betty White and Rue....may she rest her body in peace.
reeseslightning11 (9 years ago)
Dorithy's expression when she says babe is the funniest thing lol
Jessica Dale (9 years ago)
Omg its hilarious the way Sophia says Babe and points at dorothy!! :D Thnx for posting!
Jessica Dale (9 years ago)
This is one of my favourite scences from the golden girls, beside from the scene when Sophia comes out with a knife screaming after they just watched the Cyco(however its spelt lol) R.I.P Estelle And Bea arthur you were both hilarious!
Rochelle Shister (9 years ago)
rose's expression is hilarious!
c8701 (9 years ago)
Rose's reaction at 0:22 until was so funny.
Jonathan Roberts (9 years ago)
Sally Sue (9 years ago)
thnks michael for your help you made it much earlier
ERICK17JOEL (9 years ago)
i love the golden GIRL LOL
edgexxi (9 years ago)
Long live the Golden Girls!
Niebla Otoñal (10 years ago)
Ha haha they are (were) great!
frenchy8th (10 years ago)
I remember this one! Terrific scene.
Rowdyroughman (10 years ago)
wikpedia imdb tells theme there bithdays biogph and stuff
datswassup07 (10 years ago)
When Bea said "Babe" i fell out in laughter
Rowdyroughman (10 years ago)
rose saw the ghost of dorothy and sophie something tells me betty is next in line to join theme cause rue is yonger then theme miss theme
33winterbirds (10 years ago)
A classic! Two great artists gone forever. Rest in peace you lovely ladies, you will continue to make us laugh forever! Thank you for putting this on video.
joel10701 (10 years ago)
RIP estelle and bea
Lewie Homan (10 years ago)
R.I.P bea arthur=( take care of estell
mommytosnakes (10 years ago)
Rest easy Bea, we will miss you. Thank you for being a friend :)
Brittany M (10 years ago)
R.I.P. Bea Arthur :(
zooking5 (10 years ago)
i loved this woman, i look up to her as an actress and a performer. 30 min on tv you were a mother and friend thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with me and so many people, i promise as an inspiring actor i will do my best in your honor R.I.P.
vollkornflocke (10 years ago)
Now there'll be really good times for those in heaven ;-) R.I.P Bea Arthur
tubeeorrnottubee (10 years ago)
They're'll just never be another Bea Arthur~ Sophia, take care of our Dorothy, your Pussycat, for us.. And don't stop singing!
miah828 (10 years ago)
Rest in peace, Estelle and Bea. You are greatly missed.
kdadnick (10 years ago)
My all time favorite clip of Bea Arthur on The Golden Girls. Thanks for the many years of entertainment, Ms Arthur!
rspart88 (10 years ago)
RIP Bea and Estelle! you will never be forgotten!
KnightHero22 (10 years ago)
Beatrice Arthur died today.
jelin2 (10 years ago)
RIP Bea and Estelle
beatlequeen06 (10 years ago)
Hahahaha! Rose can't even look at Dorothy!
xxcharmed1xx (10 years ago)
Love the look on dorothy's face when rose stops playing LOL
DorisDayFanatic (10 years ago)
OMG this is one of my favorite scenes from this show! I haven't seen it forever thanks!
AmidTheFallingSnow (10 years ago)
Haha. These ladies always make me laugh so much.
A Holland (10 years ago)
sophia and her robotic dance. lol.
Andrew Cordova (10 years ago)
Look how sweet little Sophia looks when she first comes out. I love her! R.I.P. Estelle
Markyboy28 (10 years ago)
haha Rose's face at 0:23 is priceless!!!! I always loved the episodes where Bea Authur sing's, shes such a great singer!!! :)
Hush Arizona (10 years ago)
i love this so much. this is like one of my fave episodes
Maude Pride (10 years ago)
dorothy looks just like cher!!!omg!!!!she looks kinda hawt!

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