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The Golden Girls - Cast/Crew Documentary (2/9)

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Documentary on the making of The Golden Girls. This part shows how the roles were cast and how the pilot was made.
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Huki Hu (6 days ago)
I hope that I am also activ und lifefull when I come in this age.
Kim Alberding (6 days ago)
Fun show. I can't believe that Bea didn't like Betty White. Who doesn't like Betty.
Jan Kuso (14 days ago)
I was wondering what happened with the cook after ep.1
Dorothy looks like a ghost.
christian monturano II (19 days ago)
Love this show started watching in more past few yeard
UniquelyMade (1 month ago)
Binging on it now on hulu
z (1 month ago)
My girls forever) 💓
Pete T (1 month ago)
Honestly the last few years I've been terrified of aging.. I started watching Golden Girls reruns in order and noticed I no longer fear getting older. They are an inspiration that you can still live your best life & have great fun no matter what age. Now I just feel lucky for having 2 really close friends that I've known since High school. We hang out at least once a week & do crafts or go hiking or out to museums/shows/movies/mini vacations.. We joke that someday we'll be the Golden Guys! Especially since my mom is my best friend & all my friends seek her out for advice or to eat one of her amazing home cooked meals. So the 4 of us are well on our way to being Golden Guys.
Robby Wells (1 month ago)
The best
Svenja Rick (1 month ago)
Dorothie is the best 🤣🤣 so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jerryphxtempe (2 months ago)
love u rue
Luis Torres (2 months ago)
I can watch the show over and over, was , and still my favorite. I will never forget the amazing golden girls.
adelgado75 (2 months ago)
Susan Harris, the creator, not only talented but beautiful
bradbiteme (2 months ago)
In what? Happy Birthday Betty❤️
nonya business (2 months ago)
lmaof 8:15-8:24 was and still is my favorite part of that episode🤣🤣🤣😂!!
Darboiux (4 months ago)
Actually, Elaine Stritch was up for the Dorothy role long before Bea was considered but had trouble with the ass of a writer. So she went back to NY. . . . . . . .
Glenna Rose (15 days ago)
If you listened to the video, you will hear that Elanie Stritch cut herself out by adding words to the script during audition. That is an auto-kill for any actor.
JULIA CANZONERI (4 months ago)
Any one mad that it does not come back on in January 2019
JULIA CANZONERI (4 months ago)
Until I ment
James Pickett (5 months ago)
Matthew W (5 months ago)
The only show I know where all 4 leads were truly fantastic. No weak link. And to me, they made the script more funny with their perfect delivery. Side note: I love what Rue did with her character. I can’t imagine Blanch sharp and colder like a Sue Ann Nivens.
Alma Fabela (5 months ago)
OMG!... I am sixty five and saw all of the reruns I don't know how many times, I never get bored of seeing them. They just lift my spirits...
ListenWithMyHeart (5 months ago)
THIS IS MY SHOW!!!! I still watch this in 2018!!!!
Sunshine Baker (5 months ago)
So sad that in their personal life, Bea never liked Betty but Betty admired and liked Bea. Maybe professional jealousy or the fact that Betty was always happy, positive person everyday.
Anna Cottle Cottle (1 month ago)
Maybe she just didn't like her
Chloe.13 (5 months ago)
Where's Blanche's southern accent tho? Lol
Rebecca B (5 months ago)
Bea Arthur's voice ahhhhhh 😍😍
Brian Henson (7 months ago)
I'm definitely Blanche and Dororhy. My mom, as her bff, Hazel said, was Sophia !! How I miss that Golden Girl !!!💔💔💔sorry, crying...😢😢😢
Brian Henson (7 months ago)
I loved bright Sue Ann Nivens.
Brian Henson (7 months ago)
Do you think that Betty wouldn't have been able to take her Blanche out into orbit? Sue Ann lived on Saturn honey.
Brian Henson (7 months ago)
So glad Rue and Betty switched characters ! Can't even imagine them reveresed. Sort of... Betty WAS sexy Due Ann, and Rue was Vivian on Maude, yet, what a difference it would have been to a classic...💝
C C (7 months ago)
Can’t stop watching this show.
