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S01E03   Miles, We Hardly Knew Ye
When Blanche finds Rose's boyfriend, Miles' (Harold Gould) name in the hotel guest list, she suspects he has been cheating on her and she plans to tell Rose. However, her plan backfires when Roland tells her that the Miles Webber who comes to the hotel is a different man, which causes tensions between Rose and Blanche. As Rose prepares to put her relationship with Miles back on track, Miles reveals a devastating secret.
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S01E02   Promotional Considerations
Rose makes a deal with producers of a talk show to have guests on the show stay at the Golden Palace for free, in exchange for an ad acknowledging the hotel, until they find out that one of their newest guests is a killer.
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S01E04   One Old Lady to Go
Rose makes friends with an old woman (Anne Haney) at the hotel.
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S01E23   Sex, Lies and Tortillas
Spring break at the Golden Palace: Roland discovers a college kid who has been sneaking friends into his room, Chuy tries to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, and Rose's granddaughter (Brooke Theiss) checks into the hotel with plans of sleeping with her boyfriend.
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S01E14   Runaways
Oliver's mother (Joely Fisher) has arrived to take her son home. However, Oliver and Sophia have run away in a stolen car.
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S01E21   Tad
Blanche's mentally disabled brother Tad (Ned Beatty) visits the hotel, and falls for Rose.
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S01E13   Rose and Fern
Rose's ex, Miles, keeps calling the hotel, leading Rose to believe he wants to get back together with her. Harold Gould makes his last appearance as Miles. Guest star Nanette Fabray as Fern.
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S01E18   You've Lost That Livin' Feeling
Rose invites a restaurant critic (Eric Christmas) to review the hotel restaurant's food. There, the critic drops dead, and the staff fears that Chuy — whom the critic once gave a bad review — may have poisoned him.
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S01E06   Can't Stand Losing You
The girls compete to help Roland find a date, and Blanche brings in an old girlfriend (Kim Fields).
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S01E05   Ebbtide for the Defense
Just as Rose has overbooked the hotel with guests — the majority of whom are lawyers visiting the city for a convention — Blanche and Roland find that the hotel's insurance has been cancelled.
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S01E10   Marriage on the Rocks, with a Twist
Roland's parents visit the hotel with the announcement that they are getting a divorce. Tim Conway and Harvey Korman guest-star as radio DJs.
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S01E12   It's Beginning to Look a Lot Less Like Christmas
Chuy has a Christmas Carol-esque nightmare about Rose, Blanche, and Sophia.
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S01E24   The Chicken and the Egg
Blanche calls upon her daughter Rebecca for an egg cell after agreeing to have her beau's children, then has a dream that Rose, Sophia, Roland, Chuy, and she are pregnant.
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S01E17   Say Goodbye, Rose
Rose's new boyfriend, Bill (Eddie Albert), bears a striking resemblance to her late husband, Charlie. Meanwhile, the hotel holds a comedy competition. George Burns guest-stars. Bill Engvall plays Blanche's son Matthew.
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The Golden Palace - S01E01   Pilot
Rose, Blanche, and Sophia move out of their home and into The Golden Palace hotel, where they meet the manager named Roland, his foster child Oliver, and the chef, named Chuy.
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S01E07   Seems Like Old Times (Part 1)
Dorothy reunites with her old friends at the hotel, and is shocked at how hard her mother Sophia is working. Bea Arthur returns as Dorothy Zbornak-Hollingsworth for this two-parter.
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S01E19   A New Leash on Life
Blanche's new love interest plans to put his racing greyhound to sleep if it does not win its next race. This does not sit well with Rose. Roland fears that Chuy is dating his mother and tries to put a stop to it.
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S01E09   Just a Gigolo
Blanche is escorted to a dance by a gigolo named Nick (Barry Bostwick).
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S01E08   Seems Like Old Times (Part 2)
Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose search for Sophia, who has gone missing. This episode features the final appearance of Bea Arthur as Dorothy. Jack Black has a small role. This also marks the only scene to take place at Shady Pines, the nursing home frequently mentioned throughout the original series.
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S01E15   Heartbreak Hotel
Blanche tries to win over the man who snubbed her in college, who ends up falling for Rose. Guest-starring Dick Van Patten.
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S01E16   Señor Stinky Learns Absolutely Nothing About Life
Roland, Rose, and Brad the pool man form a volleyball team, and constantly leave Chuy out.
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S01E22   One Angry Stan
Stanley Zbornak, Dorothy's ex-husband, is presumed dead. His ex-mother-in-law Sophia, however, begins seeing Stan duck in when no one else is around, claiming he has faked his death in a tax evasion scheme. As no one else witnesses Stan, the others assume Sophia is having demented hallucinations. Last appearance of Herbert Edelman as Stan Zbornak.
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S01E20   Pro and Concierge
Blanche fires Roland after he is caught in a job interview with the representative of another hotel chain. Blanche and Rose suggest that Sophia should go on a vacation, so she stays at the hotel.
