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bear breath (gay bears and chubs)
Video about big and handsome gay men (chubby bears, chubs, bears) music: Jeff Faustman, Michael Wegner - Breathe (Morel Pink Noise Mix) - Nekked
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bear world
Slideshow about bears, chubby bears, cubs, chubs.
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Gay movie (The King of Escape Part 02)
The King of Escape (Le roi de l'évasion) (2009) Armand (Ludovic Berthillot) is a 43 year old gay tractor salesman. He's charming and can be best described as "bear" like. He enjoys cruising for men at roadside rest-stops, seducing customers and rides a bike like he's on a stage of the Tour de France. Curly (Hafsia Herzi) is the spunky 16 year old daughter of a rival salesman at Armand's company. An unlikely romance develops when Armand saves Curly from the local delinquents.Despite warnings from Curly's parents and the police fitting him with an electronic surveillance bracelet, the two can't be apart. They flee Curly's family and police in a wild romp through the countryside. It's not a rip-roaring police chase. It can only be described as fat guy and teenager comically running through the fields and forests. Much of the fleeing involves Armand in his underwear and interlaced with various stops for sex between the lovers.
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bears (big gay men)
Videoclip about big and handsome gay men (bears,chubby bears,chubs,big guys) music: Elijah Black - Smile For Me
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bears in the orange sky ))
Video about big and handsome gay men (chubby bears, chubs, bears, cubs, chubby daddies)
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hot bears
video about hot bears, chubby bears, cubs, chubs and daddies.
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Chubby gay bears (handsome gay bears and chubby men)
Slideshow about bears, chubby bears, chubs and handsome gay men. rock music by Elijah Black - Passion
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