Mr & Mrs Ralphies ASMR (7 months ago)
Literally on every rainy day and winter days I turn on the episodes of The Golden Girls, every single year now for Years! Love them all!! Each lady so special in their own individual way! 💜💜💜💜💐💐💐💐☺️☺️☺️☺️
Delana Johnson (7 months ago)
I'll never forget the episode where Rose says, "What happens when there's only one of us left?" 😭😭😭💔💔💔
Glenna Rose (15 days ago)
Almost like she knew - now that it is only Betty White left. Since the oldest character was the youngest actor, that is a bit odd.
Anna Cottle Cottle (1 month ago)
What happened, nothing
handmaidmd (7 months ago)
Me thinks Bea likes purple! Lol! I loved this show. So funny! Such good actresses!
Watson Everly (7 months ago)
i'm glad they eliminated the violence that was in the pilot.
Lancelot Lancelot (7 months ago)
We missed you girls. ..thank you for everything. ..Love
Charles Birchfield (8 months ago)
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Daniel Warner (8 months ago)
Her character on Maude Vivian was a bit dim-witted too
Cody Armstrong (8 months ago)
“Rose you work as a grief counselor, what do you expect? Comedians?” 😂😂😂😂
Erin Perdue (9 months ago)
I’m 17 and I’ve been watching this show since I was 5 with my grandmother. These ladies made me laugh so much and still do to this day we love you.
Jo Free (9 months ago)
This was such a good show. Find myself laughing at reruns to this day. Hard to find good funny shows like that one today 👍☮🇺🇸
Have Faith (7 months ago)
Oooo child. I search for shows like this. Shows of today . . .
Nina Samone (9 months ago)
I absolutely ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ this show!!! Still watch it on hallmark channel, and TVLAND. The most ironic scenes is when Betty Whites line is "what's going to happen when it's only one of us left"?! For that to be HER line, and she is the only one left, I get chills everytime.
Lyre Burch (10 months ago)
Loved the show, but, I didn't care for Bea Arthur or much for Dorothy.
K MV (10 months ago)
Best television show ever. Ever.
Sarah L (11 months ago)
My favorite show, still.
M Spears (1 year ago)
5:07 is cracking me up so much!!!!! LOL!!!!
Joseph (1 year ago)
The older I get the more I love Dorothy
dana dana (1 month ago)
YES! She is my hero!
Candice Perry (1 year ago)
Betty White&Estelle Getty are my two favorite actresses
Margaret Kearsey (1 year ago)
Several old popular shows are being shown once again. Everybody loved Golden Girls. Why isn't this program on once again with new actresses.
nelida kiss (1 year ago)
Love the show and my daughter love the show too and she was so young and still love the show so it was for Any age
Nancy Buttanda (1 year ago)
I still watch them 3hrs of them
Lucy 05 (1 year ago)
I love all of these ladies n I still watch the golden girls. God bless them all. ....♡
nope nope (1 year ago)
Still can't get over how amazing the makeup team was...cannot believe Estelle was 61 in the series. Ugh, I miss this show 😕
PosterGirl's World (1 year ago)
Sadie Lady its on hulu every season..every episode..i watch it everyday🤗
Bridgette Gray (1 year ago)
Who are you go get play DDR furred the author PR for
Nina Lafleur (1 year ago)
brings back memories!
ryan tabb (1 year ago)
Nice to see Rue Bea and Betty had history before Golden Girls ....Rue worked with both Bea and Betty on Maude and Mamas Family
Don Moxley (1 year ago)
Everytime I watch this show I feel comfort my grandmother raised me on this show and everytime I watch it's like where still together
Vic Faiello (3 months ago)
Don Moxley same here it reminds me of Saturday nights as a kid sleep over at my grandmas miss them days
C C (7 months ago)
Don Moxley I feel exactly the same way you do! Amazing
Lady Trucker 43 (1 year ago)
I lovvvveee these ladies... they comfort me so much. I was a young girl when they came out but I didn't start appreciating them until my forties .💗
Sejla Selimovic (1 year ago)
Shanique KES1510 (1 year ago)
I was born the year this started and I still look at it to this day. I'm heartbroken about the losses. God plz keep Betty with us a little while longer
Jesus Pinales (1 year ago)
still watch the reruns. great shows back then not like now
Tyler Judas (1 year ago)
Rue really aged bad. Am sorry to say!!
z (10 days ago)
Not really, she looks natural.
