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Elaine Stritch on her audition for the lead in The Golden Girls

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The legendary Tony and Emmy winner Elaine Stritch talks about her audition for the role of Dorothy in a classic hit CBS show The Golden Girls. The role, of course, went to Bea Arthur.
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Me Not you (19 days ago)
Wasn’t it NBC?
Eduardo Corrochio (30 days ago)
I love Elaine but: She seems really bitter over this. Oozing regret. It's not brave admitting this in a one woman show, it's picking at scabs, licking one's wounds. Oh, and somebody give her a pair of pants. Yikes. 😄
Darreyl Henderson (1 month ago)
The character of Dorothy in the original script was described as "A Bea Arthur Type", so who could have played it better than Bea. LOL
Kyle Archer (1 month ago)
Can you imagine Bea and Elaine on a sitcom together? Now that would have been a smash! Throw in Archie Bunker as one of their husbands and maybe Dixie Carter as a rich sister and BAMMM!!!!!! Huge audiences would be watching that weekly!!!!! All four are together now..... thanks for the memories .... and the reruns!
Kai Mauracher (1 month ago)
she's so hillarious telling this absolutely bombed casting, that I loved her for that. I really think, they should wrote episodes just for her 👍
Deco Dolly (1 month ago)
Well, that was hard to watch. Sounds like she knows she completely blew it and still regrets to this day. I like Elaine Stritch but, having seen Bea Arthur knock the role of Dorothy out of the park, I can't imagine Elaine in the Golden Girls.
Truth Seeker (2 months ago)
She forgot her pants.
berjaboy (2 months ago)
She keeps saying CBS, the Golden Girls was on NBC.
Jamil Johnson (2 months ago)
This was incredible acting. I see her as Dorothy but the chemistry would have been off between her and Estelle
02chevyguy (2 months ago)
In her own way, she does bare a very small resemblance to Bea Arthur.
Marcel Audubon (2 months ago)
They knew it wouldn't work if they cast someone as thoroughly unlikable and insecure as Stritch in the role.  It's a very unsophisticated person who thinks sprinkling 'fucking' throughout a script makes it funnier and a real dullard who thinks that's gonna fly in a prime time network show (even today, let alone  the '80s).  So Stritch ended life unable to pay the rent on her small apartment at The Carlyle and moving back to Michigan to sponge off the kindness of younger relatives instead of being a millionaire because she thought it would be cute to rewrite the script.  p.s. running around in her spankies, wig and greying blouse at that age was just plain undignified... why do old broads think black stockings make them look 25 again? they didn't even make her look 85 again
daniel stanwyck (3 months ago)
so glad bea arthur got the part. something mean about stritch.
X X (3 months ago)
Christopher Ramon-Reid (3 months ago)
nokturnna83 (4 months ago)
I love Bea but she would have been a great Dorothy as well.
Sawyer Ramos (4 months ago)
I am so glad you blew it. Only Dorothy in this world is Bea. Its fate.
Lovelife Livehappy (4 months ago)
Bea was great as Dorothy. She consumed that role and made it her own. That being said, Elaine is a wonderful, talented, beautiful spirit, and should not be cruelly judged in any way for her audition, and being herself. She didn't change who she was even though she was told who to be, and she shouldn't have to, I just love her!
Tito (4 months ago)
Elaine Stritch on “The Golden Girls”- it should’ve been her instead of Estelle Getty. Sorry, but Sophia was annoying. :-(
Lord Byron (5 months ago)
Elaine didn’t seem funny here. Maybe she was joking around about her not getting the part, but I wasn’t laughing. I sensed regret, remorse, disappointment and anger. Maybe it was all an act and that’s how good she was. I don’t think so. She experienced these emotions, otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to draw from them. I experienced these emotions, otherwise I wouldn’t have recognized them.
