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Keith Ryan Joshua Randall
Maybe I'm just bitter but I filed for a protective order against Kieth Ryan Joshua Randall for continued harassment and financial fraud, domestic abuse, burglary, vandalism, obscene phone calls, death threats and extortion against me and my parents. I live in fear and terror every day of being harmed by this violent psychopath who smashed up my home and smashed down my front door. He smashed every door in my home and holes in my walls in has violent temper tantrums when he didn't steal enough from my home that day in order to score enough meth to support his massive drug addiction. He stole my car multiple times and broke my smartphones to prevent me from calling family and police for help. He would leave for days TAKING MY CAR sometimes and would strap my fridge and pantry bare. He invited criminals into my home and was distributing meth with them in exchange for their in the extortion/fraud and abuse against me. His actions let to the death of my brother John Preston Kohl age 51 who was very upset when he found I was being abused and my car stolen by this animal my mom was trying to help him but rushed to Las Vegas to try to help in getting him to return my car. He had us running all over town for 3 days and would never be at the location stated sending on us on one wild goose chase after another till on the 3rd day he called us when the car ran out of gas to come get the car. We retrieved my car and on the way home got a call from my dad my brother was dead and the cause of death was overdose by opioid pill, Valium and alcohol. My brother was OCD and alcoholic and was very distraught about what was happening to me and needed constant supervision and my father is frail and unable to provide the supervision my brother needed and Keith's actions are the reason my mom was pulled away, his criminal actions may have unintentionally led to my brother's death but did indeed result in his untimely death and to add insult to injury Keith threw a wild party in my home with 20 people in my home 2 of them infants with people passing around meth pipes and drinking alcohol loud music, the meth smoke was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Discarded used baby diapers and trash everywhere. I demanded they leave my home, and I was punched, kicked and pushed down in my garage and told "what are you gonna do about it "Faggot hurry up and die of AIDS already old man, F#$K YOU" where the exact words he said. This man proceeded to jump on a motorcycle with a woman who was part of the group. I presume she was his girl friend because they were having intercourse in my bedroom on my bed when I went in to my bedroom after I started yelling you need to leave now or I will call the cops on the way out he reeves the engine on his motorcycle and squealed the back tire of the bike wildly screaming "F#$K YOU AIDS INFECTED FAGGOT" AND "FU FAGGOT FU' OVER I was fined $800 by the association for this incident and fined more for continuous disturbance and accused of running a flop house by the police. I have been too embarrassed and afraid to take legal action against Keith Ryan Joshua Randall and I fear for me and my family's lives life for taking action maniac but I felt I could no longer remain silent after he contacted 2 weeks ago on Facebook using another screen name Keith Randall without the two middle names and a series of obscene phone calls and threats from private and unlisted numbers. I fear for my safety and want this man stopped and despite the danger of reporting this violent and vengeful psychopath who a can prove beyond all doubt is committed mutable and repeated crimes against me including identity theft, stolen laptop and much more. I want justice and protection from him and his many criminal, drugged out homeless friends and I seek to warn others about him. I believe everyone should have personal freedom to be safe in their own home and lives and never be to afraid or embarrassed to do the right thing and report the abuse , theft, extortion and death threats and many more crimes that victimize others. I want Keith to be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law will allow and I never want to see, hear or be contacted by this deeply warped and manipulative individual. I will never forgive him for infinity because he is pure evil and only when you're the victim of repeated abuse by the same individual and forgive too many times do you wake up one day and tell yourself I UNFORGIVE THAT Individual THEY HURT ME TOO MANY TIMES AND Destroyed MY BROTHER, HOME AND LIFE AND THEY JUST WON'T STAY. THIS PERSON IS LIKE CANCER THAT JUST COMING BACK AND I HATE CANCER. DO YOU HATE CANCER. (THE Disease NOT THE SIGN) I SIMPLY CAN'T FORGIVE CANCER AGAIN, EVER THAT WOULD BE STUPID. I GOT TO STAND UP AND FIGHT THIS CANCER AND I AM SO GLAD I TOOK ACTION. PEACE AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. PLEASE CALL ME SOMETIME 702-768-3469. THANK YOU, GOD BLESS.
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Avicii -  Liar Liar
I have proof that Keith-Ryan Joshua Randall stole my LAPTOP, MY CARPET SHAMPOOER AND CAMERA HE TRADED THESE ITEMS FOR "DOPE" THIS VIDEO PROVES THAT. This scumbag was a house guest of mine and quickly assembled dozens of homeless to that destroyed my home and life. His actions also indirectly led to my brother's death. He has been a curse on me, my friends and family. Keith is such a lowlife. I plan on pressing any criminal charges against him if possible and I will try civilly. KEITH-RYAN JOSHUA RANDALL A lying, manipulative, psychotic loser thug. BEWARE!!!!!!!!! Happy Halloween month!
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