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HOW TO STYLE LIGHT WASH JEANS Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edward__tate/ Songs: Diplo - Colour Blind
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Cheryl Boyanowski (9 days ago)
Franco Ortiz-Braden (22 days ago)
No one: h- Edward: 🇬🇧
DJ Plays (26 days ago)
Uglyyyy ahhhh
sayuren reddy (1 month ago)
Levis sell bomb ass light wash jeans
carterbloomquist (1 month ago)
keep posting bruhhhhh
Aasim (1 month ago)
He look like the kid from polar express
yes i am gay, but (14 days ago)
You guys want sicko mode or mo bamba
Adrian Alvarado (2 months ago)
Wtff your eyes hahaha
bryce Duncan (4 months ago)
What shoes are at 2:10 left photo?
Naruto Uzumaki (5 months ago)
how can I identify vintage jeans? And this question might be stupid but how can i get a vintage fit with new slim/straight denims?
dvpe (5 months ago)
What are the best light wash that I can get?
Luke Ruffolo (5 months ago)
This is probably what I would have done anyways but thank you for the reassurance, loved the video 🤣✌🏻💕
Dick Butt (5 months ago)
Get on a skincare routine, get a tan, work out
Leo Huang (6 months ago)
This guy is THE UGLIEST guy I’ve ever seen
TehRazzberry (6 months ago)
Xuanyi Wong (6 months ago)
How to style Nike Air VaporMax
Satt Yan (7 months ago)
Song pls??
Chris Mendez (7 months ago)
This man is so fucking ugly mate
The Hyper Monkey (7 months ago)
How to style hollister shirts and jeans?
LifeAsObi (8 months ago)
Call them the tater tots 😂
Malte Eriksson (8 months ago)
Your groming tho... ehh
Gabriel Molnar (8 months ago)
good shit
CzaROSŁAW (8 months ago)
Yo bro, i love your YT channel, greetings from Poland 😍
LA Dude (8 months ago)
I love your videos man you give good tips on the vintage aesthetic I haven’t been able to find anybody on YouTube who makes videos on that type of style which I love but now I have !
Adam Belmont (8 months ago)
We're did you get you're dresser at ? in the background of you're video
Adam Belmont (8 months ago)
Edward Tate damn Fr
Edward Tate Fashion (8 months ago)
At a place that sells only the best quality meatballs
WatchDogMan (8 months ago)
o m a g o d h e s b a k
slump_god_ chris (8 months ago)
slump_god_ chris (8 months ago)
Do how to style spitfire
James McGivern (8 months ago)
How to dress like j cole
AhoyArthur (8 months ago)
How to style Nike air max 90
noah aquino (8 months ago)
dope content
Leon Diaz (8 months ago)
How tocstyle overalls like if u agree
EddieJua96 (8 months ago)
Why not the Tate gang
Nichlas Simonsen (8 months ago)
What about the Adidas campus?
Isaac Hayes (8 months ago)
Love to see these again
MaximilianMus (8 months ago)
How to style denim dungarees for guys
Christopher Palmer (8 months ago)
How to style snapbacks would be dope
Daws (8 months ago)
Daaaamn I really needed this! I never thought about combining light blue jeans with socks! I usually wear em with my crocs and no shirt. Who needs oversize 5$ shirts to be comfy when you can avoid them??? Im also on a streak on restraining orders,absolute record of 2019. Later,tater🍆😘
I Farted (8 months ago)
You look like Gru
Ghost (8 months ago)
Rohann (8 months ago)
i DonT lIkE dOiNG FaShiOn VidEozzzz
Mon key (8 months ago)
Yess more!!
tyler nguyen (8 months ago)
them glasses make your eyes hekka big
Andre Antunes (8 months ago)
glad you went back to your roots. so much better then most of ur new "personality" driven stuff (sorry)
Samuel/.//O Anderson (8 months ago)
He’s fucking back
Bum Boy Gaming (8 months ago)
Would u ever do how to style a guccibelt?
Bum Boy Gaming (8 months ago)
Max Baum (8 months ago)
Love u
C R I S T I V N 9'6 (8 months ago)
Legend 👑
CAMPLOSHAY (8 months ago)
Thought you weren't makin videos anymore
Tenzing Jordenkhangsar (8 months ago)
Missed those vids!
Gilang Akbar (8 months ago)
Tater tots
Daniel Garcia (8 months ago)
How about Tate-r tots 🤷🏽‍♂️
djfhhf jdjfb (8 months ago)
How to style fanny packs??
djfhhf jdjfb (8 months ago)
How to style camo???
Purple worx (8 months ago)
Though a high white adidas sock with an Nmd r1 tan/white cream dont seem to match, need me some new adidas shoes i guess Thanks m8
Ju8ce BOI (8 months ago)
Weres the skimaskslumpgod video fam
Arno Röthlin (8 months ago)
Damn a video again! Love it!
Bram (8 months ago)
Your eyebrows remind me of the hunting rifle from fortnite. I love you and watch all of your videos.
Jovan shadow Knight (26 days ago)
I Just saw it
Aliandalexi (8 months ago)
The 🐐’s back at it again
Alex Koch (8 months ago)
YES!!! 🔥🔥
Urban Projects (8 months ago)
Like to dislike ratio is looking a lot better on this video, haha.
Matheus Abade (8 months ago)
Max Michels (8 months ago)
Please do a how to style Air Force 1 07 (Black).
Jellz (8 months ago)
Cuff the jeans *_Cuff the bitches_*
yeezus _ (8 months ago)
2 bad im not mahlnoryshed to style them :(
Charls (8 months ago)
Where to cop this jeans?
我你 (8 months ago)
I thought you were gonna quit making fashion videos? But great! I love your fashion vids though
Edward Tate Fashion (8 months ago)
我你 changed my mind 🙏🏻
Thomas Bol (8 months ago)
Yeah exactly my question
Oliver Sørensen (8 months ago)
You should call your fans Tate Paulers:D
Jung Kook (8 months ago)
did u caught a cold or sth?
Rustic Apron (8 months ago)
Your videos are the best could you do how to style crewnecks
Hyper 031 (8 months ago)
Edward love your videos.
Jordan Haider (8 months ago)
Call us potaters x
by Lee Helloman (8 months ago)
I really struggle with getting vintage jeans which fit. Here in germany thrift stores are totally bs. Any tips?
Sophie Khan (7 months ago)
Get Levi’s 501’s best vintage jeans ever
KEVIN THAI (8 months ago)
immer doch
by Lee Helloman (8 months ago)
Vielen dank, super Tipp!
KEVIN THAI (8 months ago)
Bei asos marketplace gibt es viele levis denims für so 35-40€ + shipping. Kannst ja mal vorbei schauen
Maxi Milian (8 months ago)
by Lee Helloman ja du hast so recht
SplinterFX (8 months ago)
Color Blind**** not colour pls change it idk why
James Blond (8 months ago)
Keep up the good work!!!
ItsSyar (8 months ago)
Steps to cuff your jeans (By Edward Tate) 1. Do not fall off your foking chair 2. Just don't cuff your jeans
FOX _ (8 months ago)
I fuck w the green pot noodles I’m a basic bitch
charles ramsey (8 months ago)
Aryan Sundaresh (8 months ago)
Kearn Thompson (8 months ago)
First comment ❤️

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