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S01E11   Camp Town Races Aren't Nearly as Much Fun as They Used to Be
Blanche and Roland have a disagreement over a Confederate flag hung on the front desk. Also, Rose is against guests coming into the hotel only to have sex.
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That's My Boy - S04E03 What Seems To Be The Trouble?
Ida has trouble adjusting to her new surroundings, so Robert and Angie suggest she gets a hobby, and she finds a way to contribute to her new community.
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That's My Boy - Cold Turkey (1983 Christmas Special)
Robert and Angie's plans for a quiet Christmas with Ida are set wildly awry when Robert's recently widowed boss lets it be known he has no one to spend the day with. And his other mother has no plans neither. Nor Ida's brother, Wilfred!
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That's My Boy - S01E05 Driven Apart
The old saying that husbands should never teach their wives to drive proves dangerously true for Robert and Angie when Angie hits Mrs. Price's car. Can Ida save the day – and the relationships?
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That's My Boy - S01E01 Live as a Family
Housekeeper Ida Willis is the terror of the domestic employment agency – and the clients to whom she is sent! When she is sent to the home of Dr. Robert Price and his wife Angie, she tells Angie about the son she gave up and shows a picture of the year-old Shane. Angie notes that it looks like a baby picture of her Robert. It does – they are the very same boy! When Robert tells Angie to fire Ida, the truth is revealed.
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That's My Boy - S01E06 Think Thin
Robert decides that he, Angie, and Ida need to go on a diet, and forbids Ida to have even one gin-and-tonic. But is he sticking so strictly to the diet himself?
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That's My Boy - S01E02 Settling In
Ida is settling in as the Prices' housekeeper – despite Robert's resistance – when Robert's adoptive mother, the upper-class Mrs. Cecilia Price, turns up. Will the two women get along?
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That's My Boy - S01E03 Happy Birthdays, Robert
Ida insists that Robert's birthday is in June, but Mrs. Price says his birthday is when she adopted him. Robert takes both his mothers out to dinner and surprise, they become friends. But for how long?
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That's My Boy - S01E04 Is It Catching?
Ida reluctantly agrees to look after her brother Wilfred's baby grandson, and soon finds she was right to be so reluctant!
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Fresh Fields - A Dickens of a Christmas (1985 Christmas Special)
Eager for their first Christmas with their grandson, Hester and William are disappointed when Emma says she and Peter have suddenly made other plans. Who will help them consume all that extra food and drink? Fortunately Sonia is happy to come bringing husband John, and Guy will join any party to be close to Nancy. William invites his secretary, and the Fields have one of their best celebrations ever.
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Jackpot 24/7 2018 Music Track 3
Music played during Wheel Spins on Jackpot 24/7
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ITV Telethon 92 End
ITV Telethon 92 - A Televised fundraising event broadcast for 28 hours non stop bringing all of the ITV regions together.
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ABBA Reforming - Benny & Bjorn ITV News Exclusive 30/04/2018
Broadcast during the ITV Evening News on 30/04/2018 - Benny and Bjorn talk about ABBA getting back together
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Pipes & Drums of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - Highland Cathedral
Filmed in 2002 at Dunblane Cathedral, Scotland as part of Scotdiscs Highland Cathedral DVD/CD/Cassette All work and copyright exists with Scotdisc/The Band of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards If you like this, the full DVD is available online at http://www.scotdisc.co.uk/productview.php?P_ID=531
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In Loving Memory - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (1982 Christmas Special)
The festive season is anything but for Ivy and Billy who find themselves in competition with the rival Pardoe family. However when a local dignitary dies it affords them the opportunity for a happy Christmas as well as partaking in the local glee club choir.
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Sky Movies 90s Promo Roll
Sky Movies trailer played out between movies during the 90's - This is the clean version without the movie sound clips.
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Fun Acres Portsmouth 90s TV Advert
TV Advert broadcast during the 90's on TVS in the South for Fun Acres Amusement Park, Clarence Pier, Southsea, Portsmouth
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Going Live Outro Theme - Clean
End theme music from the BBC's Saturday morning show Going Live!
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Jackpot 24/7 2017 Music Track 1
Background music played during wheelspin through 2017, not used on-air any longer. All rights reserved to the respected rights holders for both audio and video content.
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Jackpot 24/7 Theme (Full Version)
Full version of the Intro/Outro theme used by Jackpot 24/7
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Jackpot 24/7 Opener Audio
Clean Opening Audio
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Jackpot 24/7 Music 2018 Track 1
Background music played during wheelspins on Jackpot 24/7. All rights reserved to respective holders for both audio and video
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Inside Liverpool's Cavern Club January 2017
Inside the famous Cavern Club
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Jackpot 24/7 2018 Music Track 2
Another track used during wheel spins on Jackpot 24/7
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