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Bea Arthur 2002 Intimate Portrait

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HD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6lZupLt8HU An overview of Bea Arthur's life in this Lifetime intimate portrait with subtitles. Narrated by: Corin Nelson Appearances by: Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, Paul Witt, Norman Lear, Daniel Saks, Matthew Saks, Angela Lansbury, Bill Macy, Donald Saddler, Conrad Bain, George Schlatter, In loving memory of Beatrice Arthur. Beatrice "Bea" Arthur (born Bernice Frankel, May 13, 1922 – April 25, 2009) was an American actress, comedian, and singer whose career spanned seven decades. Arthur achieved fame as the character Maude Findlay on the 1970s sitcoms All in the Family (1971–72) and Maude (1972–78), and as Dorothy Zbornak on the 1980s sitcom The Golden Girls (1985–92), winning Emmy Awards for both roles. A stage actress both before and after her television success, she won the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her performance as Vera Charles in the original cast of Mame (1966).
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JC (2 days ago)
No one can give that look that reminds you of your momma giving you THAT look. Bea Arthur comedy genius
Ann Macleod (3 days ago)
Barron is private now .
flakyb321 (11 days ago)
I love how Bea admired other women. What a strong, dazzling soul.
twenty angels (11 days ago)
I miss you, pussycat! 😘😘😘
Will Pollock (12 days ago)
glad this is posted but what's going on with the video quality?
Adrienne Barbeau, who played Bea's daughter did not appear in this interview. She was Bea's favorite friend.
Karen Starks (15 days ago)
She was one of a kind... the Hollywood bimbos are a dime a dozen.... but complex, funny actresses like Bea are non-existant now....
Kimberly Dixon (15 days ago)
I just really loved her boldness as dorethy always tell like it is. Istill love the golden girls
Lisa the Diva (26 days ago)
I cried for hours when Bea Arthur died....loved her then, love her still.
I’m Tired (29 days ago)
Bea could deliver a comeback like nobody else.
showmebear (29 days ago)
One of my all-time favorite people, she was so unique and talented. But the Golden Girls didn't live in a retirement community as was stated.
Redd Hawt (1 month ago)
Rue Mclanahan is always ON 🙄🙂
lovnlif (1 month ago)
Jackie Thomas (1 month ago)
33:31 min 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I love golden girls❤❤❤❤
krissy crossway (1 month ago)
21:50 Poor Bea is probably rolling over in her grave now over the abortion bans currently happening. God i wish she were still here to fight for our rights.
Lauren M. Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Angela Lansbury!
All of the Golden Girls loved animals and i never understood why they did the episode about going into the mink fur business. I cant watch that episode to this day. I am 6ft 2 as well and my mum was 6ft 5 and was very strong like Bea.
tiffany curtis (1 month ago)
Alex Cintas (1 month ago)
Thanks for the great memories Bea.
I'd love to snatch that preposterous hat off the top of Norman Lear's head & set it on fire while he watches.
Christian Hodges (1 month ago)
Anita Chapman (1 month ago)
She was one of a kind......so glad I got to see so much of her in my lifetime.
Linda Easley (1 month ago)
Never saw pictures of her when she was in her 20s . She was quite beautiful 👍 She was smart for leaving her shows when she did . Its sad to see stars hang on to a role on a show that's overstayed it's welcome
Pegs Barton (1 month ago)
I loved Bea Arthur, I thought she made Golden Girls the fantastic show it was. Sometimes it was just a look, but she cracked me up. It still works well today, always a sign of greatness. Thank you ladies for all the pleasure you gave us.
Trekkinguy 1701 (1 month ago)
I like bee arthur
Mary Casper (1 month ago)
I know what it feels like to make someone laugh. I was my aunts personal comedian and before she died one of her fondest memories was of me making her laugh. I consider that a real blessing !!! It was the most happy time of my life!!!!
English Countryside (1 month ago)
Gene Sacks: directed The Odd Couple, one of my all time favourite movies!
English Countryside (1 month ago)
14:47 Adopted
Imani Lindsey (1 month ago)
Hell I wish rent was still $15 a month!
kathryn witte (1 month ago)
Imani Lindsey I’m just saying; cheap rent isn’t cheap when income was at the same proportion it is now.
Imani Lindsey (1 month ago)
kathryn witte im just saying. Cheap rent is a blessing
kathryn witte (1 month ago)
Imani Lindsey would you like to earn $.40/hr?
Laurie Keck (1 month ago)
she was one of a kind
F L (1 month ago)
Okay, I love her even more now 12:45
Nicole Williams (1 month ago)
I love Bea Arthur
Ali butterfly (1 month ago)
They are all equally brilliant. Who am I more like is a better question. I'm like a little Sophia and Dorothy and I think Dorothy was a Marine in real life so I'm definitely her for sure
kathryn witte (1 month ago)
Ali butterfly she WAS but she denied it her entire life due to traumatic experiences at Cherry Point where women were truly second class citizens in the 1940’s and beyond.
