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Crystal Cove Cottages - Beach Cottage by the Sea

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http://gaincrowd.com Could your non-profit use a great video like this one to help boost global branding and recognition. Find out how affordable video can be. Crystal Cove's historic beach cottages, Laguna Beach is a fantastic place to make reservations for your next vacation in Newport Beach. Visitors come to Crystal Cove to enjoy the sun, the sand, the restaurants and the unique historic cottages. Reservations can be made on line in advance or guests can can come to the park for the day and enjoy the surf, sand and tradition of Crystal Cove that dates back to the late 1800s. The Crystal Cove Alliance has been working hard to raise money to restore all of the cottages to their original glory and accomplish this through your generous donations, but Crystal Cove Alliance is so much more. Crystal Cove Alliance helps maintain the parks and trails, provide open access to visitors as well as ecological protection and education of this beautiful beach, wilderness trails and amazing natural resource. Crystal Cove Alliance strives to maintain the Crystal Cove State Park as it was 100 years ago when visitors would come her to camp, bath in the cool waters and paint. There are lots of great reasons to preserve this natural resource so get involved and donate today, your funding helps Crystal Cove Alliance's mission of restoration of these historic cottages by the sea in beautiful Laguna Beach.
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