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Sex and the City - Parody starring Bea Arthur

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Sex and the City - Parody starring Bea Arthur full credit goes out to vectorlyme: http://www.youtube.com/user/vectorlyme Made for the TVLand Awards. Also go to MaudeOnDVD.com for the Second Season!
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Text Comments (262)
UniquelyMade (2 months ago)
Dorothy - Miranda Rose- Charlotte Blanche - Samantha
Joseph Svennson (2 months ago)
Trump's dingle berries (2 months ago)
I miss Bea so much!
Shakespeare's moneymaker (2 months ago)
Jasmine Surreal (4 months ago)
Bloody hell that poodle hair ages her, she looked so much sexier and beautiful with her floofy light grey hair, I know she's obviously older in this but the hair makes her look draggy. Funny though especially the old guy at the end!
Dr. Spectre (6 months ago)
did they shoot this video through an ice cube?
Demetris Georgiou (6 months ago)
You realize this was shot and captured 10+ years ago?
MissyB 75 (7 months ago)
She looks younger with blonde hair, why didn’t she dye it all those years?
Rebmetpes4 (8 months ago)
I would put a beast of a hurtin on any of them real talk!
Barb Cast (10 months ago)
If Rue Mclanahan is still alive, she'd have made a PERFECT Samantha!
Brock Wayne (7 months ago)
she was alive then.
blueangel0925 (10 months ago)
I love this! It's hilarious! It just goes to show you that older people can still be funny.
Demetris Georgiou (10 months ago)
anafbmad (1 year ago)
Bra Arthur is a better Carrie
this is what SATC 3 is going to lool like. I just hope they won't do it. I wouldn't like to see the sad end of Samantha that she's doomed to have taking her lifestyle into account.
J.A. Gomez (1 year ago)
This could've been the follow up to The Golden Girls!!!!👏👏
LAWoman323213 (1 year ago)
“Dorothy” is actually “Miranda”.
Alfredo C (1 year ago)
This is excruciating. At 1:37 I check to see how much longer. Nope. Can't sit through 5 minutes of this.
Danbo 22 (1 year ago)
So I guess this makes up for Bea not being in the clueless parody
M M (3 months ago)
That's exactly what I thought!
Jay Frazier (1 year ago)
She was truly a legend
John Iii (1 year ago)
Absolutely hilarious it's like five years old now but B is dead so it's great to see something she was there
Teixeira25ify (1 year ago)
charlotte rae is so good...all the way back to phil silver's show and car 54...shows so old I should be in this cast.
Nina Blaze (1 year ago)
She looks damn good, too take THAT haters!!
Uchiha Madara (1 year ago)
So better than the original version 😂👍
Graphic Jack (1 year ago)
Funny ladies, good idea, bad writing.
gojewla (1 year ago)
Bea Arthur Actually looks good with long, scraggly hair.
Bunny Biedenharn (1 year ago)
"Drop whoever you're doing and come over here."
DreamsintheUnderworld (1 year ago)
hey it's the cop from the love witch.
Denise DeniseHuxtable (2 years ago)
Awww this was sweet
Stu Mack (2 years ago)
It would have been funnier if the guy kissed another guy.
Brianne Robles (2 years ago)
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Golden Girls was Sex and the City before Sex and the City! Love both those shows! Too bad Bea Arthur's gone!!! 😢
jaquen1977 (3 years ago)
Leaked footage from Sex and the City 3?
Matt Owens (1 year ago)
I wish there was more leaking then that in one episode if she did I would have been a fan.
sarah movie reviewer (3 years ago)
rip bea
Stiff Wit (4 years ago)
and Mona too!  She so fits for the role..
Voeuse Joue (4 years ago)
Rachel Fairfield (4 years ago)
AHAHAHA😹😹😹 When I saw Bea with that wig I just laughed through the whole fricking thing!!!!!!!!
chrisliam2 (4 years ago)
she looks really good in this , happy b-day Bea Arthur
KAYLA G (5 years ago)
lol She can do anything.
the one (5 years ago)
Wow they all look amazing for their age
GerardChristian Zacher (5 years ago)
Wow, 3 alumnae from "All in the Family"! Edith's cousin, Maude Findlay (Bea Arthur), her daughter, Gloria Bunker Stivic (Sally Struthers), and Miss. Henderson, the tupperware lady (Charlotte Rae)! And even though, as far as I know, Katherine Helmond and Abe Vigoda never appeared on "All in the Family", it was GREAT to see them again, too! I never knew about this skit! Cool!
Maria Gutierrez (5 years ago)
I LoVe the golden girls
Lobo da Guanabara (6 years ago)
Golden Girls forever!!!
shackattackful (6 years ago)
the should have had rue mcclanahan!!!
J P (6 years ago)
yes- i didn't realize the similarities of these 2 shows till recently.. when I started watching the city during the last few years on reruns etc..
lay cho (6 years ago)
golden girls is the original sex in the city.. gg is timeless the best show ever for me..bea is my favorite..
tlauderdalehp21 (6 years ago)
No offence cause I love both series, but shouldn't Sex and the City be the one to be paying tribute to Golden Girls and not vice versa?
LAWoman323213 (1 year ago)
tlauderdalehp21 YES!
TheMikester307 (6 years ago)
Oh, how funny!
Selvie22 (6 years ago)
So entertaining, but I believe Katherine Helman should've played Samantha, she seems so much more fitting.
TheWishfulDreamer (6 years ago)
OMG, Bea Arthur and Charlotte Rae in a skit together? Win!
Rodly Jean (6 years ago)
this is hillarious
consternated1 (6 years ago)
Oh, Abe Vigoda! Wonderful! Thank you!!
