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Learn how to make yourself teleport in real life! In this episode of How To Magic, Evan Era shows amazing teleportation magic tricks you can do! Easy DIY teleport magic tricks for kids, beginners, and all ages! Step by step instructions for each trick explanation, you'll be teleporting like real magic in no time! Subscribe here ► http://bit.ly/SubToEvan If you're new to our channel remember to hit that subscribe button and welcome to the family! Remember that anything is possible as long as you stay positive, work hard, and [email protected] my friends! :) Magic Shop here ► http://www.EvanEraTV.com Send Mail To PO BOX 943 Crestwood KY 40014 USA [email protected] Merch ► http://www.ShopLaughAtLife.com EMAIL: [email protected] Follow Evan Era: Facebook ► https://facebook.com/EvanEraTV Instagram ► https://instagram.com/EvanRosenman Twitter ► https://twitter.com/evnera Snapchat ► http://bit.ly/SnapchatEvan Supplies You'll Need: Thumb Tacks or Push Pins • String • Blanket or Tablecloth • Green Screen • Wrapping Paper Tube • Poster Board • Gloves • Tape • Cardboard Box • Scissors • Craft Bond Adhesive Spray • Coins Teleportation Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video: 1.) How To Teleport in Real Life DIY Trick 2.) Magic Teleporting Coin Illusion Revealed 3.) How To Make Green Screen Cloak of Invisibility 4.) How to do Magic Teleporting Hand DIY Trick 5.) How to Teleport Across the Room Double Trick GOOD LUCK in the FREE MYSTERY PRIZE GIVEAWAY!! More Magic Tricks Here: https://youtu.be/RzrMFD3MWrI On this channel we make fun, family-friendly content in the form of magic, pranks, vlogs, and other cool videos - SUBSCRIBE for weekly uploads!! :) More Videos Here: http://www.youtube.com/EvanEraTV
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Text Comments (4976)
EvanEraTV (10 months ago)
Have fun with these cool teleportation illusions! *teleports behind you* and thanks for liking and sharing the video! :) [email protected] my friends -E
Abraham Torres (4 months ago)
To days my birthday!!!
Sude Tutcu (5 months ago)
are family all love's you so much
Yawar Saeed (5 months ago)
Alis World vlog (5 months ago)
What the edit app called for keying
Dog Bog (5 months ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Christine Mac (4 months ago)
we figyerd out one of the tricks
Strange Harbor (4 months ago)
I liked plz pick me
James Atkinson (4 months ago)
Apsorn Kissamitakis (4 months ago)
green screen
MONTIFY TERROR and rager (4 months ago)
PequeO (4 months ago)
So now I know how the invisibility cloak in Harry Potter was made! Thanks Evan!
in king (4 months ago)
Hey bro can you explain me batter how to do the keying edit thing.
XxC00l_K1dxX123 (4 months ago)
I got confused on the magic cloth
Lalith perera (4 months ago)
Great .....
dhoodi chanale (4 months ago)
You are the best
PewDiePie vlogs (4 months ago)
Go support Jelly and his friend
PewDiePie vlogs (4 months ago)
I want to to win a finger prank
PewDiePie vlogs (4 months ago)
I love your magic
Mrschadhill (4 months ago)
I love this
we're so Meowgical (4 months ago)
Narayan Mane (4 months ago)
Is the dublicate on sale??
ethan olsen (4 months ago)
I 👍 the video
Abraham Torres (4 months ago)
To days my birthday!!!
Nathan Anitak (4 months ago)
oh my twin
Joshua Perham (4 months ago)
the fake thumb
winter stout (4 months ago)
I love love love love the magic
Xander Walker (4 months ago)
I did mine 504 Dodreey sheet I am Xander Walker
John Y (4 months ago)
Jennie Tackett (4 months ago)
Dddfdf(Tercygyghn bgbbggggghbhybybel
James-Alex Hewitt (4 months ago)
Love it
Heather Vojtush (5 months ago)
G&A Brothers (5 months ago)
ZAC SMASH! (5 months ago)
nice double.....lol u shot 2 dif screens ans smashed them together. both shots are you. u dont have a clone that good buddy.