Custom Made Legend (1 month ago)
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 🥰OH BEA AUTHOR Rest In Peace 😍 ALWAYS FOREVER IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND 🙌🏾Congratulations you FINALLY WORE THAT WHITE DRESS !You were always gorgeous young and older in life 👌🏽A class act all your life Wow great interview and biographies May his blessings be amongst you and your family always LOVE FOREVER YOUR BIGGEST FAN CHRISTINA M. just another tall,big boobs,Deep Voice big shoulder beautiful,strong woman like you !You were and are my biggest inspiration 🤩
Pretty Rainbows (1 month ago)
I don't understand why they say the 1976 film version of Mame bombed I thought it was marvelous, simply marvelous darling.
Tania Jones (2 months ago)
Her son starred in the hurricane episode as the dimwitted cop in The Golden Girls. Dorothy:"Oh no! Its my mother!" Cop:"No ma'am, I'm a police officer." 😁
My Time (2 months ago)
I’m entering the Golden Girls ages, and I am even more addicted to the show! 😎
Aaron Merkel (2 months ago)
I was lucky enough to see her one woman show ;)
Field Lily (2 months ago)
This is bull sh*t
Chris Mc Evoy (2 months ago)
I graduated from college in 2002.
Chris Mc Evoy (2 months ago)
Happy 97th Birthday Beatrice Arthur! May 13, 1922-April 25, 2009 Rest In Peace.
freethrice (2 months ago)
For all of your fearless endeavors that you turned into accomplishments, I hold a forever reverence to you Bea. I can't imagine the struggles you dealt with to get the world to accept the Queen that you became. I thank you for your strength, and perseverence that made us love you. You will be sorely missed forever. Thank you for your selfless inspiration. The world is a better place. All we need do i remember You.
Aaron Merkel (2 months ago)
“You miserable —beeep—“. She never swore they just added that beep in. Idiots
BDiaz (2 months ago)
Golden Girls has absolutely nothing to do with a retirement community. Why don’t these procedures checks facts?!!!
Hello There (2 months ago)
I wonder if she really was happy (or not) doing her one woman show....
Sherry Duggar (2 months ago)
She was big-boned and mannish looking.
Rayna Richards (2 months ago)
God will get you for that Walter!
Rayna Richards (2 months ago)
Bea Arthur is a hero.
boyd sims (2 months ago)
Good bone structure lol
Roshawn Crawford (2 months ago)
I love and miss you
Roshawn Crawford (2 months ago)
RIP beatrice Arthur always my golden girl
felix121984 (2 months ago)
She was more attractive as she aged.
love life (2 months ago)
WHY!???????? The golden girls should've kept going on
Eagle Arrow (3 days ago)
She is a smart woman and you end things when they are good. Then they went into rerun for 30+ years making $$$$
Tracey Swanson (2 months ago)
No ego my ass, Bea thought her shit didn't stink. She despised Betty White, the sweetest person ever.
B Bt (2 months ago)
❤️❤️❤️ Bea Arthur. RIP.
Tracy Hansen (2 months ago)
My favorite Golden Girl!!
Chris Mc Evoy (2 months ago)
I loved Beatrice Arthur on Maude and The Golden Girls.
Maria Cardoza (2 months ago)
Best show ever!!! I have watched every episode. Every episode had me laughing
Clari M (2 months ago)
She was really pretty when young. Great actress
Linda McNeilly (2 months ago)
😊What a strong,beautiful,intelligent lady who done it and with such grace and dignity.They always say one of a kind so often it gets to be a what we expect but in this case they are the only words that truly describe this woman,I love her it's just as simple as that because she has brought me great joy and laughter when I thought I would never feel those emotions again.When life gets a bit much just stick on the Golden Girl's and I promise you will forget your troubles for awhile,it work's for me,the three others ladies wonderful but Bea Arthur for myself she will always be hero.
Erin (2 months ago)
Love her so much she's so deadpan and brilliant at her humor
Guardian Lock & Key, LLC (2 months ago)
Crazy how there's nothing in this about her time in the Marines.
kathryn witte (1 month ago)
Guardian Lock & Key, LLC she denied to until her dying day. It was painful and made her angry, and rightly so!
kathryn witte (1 month ago)
Looking around she was RAPED then disciplined for getting the STD. Duh.
Looking around (2 months ago)
Bc she got an std at the time and didn't want that info getting out
Chris Mc Evoy (2 months ago)
Rest In Peace Beatrice Arthur. April 25, 2009
Kimmy Hawk (2 months ago)
Lifetime sucks now!! The movies stink!
Sebastian Vînătoru (2 months ago)
Dorothy is my spirit animal ...
Mathis Bailey (2 months ago)
She wasn't much different from her character Dorothy. She lived an awkward life having to battle with her androgynous look and sound. She even changed her name because it sounded boyish. But I loved her unique beauty. She exuded sheer elegance.