PineTreeLooms (5 months ago)
PineTreeLooms (5 months ago)
The Show was on NBC
Mo Shiggles (6 months ago)
She’s my spirit animal. I blew all types of opportunities. Love her. I also really love the GG, so I’m kinda happy she fucked up the audition. I know that’s fucked up, too.
The Fonz (6 months ago)
She's assuming they wanted to actually give it to her. The role was written for, quote, "A BEA ARTHUR TYPE". That was what was written on the casting notes. They just initially thought that Bea Arthur wouldn't want to do it.
Delana Johnson (6 months ago)
I don't know who this woman is but she definitely could've been the one of Bea hadn't agreed. For sure.
Delana Johnson (6 months ago)
"Two other old broads and her mother" Blanche was only 51. 🤗
Rick David (6 months ago)
Just watched Elaine in an episode of OZ where she played a judge.
MissyB 75 (7 months ago)
Put some pants on granny!
Sydney Prescott (7 months ago)
Susan Harris was not having any other actress play Dorothy but Bea, so when they auditioned other actresses, she wasnt having it... but she could've been nicer
James McInnis (7 months ago)
Her popularity is unfathomable to me.
Simply Divine (7 months ago)
The Golden Girls was on NBC not CBS, by the way. Not even from day one was CBS ever involved.
Faith Cooleridge (7 months ago)
She would have made the show a fucking mess. By season three they would have been worrying about how they were going to write out Dorothy and replace the missing part.
Rick Gould (7 months ago)
Oh, celebrity anecdotes... feels very "elevated."
Betty White (7 months ago)
Sending my love, Rose 🌹
Chito Mañosca Francisco (8 months ago)
She didn't blew it. They want Bea to play the role of Dorothy.
Stunning Sage (8 months ago)
My question was why didn't they call her up when Bea left and made her one of Dorothy' s sisters or something? Then the girls could have stayed at Blanche's house instead of going to the Golden Palace?
uknow who (8 months ago)
I wonder about people's imagination. Just because she didn't end up playing Dorothy doesn't mean she couldn't have been great in the part. But most people can only believe what they see which is evidenced by the comment section.
Right As Rain (9 months ago)
I absolutely adore Bea Arthur, but it would have been fun to see Elaine Stritch as Dorothy's sister who visit's often. Oh well.
M.J. Leger (9 months ago)
I guess she likes to show off her legs, and why shouldn't she, they are about her nicest feature!  Funny lady, but I just can't see her on the Golden Girls except maybe in the role of "Dorothy."  (I don't think using the "F" word is funny either, and it's used so commonly today, the shock-value is nearly gone, it's just crass and stupid to use it now, proves you have a limited vocabulary.
Vincent Aquilecchia (11 months ago)
I love Bea as Dorothy, she is the rock of the group, and lackluster .... would have been interesting to have seen Elaine instead, but.
Brent Edwards (11 months ago)
She didn't have the discipline for TV...and was obviously very didficult at times...as brilliant a performer as she was. The GG were real pros and TV pros.. who knew how to put a show on it's feet in 3-4 days, deal with tons of changes right up to taping and deliver when the red light was on... The casting was perfect!
U N V Me (11 months ago)
"Ying don't forget the fucking hors d'oeuvre" 😀
Astriano Castellon (11 months ago)
It was meant to be for Bea...
tammyramey (1 year ago)
I liked her so much better than Bea Arthur.....I wonder if this is an unpopular opinion...
Cécilia Synnott (1 year ago)
I'm so glad she ruined her audition She's a 🐽 pig headed and vulgar woman who tried to change the formula of that sitcom.. Bea was it Excellent family entertainment..
Cécilia Synnott (11 months ago)
Peter Neal (11 months ago)
Cécilia Marier Why?
Cécilia Synnott (11 months ago)
Peter Neal (11 months ago)
Silly me!
Cécilia Synnott (11 months ago)
Peter Neal.. Jealous of my good looks.. Where's your 🦔 pic Are you that ugly..