FreakMagnet (6 years ago)
you should have saved your five cents. Invest it and in 35 or 40 years you'll have a response worth listening to. Just sayin'
Chris McSweeney (6 years ago)
This is hilarious LOL
Hillax1 (7 years ago)
@laycho2002 2004.
gghi18 (7 years ago)
@1:27 is my favorite!!! Her face is priceless!!!! :D
girlsatimebombxx (7 years ago)
omg this was the best. RIP dorothy <3
Walkerbait610 (7 years ago)
How could I have missed this?? Fucking awesome!!
sonn5858 (7 years ago)
Damnit, I love this woman. I watch the Golden Girls series, literally, every single day on DVD. She is a phenomenal comedic actress. One of my dreams was to meet her, Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan and Betty White. Sadly, Bea, Estelle, and Rue have passed away. <3 Love you Bea!
j freed (7 years ago)
Great idea, but why is the audio so fucking low. It sounds like I forgot to turn off my iPod or something.
LauDor08 (7 years ago)
abe vigoda is big?! lol im dying! rip bea arthur
XSidSChikX (7 years ago)
Bea Arthur was hilarious!! Not ashamed to say I'm a huuuge Golden Girls fan and I'm 28 :)
Keith Lopez (1 year ago)
love it been a bea rather fan since maude,the golden girls,bea and madame, etc you were the vast golden girl thank u for being a friend from my 44 yr old heart love u bea forever😍
Christopher Ortiz (7 years ago)
Was this on SNL?
Thomas Preston (7 years ago)
Hilarious parody! Bea Arthur was the best!
royalpain93 (7 years ago)
@demiscy so appropriate that she's got 'bitch' in the name..
Immagonko (8 years ago)
awesome! i hate sex in the city xD
allaboutdaniel (8 years ago)
lol MIRANDA looks liek that NOW in some scenes
phoenix_order85 (8 years ago)
i miss bea arthur :( a lot
makeupjunkie43 (8 years ago)
omg i absolutely loved this..you were the best Bea!!!!!!!
Szegi85 (8 years ago)
haha FABULOUS! ;)
marie roberts (8 years ago)
I remember when this originally aired. Was it on Comedy Central?
aworldgonemad (8 years ago)
Abe Vigoda and Bea Arthur FTW
harry puter (8 years ago)
the robot chicken parody was pretty good too
harry puter (8 years ago)
the robot chicken parody was pretty good too
Daniel Taylor (8 years ago)
This should have been with Betty and Rue with someone filling in for Estelle. But funny non the less.
DURound (9 years ago)
That is so weird. This is the only time that I have ever seen her that I thought she looked even vaguely attractive. And here she is, quite old and yet she looks her best. Its just weird to me!
A Fisher (9 years ago)
"drop whoever you're doing and come over here..." lol
Sarah A (9 years ago)
@ivegotalongdong yes
Matthew C (9 years ago)
Bea had such a great ability to pick wonderful material: Maude, Dorothy, and know this!!!!! God, I particularly LOVE her voice in this... every single word she says is captivating!!!!
Shea Bug (9 years ago)
OMG!! i still cant believe its the real BEA!!! OMG
NobodyInAllofOZ1 (9 years ago)
is that Charlotte Rae as charlotte? omg it is!!!!
nievesama (9 years ago)
That actor who is playing Mr. Big is Abe Vigoda. You may remember him as Tessio in the Godfather or the grandpa on Look Who's Talking when he was a bit older.
devangelis (9 years ago)
Who is the actor playing Mr. Big? I remember his face from TV but I can't recall what show he was on.
devangelis (9 years ago)
OMG I could pee myself this is so funny!!!!!
g1a1r1y3 (9 years ago)
This was just too funny.
vasyazadov (9 years ago)
how old is Beatrice Arthur?
Maura D (9 years ago)
LOVE Bea Arthur. Even in her 80s...still better looking than SJP!
allaboutdaniel (9 years ago)
miranda looks like that now. the red head....
DorisDayFanatic (9 years ago)
She does look like Bette Davis in this, I thought the same thing haha!!! XD
DorisDayFanatic (9 years ago)
Hahaha omg that was hilarious! Gotta love Bea.
Marco Glinbizzi (9 years ago)
omg. bea arthur. you were truely a legend. rip<3 the part where she pours the metamucil in her cosmo=heavenly. this is hysterical, loove it.
Nicole (9 years ago)
never seen this before too cute haha
asp5 (9 years ago)
This is just brilliant. LOVED the part where Bea gives the finger to the bus. RIP Bea.
kellie77381 (9 years ago)
Too funny. RIP Bea!!
Mitch Grooms (9 years ago)
We miss you Bea..
marky8418 (9 years ago)
"BIG, Its Ms. BIGGER Yeah drop who ever your doing and come over here I have a question I need You to answer" This is HILARIOUS
Jenna Rosenthal (9 years ago)
life alert necklace..... LOL
S R (9 years ago)
RIP Bea. Always an Inspiration.
FayeIL (9 years ago)
Sitting through six progressively more dreadful seasons of Sex and the City was all worth it . . . just so I could appreciate this. Bea Arthur, you will be sorely missed. "We will not see your like again."
poshprincess (9 years ago)
This was hilarious. She will be missed.
HollywoodGlamourGirl (9 years ago)
I never KNEW about this! I have been down ever since I heard she passed, and for some reason this made me feel a whole ot better! R.I.P Bea
Tendoking (9 years ago)
That was very funny. Rest in peace, Bea.
Chamia Lane (9 years ago)
i was just thinking that myself. lol
Phillip Rhoads (9 years ago)
She Was a great lady, We'll miss you!

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