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California FoxHunt Lingerie Contest

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California FoxHunt Lingerie Contest at Marbles Dining & Escapades in Manhattan Beach, California. Line-up includes Hope Marie Carlton, Pamela Brown, Jeannie Sweet, Lauren Hays, Jamie Ortlieb and Dottie "The Body" Bittle. Contestants: 1.Sherry 1:28 2.Jeannie (Jeannie Sweet) 3:50 3.Dottie (Dottie "The Body" Bittle) 6:46 4.Chanelle 9:11 5.Lauren (Lauren Hays) 11:58 6.Jamie (Jamie Ortlieb) 15:05 7.Pamela (Pamela Brown) 17:53 8.Michelle 20:27 9.Pamela 23:26 10.Melinda (Melinda Armstrong)24:19 11.Hope (Hope Marie Carlton) 26:14 12.Ashley 29:19 13.Tanya 30:31 14.Tarin 32:16 15.Darla 33:56 16.Candy 35:18 17.Vanessa 37:57 18.Bobbie 40:35 19.Deanna 43:17 20.Jamae 45:24 21.Cherry Pie 47:30 22.Tiffany (Julie Ann Gerhard) 50:33
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Text Comments (20)
I Love the 80s (1 year ago)
Jump straight to your favorite girl clicking on the timestamps in the description box!
MK B (2 months ago)
yellow skirt
robby garc (6 months ago)
PLEASE GIVE US full video this video is hot but not very very hot
crack smackback (10 months ago)
Nice 720p upscale, wish they were all so clear
Tony Hares (10 months ago)
rang3r34 (1 year ago)
Miss these days...women were so much happier and willing to please.
Matthew Waddington (1 year ago)
Hope Marie Carlton, brilliant, just all-round brilliant!
TheBuddybundy (1 year ago)
pls youtube never delete i love the 80s user and vids ..hes the best ever here i seen and many thanks for ur work
Breno Caio (1 year ago)
Sooo many blondes. I luv blondes!!!
Breno Caio (1 year ago)
Dottie was so pretty.
FJ131 (1 year ago)
Love the old look with clean looking-natural bodies. Much better than today's women for the most part with fake tits and lots of tats.
puffy2003 (1 year ago)
Good Lord Melinda Armstrong!!!!!
dmace81 (1 year ago)
Videos like these make me shake my head and go bonkers. Al Bundy would be proud and salute these ladies.
Grind Metal (1 year ago)
Tiffany Ann at 1:09....but she didn't compete.My favorite of that era!
Fuckin modo killer..... Lol
nilson mella (1 year ago)
hot video very ass
I Love the 80s (1 year ago)
Very ass indeed!
pinoyjohntn (2 years ago)
Great stuff, how many of this videos do you have?
pinoyjohntn (1 year ago)
Thank you for uploading what you do have. These bikini contest were something to watch back in the day. I remember many of these bikini ppv from the early 90s. Now it is a whole different game
I Love the 80s (1 year ago)
I still have a good number of California Girl Bikini Contests, some Hot Body releases, 3 Miss Mission Beach Contests at low quality.It's all stuff available online.If you're talking about Foxhunt videos specifically, only the 3 I've uploaded.To my knowledge those are the only ones available on the internet.Sadly most FoxHunt videos are lost forever.

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