Dave Glo (2 months ago)
What a broad! And I mean that as a compliment. The only time I ever saw Bea onstage was in a revue with John Williams, June Anderson the opera star, and various Broadway performers. Bea sang along with the opera singer. And somehow she was damn good.
Yo Mama (2 months ago)
Saks either was a bisexual/dl gay or a needle pushing drug user to have gotten HepB or HepC.
Looking around (2 months ago)
hep A was easy to catch back then
Lee McDonald (2 months ago)
Grow up
HH James (2 months ago)
All these people take themselves and what they do WAY too seriously. The world would easily survive without them.
gimmetheteasis (3 months ago)
She was my favorite golden girl ❤️ I love Bea Arthur and everything she stood for
Judy Blackman (3 months ago)
Bea Arthur was amazing to watch, just love her in anything....
jjjonse (3 months ago)
Love you, Bea! Wherever you are now. Thank you for everything.
Daria B (3 months ago)
Some ass told her she was ugly? On one hand that makes me angry, but without the insult, she might not have had the drive to entertain us like she did so well. I think she's BEAUTIFUL, inside and out.
Daria B (3 months ago)
Ppl just aren't like this anymore. She was fascinating. Pure CLASS. We should all be so lucky to live a full life like hers.
Matt Hartley Jr (3 months ago)
Bea had a way to make things hilarious when you wouldn't expect someone else to do it the way she did it 👏🤗😇💚
rogueleader1988 (4 months ago)
When she sang the song Whatta I'll Do on GG at the Rusty Anchor , such class
XxBabyGurlLovexX (1 month ago)
It was beautifully done! Found myself singing it to myself today.
Tanaya Harris (4 months ago)
I still watch this show. Bea was my favorite. Every one loves Blanche, I love them all but Bea will always have a part of my heart. Love Bea
3monsters014 (1 month ago)
Me too and golden palace
joseph dunn (4 months ago)
walter walter walter, G-d'l get you for that!
Sweetie BreLOVE Phil (4 months ago)
Thank you Bea And thank you for being a friend Rip😭
Tina Dod (4 months ago)
he really couldn’t take it that she became a star
The best!
Judi Lynn (4 months ago)
Wow...I've always loved the Franklin Institute...since I was a kid. I had NO idea they used to teach medical students.
kathryn witte (1 month ago)
Judi Lynn the Franklin School of Science and Arts in Philadelphia is not the Franklin Institute, but it was the best school for lab techs in the country at the time. Who knew their researchers weren’t top notch?
MS. L. FORD (4 months ago)
I LOVE my Bea Arthur!
Pie (4 months ago)
The beauty standard was so harsh back then. Bea was stunning but people said she's not attractive just because of her height & her avarage female body.
Dawn Taylor (5 months ago)
Of all the Golden Girls, Dorothy is the one I am almost sure I will end up being in my late life. Not divorced or anything like that but she was tough and caring. That is me. I LOVED Dorothy and think the world of Bea Arthur! I remember my husband saying that he couldn't ever imagine a time when Bea Arthur was attractive. I looked at him and said he was crazy! She was quite beautiful. I looked up older pictures of her and he couldn't believe how beautiful she really was. She is always going to be a favorite Golden Girl of mine! They all are. I can't pick one favorite.
XxBabyGurlLovexX (1 month ago)
I agree! I absolutely LOVE the Golden Girls and Dorothy is my favorite ❤ I love all of them really. I find myself a lot like her character more than anything.
New Orleans Lady (5 months ago)
Rue's comment about the way abortion was treated, "very graceful"...sad, just so sad and deluded.
Cam M (5 months ago)
Sorry, but within the first few minutes I fell asleep.
Kristy Burgess (5 months ago)
She's so gorgeous!😊
Ren Mc (2 months ago)
I was about to type the same thing! I'm so sorry to hear she didn't think so
Suzi Katz (5 months ago)
I love Bea but i just don't understand why she lies about her time in the Marines. She served for 30 months for Pete's sake! Don't believe me? Go to the smoking gun website and u will see her military pics as well as the reason she was discharged. (Spoiler alert, it was because she contracted a std)
Looking around (2 months ago)
Your last sentence negates your first sentence.
Stephanie Burch (5 months ago)
I love bea author
Jenn Hoff (5 months ago)
It's crazy to be AMAZING at something you don't like to do. I hope she really did feel fulfilled doing her one-woman show.
11dsw (5 months ago)
...and then there's Maude.....
Russell H (5 months ago)
Lucille ball was to old to be mame in 1976
Bea is beauty
I love this
AGNES (6 months ago)
I didn't know HOW stunningly beautiful she was as a young woman - Wow!
V. Lee Walker (6 months ago)
I 💜 Bea Author!
Brooke Goslin (6 months ago)
I Looooooooooooove Bea Arthur ! ❤️👍🏻✨
Laura Luffman (7 months ago)
She made me laugh so.much
I love you Bea !

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