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Bea Arthur and the Golden Girls perform "Beatiful Girls" on the 1985 NBC All Star Hour

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This clip is from the 1985 NBC All Star Hour a special devised in the mid 1980s to promote NBC shows. In this clip the cast of the new television show "The Golden Girls" are introduced to the NBC Family. They are singing "Beautiful Girls" from "Follies."
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Text Comments (21)
thetvzone (2 months ago)
I need to see the whole video
Capybaraism (5 months ago)
Charles Birchfield (7 months ago)
Noah Birchfield Hair Sabrina Carpenter Charles Birchfield Beatrice Arthur Eminem Betty White New York 2018
100% Stratusfied (2 years ago)
They all look amazing
codaloo (4 years ago)
omg this was amazing
Aditya Pradipta (5 years ago)
I like how the lyrics match on the girls' personalities on the Golden Girls, especially Betty's and Rue's.
JungleBoi9 (6 years ago)
They mean the production number in this video not the show.
bubblinbrownsugar616 (7 years ago)
You mean compared to the smut that's playing on today's television?!?!
Jessi& Bibi (7 years ago)
I love Golden Girls Bety is the best R.I.P Bea, Estelle and Rue
ivelosthewilltolive (8 years ago)
The last of the godawful TV production numbers?
thetvzone (2 months ago)
Oh hush
cupcake101 (8 years ago)
OMG all the girls look amazing!! Long live the Golden Girls!
keri ellerbe (8 years ago)
i swear theres not anything on tv these days worth watching like it was back then!!!!!!!!! what has happen to all the good tv???
Jackie Waugh (8 years ago)
RIP Bea, Estelle, and Rue you ladies are truly missed. Thank you for the laughter
Lyn-Z Bowers (8 years ago)
This is fantastic... I absolutely adore the Golden Girls...Thanks so much trader6d, for posting this up... These 4 women will forever be remembered as the best!!!
Ulalafanboy (8 years ago)
O-M-G!! I have never seen this before. Thanks for the upload. This was really interesting. Who was that blond girl at the end?
CF1975 (9 years ago)
Probably form a very old VHS-tape. It was still nice to see this.
Matthew Pippin (9 years ago)
I get such a kick out of this...
Amelie Green (9 years ago)
How lovely, thanks so much
1joker88 (10 years ago)
Of course Bea's got no shoes on...Love ya, Bea!
thetvzone (2 months ago)
She had feet problems that why

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