Bowser jr (5 months ago)
Did you know that iPhone is the best🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Bowser jr (5 months ago)
I love your vids
afzal beg (5 months ago)
Good magic
Sarah Buckoski (5 months ago)
Sarah Buckoski (5 months ago)
Sarah Buckoski (5 months ago)
Sarah Buckoski (5 months ago)
Sarah Buckoski (5 months ago)
Sachin Nayak (5 months ago)
Very bad
Vino Primayogo (5 months ago)
Wow awesome and thanks for commenting my Video!
mitch24d (5 months ago)
Might be the dumbest fucking retarded ideas for magic tricks on the net . If anyone watching this needed to know how any a these trickster were done and didn't know exactly what he was doing must be literally retarded.
rogue nightmare (5 months ago)
Melissa Smith (5 months ago)
Melissa Smith (5 months ago)
Melissa Smith (5 months ago)
Melissa Smith (5 months ago)
Jazmin Romero (5 months ago)
You are dum
Reggie & Katie Taylor (5 months ago)
I watched all of your and liked them "How to magic" can you send me some magic set I have two kids and they love magic
sotka alam (5 months ago)
Natalie Opsahl (5 months ago)
Pepoul wear standing behind the certon
Jaydyn Parker (5 months ago)
Can I buy or get
Oscar Medrano (5 months ago)
David is so the same as you I don’t know any who looks like me
Oscar Medrano (5 months ago)
Omg I just did three of those Magic tricks on my parents and my little sister and they were like wow 😮 tome
bmtimbang (5 months ago)
i soved your magic trick the first on is a green screen the sencond one you put a goves in a monnequin hands and push the hand
Zz Yancy (5 months ago)
Is his wife from HOW TO CAKE IT
Lil Shoes (5 months ago)
That was cool 😎
Lil Shoes (5 months ago)
Can you subscribe
Michael Holland (5 months ago)
I want the magic pen
Michael Holland (5 months ago)
I want the magic pen
Macy Wynn (5 months ago)
I love you so much and I'm sorry I was not watching your videos
Macy Wynn (5 months ago)
I love you so much and I'm sorry I was not
Matt Heikkila (5 months ago)
How is he the same as you🤷🏻‍♀️
Caleb Runnels (5 months ago)
Caleb Runnels (5 months ago)
@David Brindley lol
David Brindley (5 months ago)
How can I
Mariusz Drab (5 months ago)
This is amazing
Nestor Javier (5 months ago)
What is that song you use like the beat one
Monica Persaud (5 months ago)
My phone
Melwin D'Souza (5 months ago)
And about your daughter i am so sorry i will like and subcribe
Melwin D'Souza (5 months ago)
I am so sorry i dıd not read that it is just a illusion i just was thinking it was real sorry and about your daughter i am
Melwin D'Souza (5 months ago)
This is just fake you said it would be real i just wasted my time i hate this video what was your daughter needed for i am not going to like or subscribe this video if write comment thanks ,this is for the video 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
Ez D (4 months ago)
Melwin D'Souza You are incredibly rude! He shows how to do the tricks, idiot! Also, why are you commenting on this channel if you hate it!? You also need grammar lessons, you uncultured swine!
Aimee L (5 months ago)
Your magic tricks are so cool
I like your channel so much that I want to be inside one of your videos
Please ....
Krissy Rivera (5 months ago)
Nicely done
Derek Cordova (5 months ago)
Hey subscribe to my channel derek cordova a picture of a human at the beach
Derek Cordova (5 months ago)
Evan era play minecraft
Stacy Garza (5 months ago)
Yawar Saeed (5 months ago)
Please can i have a giveawau
Adam Lin (5 months ago)
gaming boy. (5 months ago)
Becc Pearson (5 months ago)
So do cool do more
Gabriel poop head (5 months ago)
Faker I'm surprised people believe this crap
Milo molina (5 months ago)
Jake-ROBLOX and more (5 months ago)
What Editor Does He Use For The Green Screen Magic Trick?
It’s Unic And kally (5 months ago)
How to click bait
Amanda Brown (5 months ago)
5:02 you look stupid ( you don't dissapear )
Lily McCartney (5 months ago)
Wait who’s David ?
anayo chris ezumah (5 months ago)
The other hand is noticeably fake even without hints
ricky loyd (5 months ago)
I liked your video
The Main1 (5 months ago)
What,is the name of the video editing tht u use.?
Dorri Young (5 months ago)
You did nothing you just want to the other side that's what you did
Anthuan Juarez alarcon (5 months ago)
Anthuan Juarez alarcon (5 months ago)
When would work
Anthuan Juarez alarcon (5 months ago)
Dld D D D
Anthuan Juarez alarcon (5 months ago)
The hand magic trick
Anthuan Juarez alarcon (5 months ago)
Z I want aone
BoldBen (5 months ago)
7:42. look at the top of his head
Milvy Hilario (5 months ago)
Mhelvin H. Pesic
dionna doris (5 months ago)
i love your videos your cra cra
Ronaldo RAMDIAL (5 months ago)
In the thumbnail u only put your hand and foot in and on the other side half of your body came out

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