Jeanette Marie (1 year ago)
Tyler Hastings Well she passed away a few years ago, no need to comment on her looks now and btw, what did you expect her to look like, a young woman? She looked just fine.
wabashcannonball (1 year ago)
If you’re sorry to say it, don’t say it.
Madeleine Rickardsson (1 year ago)
She looked fine ❤
Jason Gibson (1 year ago)
Estelle had children early in life both of her children were born in the 1940's and already grown in the 1970's. Rue's son and Bea's two sons are about the same age. Because Bea and Gene had children while they were 39, 40. years old. Mathew Saks was born 1961, but the Bea's youngest son was born 1963. Rue's son Mark Bish was born in the 1960's what year in the 1960's I do not know. I often wonder if Mark, Mathew and Bea's other son are all friends.
ChaplinatMutual (2 years ago)
It's kinda inspiring that Estelle didn't start acting until she was 50.
Lynette Gordon (2 years ago)
They could not have picked more perfect people to play The Golden Girls. My 4 yr old absolutely luvs the show
tripps 607 (3 months ago)
It's actually horrible decision they are all trannies
Kay2be2mr (2 years ago)
Why doesn't E do shows like these anymore? The network is such crap now.
Janelle Armijo (1 year ago)
In a world full of Kardashians, be a Golden Girl 💛💛💛
Austin Pearce (1 year ago)
Kay2be2mr with the Kartrashians
bankerguy66 (2 years ago)
My ultimate favorite sitcom! I can see the reruns over and over😎
Delana Johnson (7 months ago)
Nana Oscar (2 years ago)
your not the only one my favorite show i remember every saturday i would run home to go watch my girls lol
Carlea Stafford (2 years ago)
bea reminds me of madam on the aristocats (the owner.)
Austin Pearce (1 year ago)
Carlea Stafford Mrs. Naugatuck from Maude did the voice for that role
Paul Fowler (2 years ago)
Simply beyond special!!
William Freytes (2 years ago)
tony Thomas is fine as fuck
Vivian Hoff (2 years ago)
i Love Thomas
Tejasnite (2 years ago)
TimsDale4ever (3 years ago)
Rue imitating Bea's voice at 5:11 is incredible!
Emily Canty (3 years ago)
I like golden girl it is my favorite tv show I like rose she is funny
Clayron Dyer (3 years ago)
An awesome 7 series
Songbyrd Kay (3 years ago)
this show was brilliant
Yvette Arias (3 years ago)
love them:)
Joy Gilcart (3 years ago)
I love these girls from day one and I still love it in 2015.....What a great show
Rachel Fairfield (4 years ago)
2:10 shows how Rue is attractive to all these men!!❤️
Gab Jiao (4 years ago)
Bea Arthur's voice is so beautiful
Delana Johnson (7 months ago)
No. Rue.
Arianna Ramirez (1 year ago)
Gab Jiao they sound so like mature but educated meets sultry
Rachel Fairfield (4 years ago)
So is Rue McClanahan's :-)
Spirited Away (5 years ago)
Poor Betty white is still kicking in, bless her heart
M.J. Leger (1 month ago)
"Poor Betty?"  No way!  She was wonderful in that role as well as others.  She was still performing until recently.  I think she was 97 last month and is doing quite well.  She's had quite a life, no poor Betty about it, and I think she'd be the first one to tell you that, she's always had such a positive attitude!  (You keep on ticking and kicking, Betty, we're all for you, still!)
Ayden_Chadway (9 months ago)
Spirited Away Poor???????
