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10 Magic Tricks Revealed!

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How to do 10 easy magic tricks revealed! Magic Shop Here ► http://www.EvanEraTV.com Easy Tricks ► Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubToEvan Send Mail To PO BOX 943 Crestwood KY 40014 USA Get Magic Trick Pens ► http://bit.ly/MagicTrickPen Email: [email protected] Follow Evan Era: ► Facebook: https://facebook.com/EvanEraTV ► Snapchat: http://bit.ly/SnapchatEvan ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/evnera ► Instagram: https://instagram.com/EvanRosenman Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video: Torn and Restored Card Trick Magic Blendo Sponge Balls Zig Zag Soda Bottle Trick Cut in Half Paper Woman Illusion Ring Thru Finger Magic Trick Whiteboard Paddle Flower Trick Magic Pen Thru iPhone Screen How to do the Card under Watch Coin from Bill Money Trick Revealed GOOD LUCK in the FREE MAGIC PEN GIVEAWAY!! More Magic Here: https://youtu.be/DAX5L863GRI On this channel we make fun, family-friendly content in the form of magic, pranks, and other cool videos - SUBSCRIBE for weekly uploads!! :) More Videos Here: http://www.youtube.com/EvanEraTV
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EvanEraTV (1 year ago)
SOOOO many amazing tricks in this one :) have fun with these and thank you for helping us spread the magic all over the world! The St. Patrick's Day Sale is still going on the shop www.EvanEraTV.com take 20% off all [email protected] gear until March 17, 2018! New magic tricks and [email protected] merch designs coming soon!!! Thanks again for all the support and positivity eraSQUAD you are truly awesome! Much love and [email protected] my friends :) -E
Pedro Rodrigues (5 months ago)
what is this song in 00:03
Ali Al Suwaidi (5 months ago)
Bob Watts (5 months ago)
EvanEraTV com
lynda bibian (6 months ago)
Aayush Patel (6 months ago)
Hey EvenEraTv who is the girl that you use your magic tricks is she is your sister
HELEN Shaw (4 months ago)
And you slip the special ring off
Nadine Touma (4 months ago)
awsome magic
Riddles World (4 months ago)
New subscriber: Riddles World
Spoken (4 months ago)
You should go on Got Talent
SKULL WALKER YT (4 months ago)
#evan is from heavan
tobi gabriel (5 months ago)
I will give you $1000000000 if you give me it
tobi gabriel (5 months ago)
tobi gabriel (5 months ago)
tobi gabriel (5 months ago)
tobi gabriel (5 months ago)
You so
tobi gabriel (5 months ago)
I love
tobi gabriel (5 months ago)
Shiloh Speedy (5 months ago)
Alisa Ushakova (5 months ago)
You are so good at migic
Lionel Messi (5 months ago)
nice tricks with that pin
jamie burns (5 months ago)
summer reall (5 months ago)
boom ya ya boom yayayayayayayayaya
Carol & Isa (5 months ago)
Wow your good at making tricks! There amazing!
Arald Costache (5 months ago)
you make tricks so bad that I saw 2 of the tricks
Aleisha Fletcher (5 months ago)
2 rings
panda girl (5 months ago)
I guessed it right Ok, I didn’t guess it right..
Joe Martinta (5 months ago)
8:56 it was a fake finger and you just moved it I think
Jorden Nguyen (5 months ago)
Crystal L (5 months ago)
Crystal L (5 months ago)
Crystal L (5 months ago)
Dean Enterline (5 months ago)
As always Super Super Kool Tricks, Evan !! [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) [email protected] :) & LOL, MY FRIEND !!
mklautenschlager (5 months ago)
fack hum
First Page (5 months ago)
Now these days i am spending times with your videos........!
Trevor Gedge (5 months ago)
I want 1
Trevor Gedge (5 months ago)
Trevor Gedge (5 months ago)
reymer james gamboa (5 months ago)
I saw a hole in it
waylonsmommylc (5 months ago)
waylonsmommylc (5 months ago)
You ringhdfddx
worpworpiongamer 123 (5 months ago)
I hope I get picked
worpworpiongamer 123 (5 months ago)
It's_Magic 2003 (5 months ago)
Ring Trick Explanation: Gimmicked ring I bet If I were to actually do the coke trick to my SG friends, they would quickly grab the coke bottle to inspect it when it supposedly gets "cut" and moved
Mandy Lomen (5 months ago)
GalacticBladeOf Grass (5 months ago)
Poppy Hopkinson (5 months ago)
I love the magic tricks
Poppy Hopkinson (5 months ago)
I think you have two rings
Marlee Audet (5 months ago)
Can you please give it to me like one of them at least because I never got anything from you just nothing please just PLESE
Marlee Audet (5 months ago)
I hope I get it because I haven't gotten anything for a giveaway yet just never.
