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Jollify Vs Sea Cottage

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Kevin Davis (5 months ago)
In fact still the photo at the finish line and see for yourself even laird said straight afterwards we came second and Horton on jollify said I held on but the incredible eye hawk commentator ernie duffield was sure and said so afterwards
Kevin Davis (5 months ago)
No doubt about it jollify won that I'd there was today tech you would see
Kevin Davis (7 months ago)
Clearly jollify won no question
Jay August (5 months ago)
From the camera angle you cannot make such a statement. You can clearly see from the shadows that the line to be drawn does not show anything like a clear Jollify win. Look again! The photo finish is also very clear as to what happened and you can look it up also.
Akesh Singh (9 months ago)
Probably the greatest July winner.Amazing footage

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