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Sexy Zombie Bikini Time

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BEGINS HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_aN9xdC2K4&list=PLC0CBC3E49C3199FB&index=0 Max Scoville is the host of The Destructoid Show and This Week In Sexy Miley Cyrus Papparazi Photos. Here are some cool zombie videos that he picked out.
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Text Comments (38)
kaosgoblin (7 years ago)
Big time troll max, bad max, no cookie.
Philippe Guernon (7 years ago)
We are bing trolled!!!
Orange52half (7 years ago)
Max, I love you <3
LazärheaD (7 years ago)
Max be trollin'
Hatory Colon (7 years ago)
this video is like dead ialand, is just broken XD, no coop, no vid lol
TheBeastlyplayback (7 years ago)
this doesn't work in the UK
JackPlays (7 years ago)
oh touche max touche.
Hapurpan (7 years ago)
DarkInnerEssence (7 years ago)
yea danzigs awesome. he has his own band now.
Alex TF (7 years ago)
U son of a bitch!!!!... hahahaha
Panza (7 years ago)
You are such a Clarissa Max o_o
Mindtrixx (7 years ago)
i clicked the link 5 times, to much max @[email protected]
Archimedes (7 years ago)
i like to listen to max
Chris Sykes (7 years ago)
haha blocked in UK :D
um is this troll
that hair is awesome, keep it growing!
DoreoC (7 years ago)
@TheRhino848 I think that was just a clever prank of his :P
Rob Runner Up (7 years ago)
Nice playlist
GaggleTheGameScat (7 years ago)
Shave the hair. loser.
Ktacia (7 years ago)
Please get a new hairstyle...you'd look a lot more respectable with new one...
Andar Lucifer (7 years ago)
lol Danzig hasn't been in the Misfits for 28 years now.
ShootOwl (7 years ago)
what's with the giorgio hairstyle?
Zombie Gadget (7 years ago)
So wasnt the annotation supposed to link me to a different video? Fail Max! Now you'll be thrown into a triple threat match with Robocop and Terminator. Good luck!
Oram22 (7 years ago)
ok troy maclure
REVS (7 years ago)
hoptop77 (7 years ago)
I want skyrim vids, nothing but oily naked skyrim vids
Psyched180 (7 years ago)
You made the best face at the end of the video...
Swedish Otaku (7 years ago)
It doesn't work...
Swedish Otaku (7 years ago)
Ur hair wtf? XD
DemoMonster7 (7 years ago)
heh, clicking on this playlist is like shooting a portal in Portal that leads you to the same spot :B
Inbred23 (7 years ago)
@narg hey bro, bro, bro... u mad bro? cos from where I'm sitting, it looks like his hair is making you pretty mad bro.
Kazama Blood (7 years ago)
Very funny. >:|
A17shawn (7 years ago)
@TheRoyalShogun hi patty cake
y05077 (7 years ago)
blocked in England on copyright grounds -.-
ThetallLinkyGuy16 (7 years ago)
Ryan Middleton (7 years ago)
OMG i found a worm time loop!!!! the vid of max keeps replaying D:
A17shawn (7 years ago)
@l3loodyBaller i think not
A17shawn (7 years ago)
hi im bob i am bob bob is me ....im bob

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