Marlee Audet (5 months ago)
I got the gas right
Marlee Audet (5 months ago)
I think that you like took it off by the bottom and then slid it on sneakily to the pinky finger that's why I think you did it.
Marlee Audet (5 months ago)
I just want to know how do you do these things that it's like epically cool there's like the most coolest thing in the world I ever seen. Please just tell me how do you do these things because I don't understand when you explain it I need you to show me in real life like in person. You should start doing 15 minute phone calls with your fans
MagicatForest 12579 (5 months ago)
during the vid: you took off the ring and put it on the pinky. its just slight of hand. edit:I didnt get it right.
Andreas Walexon (5 months ago)
It's Chinese(the instructions for Ring Thru Finger Trick)
Andreas Walexon (5 months ago)
Thanks to whoever liked this comment!
You guys have the best magic tricks
Brayden Novinger (6 months ago)
I will watch you intell I die
hi-fi I (6 months ago)
Loved your video my sis is amazed when I showed her the women trick
Nicholas Harvey (6 months ago)
Dude, love your videos. Is Veronica your wife or girlfriend? If magic gets me a girl like that, I’ll dedicate my life to it until I’m as good as you lol! You’re both awesome x
Savage Family (6 months ago)
Do magic with balls
Savage Family (6 months ago)
John Bruno (6 months ago)
I love you ❤️💕😘 day the morning of my life
GewoonRens (6 months ago)
is ur child a boy or a girl
Kayla Gritts (6 months ago)
I really want The bottol
Pallvi Joshi Pallvi (6 months ago)
I will make future magician plizzz give a magic pan
Maty Man (6 months ago)
can I have the pen pleas
Steve Cohlmeyer (6 months ago)
Leah Brock (6 months ago)
Nathan Koehnemann (6 months ago)
can you tell them to subusibe to my channle the three master boys
ejmerriam (6 months ago)
I saw you put the card under her watch if you did not see it look closely at 14:17
Nova Noodles (6 months ago)
You already had a ring on the pinky
Mienki De Jager (6 months ago)
I want a pen
6ixx Vlogs (6 months ago)
duplicate ring u took the one one the sisterfiger and u had one one ur pinky finger
V3N0M HybridzYT (6 months ago)
Omg ty I got the pen
Jacqui Bradbery (6 months ago)
Can I have one please one of these magic pens
The Fortnite guy (6 months ago)
The card trick in not good only if it was you friend because they will feel the card
Destiny Renfro (6 months ago)
17:06 really he had to use a 100 dollar bill
Heinzen Andrew (6 months ago)
my thoughts exactly
Brenda Mejia (6 months ago)
Can I have one
mallorie Johnson (6 months ago)
When you put the card in her hand you switched it did a 6 diamonds
mallorie Johnson (6 months ago)
When you're putting in her hand you switch the card
Lester Christians (6 months ago)
Can i get pen please
Lester Christians (6 months ago)
Took off finger onto other
Steph Britain (6 months ago)
Love love love your video's
Steph Britain (6 months ago)
You palmed it into your hand and switched it on to your little finger.
Leila Sakoulis (6 months ago)
mischell sabao (6 months ago)
Ebony Moore (6 months ago)
Plastic fake
Alasdair Howorth (6 months ago)
What if they have no watch?
Alasdair Howorth (6 months ago)
I guessed right!! Honestly
gnaaw0406 (6 months ago)
You had your hand over the ring and moved it to the pinge
Paula Rodriguez (6 months ago)
two rings
Mystic Mayfield (6 months ago)
Can you please send me the “seongeball.
Mystic Mayfield (6 months ago)
I watch all of your videos.
Michael Pettinella (6 months ago)
That is so cool
Michael Pettinella (6 months ago)
Saa’s cool life 1306 (6 months ago)
I like all the magic tricks
Awkward Time (6 months ago)
I got it right I swear.... I saw a trick just like it. This was better though
jjswim13 (6 months ago)
I LOVE all of your magic trics
Giancarlo Marrero (6 months ago)
I did
chace paul (6 months ago)
It is a magnet
Micah M (6 months ago)
Richard James (6 months ago)
i saw the trick when he done the card trick that magigans done for years
rafi shaik (6 months ago)
Tech Studio (6 months ago)
fat wad (6 months ago)
Me Luke you
Jaden Little (6 months ago)
Hey guys look here is my YouTube account Jaden little
Jessica powers (6 months ago)
You had two rings

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