Audra Hollis (2 years ago)
youre a gd idiot..not poor betty white you ass
TheaterServant (4 years ago)
+ajuma55 That's right!! Especially since she's the last survivin Golden Girl
ajuma55 (5 years ago)
Poor Betty???  Lucky Betty!!  She's awesome!!  Doing something you love at her age?? You have to admire her stamina!
Carissa Hoffmeyer (5 years ago)
AT 4:11 Bea Arthur is asome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julie Fetter (5 years ago)
Bea was brilliant.
Dream Weaver (5 years ago)
So sad that three out of four of these wonderful ladies, who have entertained me, comforted me, and made me laugh from the age of 8 to the age of 36, have passed on.  I will be a wreck when Betty eventually joins them.  I think I know the Golden Girls better than I knew either of my grandmothers.
Michelle (14 days ago)
So sad that people sitting around waiting for people to die.... Just enjoy watching her.
Robby Wells (1 month ago)
Robby Wells (1 month ago)
Dream Weaver I know right ❤️💜💋
dana dana (1 month ago)
I'm glad to say that I managed to pass my love of the Golden Girls on to my son. He has been watching them sine he was about 2 or 3 and called them the golden ladies for years lol. He is now 13 and has about 20 episodes on the dvr. He either watches The Golden Girls or Perry Mason when he relaxes for bed.😊
Linda Eicken (2 months ago)
The y where wonderful
MIS315 (5 years ago)
Betty was going to be Blanche?!!!?!!
The Gaming Butts (5 years ago)
I love all of them, my favorite show ever!
huyup123456 (5 years ago)
I'm sure Rue and Betty would have been amazing doing the roles they were originally supposed to do, but I'm glad Betty was Rose and Rue was Blanche.
datura1983 (5 years ago)
im 30 and ive been watching this show since i was 6 years old with my grandmother and ill probably be watching it still when im 60
Christy Bruton (1 year ago)
datura1983 lol, me too!
Jonathon Woodgate (5 years ago)
I just love this show - I grew up watching it... I love the brilliant writing - "You'll know when you hear it come out of your mouth? This isn't a belch, Blanche, this is marriage!"... "Rose, you work at a grief counselling centre, what do you want, comedians?"... "My God, she's got more colours than Benjamin Moore Paints!"...
jess rox (5 years ago)
i love the golden girls... betty white cracks me up! and i can't believe three are already gone... but i will never forget them
Suzy Z (5 years ago)
I adore these women. I have seen these shows 2 dozen times, still watching and still laughing!!
Denise Spurlock (5 years ago)
When I was a young girl I remember seeing Jay Sandrich's name each week I believe of "The Brady Bunch". Everytime I would see his name on whatever show he did, I was always hungry for a sandwich. I just remember him alot when I was young. Now I am fat. I wouldn't be if it wasn't for Jay Sandrich and those darn reruns. LOL!
DouglassD (5 years ago)
The sounds is all out of synch...frustrating.
Abby T (5 years ago)
RIP Bea, Rue and Estelle :*(
markie polo (5 years ago)
Is this available on DVD?
wangik66 (5 years ago)
rose.s naivety is so annoying yet very endearing at the same time,take.s your mind off your own problems for a half hour..very sad that ther nearly all gone,but they left a fantastic legacy .how many people can say that,..thanks for bein a friend all these years,
Linda Powis (5 years ago)
They were the best ! I still get such a kick everyday from them what a dynamic crew & cast.
Stephen R (5 years ago)
I read somewhere that the pilot was shot on April 22nd, not April 17th, unless they shot 2 pilots and spliced them together, when they say they something about the dress show.
Nicole Burgon (5 years ago)
Bea Arthur: WOW!!!
Nicole Burgon (5 years ago)
ME TOO! On Hallmark?
William Jenkins (5 years ago)
Dead, Dead, Dead, Almost Dead.
musiicfaen (6 years ago)
May sound stupid but they kinda helped me geting through a test this day in school :) Gotta ♥ them for that ♥
njtom07974 (6 years ago)
loved the show from day one until the end. i was in the audience for one golden girls and one golden palace

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