Annette Elliott (1 year ago)
She was so good in Monster in Law.....
The Rolls Royce Trent (1 year ago)
They had the PERFECT cast on The Golden Girls. Bea Aurthor was better than Elaine.
ohmusicsweetmusic (1 year ago)
it is hard when you have legitimate regrets.... but there was just a bigger picture being formed. Bea was that role and she was supposed to play it.
elchoya100 (1 year ago)
she would have been annoying,glad she didnt get it.BEA ARTHUR WAS THE BEST,stritch would have been worst.
Joseph Parker (1 year ago)
To be honest I cannot see myself thinking Elaine would have fit for Dorothy but she could have fit for Rue's character Blanche.
raye coone (1 year ago)
I can actually see Elaine Stritch playing one of those characters
gavone1980 (1 year ago)
Dorothy Zbornak was written with Bea in mind. It literally said in the character description "A Bea Arthur-type." Originally, Bea was not interested in the role. She told Rue McClanahan "Rue, I'm not interested in playing Maude & Vivian meet Sue Ann Nivens" (Betty was originally supposed to play Blanche & Rue Rose, which were both very similar to the roles they played in The Mary Tyler Moore Show & Maude). But once Rue & Betty switched the Blanche & Rose roles, Bea said yes. So no matter who auditioned & how good they were--even if Elaine hadn't cursed, once Bea decided to come on board, she would have been dumped because they wanted Bea all along.
Lauren Carter (1 year ago)
I'm glad she screwed her self. I didn't even know who she was....
Robert Fishman (1 year ago)
Elaine Stritch was the only other high-profile actress beside Bea Arthur who could have portrayed the character of Dorothy Zbornak.
skuttytip (1 year ago)
It was an NBC show.
J F H M (1 year ago)
And ever again would we see such legs on a 60 plus year old woman
Andrew Lang (1 year ago)
Boring as fuck! Are you nod dead yet??
86am (1 year ago)
Elaine should have guested on GG. She could have played Stan's sister.
Tyson Bastien (1 year ago)
Was this supposed to be funny?... I think she's just drunk.
Natalia Castellanos (1 year ago)
Bea is the man!!!
Joe Green (1 year ago)
She should’ve played Dorothy’s sister
A B (1 year ago)
How much better the show would have been with Elaine instead of Bea. There was the sweet Betty, the sexy Rue and then this horrible drag-queen looking monster Bea. Imagine the hilarious Elaine, instead. What a show it could have been. A shame.
J.P. Wing (1 year ago)
There’s an interview where Bea is asked what she would have thought if Dorothy had met Maude. She replies, “Dorothy would have told Maude to calm down, then they would have shared clothes.” I think Elaine would have been good as Gloria (or maybe even Phil! HA!) but Dena Dietrich was quite believable as Gloria, more so than the first Gloria.
TheCharm1ed (1 year ago)
She would not have been fit for Goldens Girls. She wouldve ruined it. With that attitude to wanna fuck the word F**K in the lines is a disgrace. She makes me angry!!!
Dan Lynch (1 year ago)
If she really said that she's a BALLER!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dylan Simon (1 year ago)
She didnt really blow it. Susan Harris wrote it with Bea Arthur in mind, and she was going to get Bea Arthur come hell or high water.
musicaltheatergeek79 (1 year ago)
I think that's why Harris was frosty with her at the audition.
John Skogman (1 year ago)
Put some pants on.
Sherry Miller (1 year ago)
Oh.. I think Elaine would have shot that character up just as far a Bea.....maybe further. Like Elaine said, who knows?
teenie beenie (1 year ago)
miss u baby our walks down by the creek were so delicious.... luv alwys n alwys..
BtonMan75 (1 year ago)
Why did she say "CBS," when TGG was an NBC project??
Allan Cuseo (1 year ago)
Mas Emarod (1 year ago)
I remember her from the Cosby show..I think she played the neighbor that wouldn't take her meds, but she couldn't have been Dorothy Spornak, I have younger coworkers that said they never watched GG because who wanted to watch old ladies, now these same coworkers are catching reruns on hallmark talking about it some of the most hilarious stuff they watched , talking about the GG like its some new show...
musicaltheatergeek79 (1 year ago)
On COSBY, she played Rudy and Kenny's teacher, Mrs. McGee. She was in, like, three episodes.
Holidayin germany (1 year ago)
Yep that's what you get for being uppety in Hollywood.
Holidayin germany (1 year ago)
I'm sure she regretted that mistake for ever. Apparently she finds it important enough to mention she was asked. She could have played Sophia's sister as a guest star, but I guess the producers never forgave her for being so forward.
Tony Mcneil (1 year ago)
Wasn't GG on NBC
Candy Hunter (1 year ago)
I Love them all nd miss them very much
Alyssa Thomas (1 year ago)
Bea Arthur as Dorothy could never be replaced. I see Elaine as more of a Sophia character but I really think the show was perfectly cast. I'm glad it worked out the way it did. I've seen every single episode at least 4 times. Love those girls!
se0g09v (1 year ago)
When Bea left the show, Elaine could have replaced her or even...Debbie Reynolds. Debbie played someone who would have replaced Dorothy in an earlier episode....but then we would have never had The Golden Palace.
Shelly Goldstein (1 year ago)
Great story but it wasn't CBS, it was NBC. Stritch was a genius but no one can complain about casting the magnificent Bea Arthur. Both were consummate artists, both utterly unique.
KATEPALSALLY (1 year ago)
CBS? NBCwas the station
Watson Everly (1 year ago)
she's doing an acting school exercize.
Lady Julie Christine (1 year ago)
glorious.go girl.
Heidi Fedor (1 year ago)
I assume she's talking about Susan Harris.
musicaltheatergeek79 (1 year ago)
Well, look who just caught up!
Abdu Robinson (1 year ago)
i felt like Elaine would have been funny, but she would not have been as strong as beA arthur
Abdu Robinson (1 year ago)
im glad bea got it. i could see why they did ask her she could have pulled it off, but bea was strong and assertive, yet funny. i could not see her being that.
Sal Paradise (1 year ago)
Whatevs Whtevr (1 year ago)
She was great on 30 rock.
Edgar G. (1 year ago)
Her cameo in 30 Rock was epic!!! 🙌❤️💯🔥😎🙏🏽
DHGlee2013 (1 year ago)
I love Elaine but I'm kinda glad she blew the audition. Bea Arthur killed that role.
Darnell Holland (1 year ago)
"For god's sake rose! Eisenhower used less chalk planning D-Day."- Dorothy Zbnornak
jtrobins1 (21 days ago)
Matt Deans (1 year ago)
There are no accidents.
fotolove79 (1 year ago)
she should have been Gloria her sister!
bea kittelscherz (1 year ago)
where ate her pants
azeleapark (1 year ago)
she had some nice legs for her age
mrbear1302 (1 year ago)
She doesn't even know what network the Golden Girls was on??????
Ángel Díaz (1 year ago)
she would have been a great Sofia. she even looks like Dorothy
Michael (1 year ago)
"....back to New York. To the thea-tah." I love the old, glamorous way she says it 😂
SadisticCupid (2 years ago)
All I read is "nobody could've played Dorothy like Bea did. Glad Elaine blew it" - but truth be told, if the roles were reversed, we'd be saying "Nobody could've played Dorothy like Elaine. Glad Bea blew it."
musicaltheatergeek79 (1 year ago)
nope, we'd be saying "golden girls? what's that?"
Annette Elliott (2 years ago)
she was so funny in monster in Law,..
trumped on (2 years ago)
....but I'm here.
RestAwhile Y'all (2 years ago)
That's a man. So was Dorothy.

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