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Pride & Prejudice - Your Hands are Cold - One of the last scenes.
Beautiful romantic scene in the English countryside
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Hannibal - Vide Cor Meum - Dante Alighieri - La Vita Nuova
Vide Cor Meum è una canzone composta da Patrick Cassidy basato sulla Vita Nuova di Dante Alighieri, in particolare sul sonetto A ciascun'alma Presa, nel capitolo 3 della Vita Nuova. La canzone è stata prodotta da Patrick Cassidy e Hans Zimmer ed è stata eseguita dalla Libera / Lyndhurst Orchestra, condotta da Gavin Greenaway. Le voci sono di Danielle de Niese e Bruno Lazzaretti, che interpretano rispettivamente Dante e Beatrice. Vide Cor Meum is a song composed by Patrick Cassidy based on Dante Alighieri 's "La Vita Nuova", specifically on the sonnet "A ciascun'alma presa", in chapter 3 of the Vita Nuova. As Dante tells it, when he was 9, he became quite smitten with a little girl he called Beatrice. He only saw her in passing but was soon obsessed with her. Nine years later, he sees her again. This time she says hello and Love overwhelms poor Dante. He goes back to his room and "thinking of her, sweet sleep overcame" him. Then he sees the vision of Love holding a woman (Beatrice) who is wrapped in a veil. Love says, "I am your master."
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"All Over the Guy" - HD last scene - Tom asks Eli what he wanted
"All Over the Guy" - gay romantic comedy about the quest to find the "one".
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from the movie STILL BREATHING (2000)
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LIVING OUT LOUD (1998) - Queen Latifah, Holly Hunter & Danny DeVito
Forgetting all the ex-husbands and gay boyfriends ...
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Ivri Lider & Rita -Walk on Water -Cinderella Rockefella HD
Ivri Lider & Rita / scenes from the movie Walk on Water (2004) - ללכת על המים - Israeli film directed by Eytan Fox and starring Lior Ashkenazi, Knut Berger and Caroline Peters.
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Straight guy with a gay best friend?
Mark Goldberg in a scene from the movie "All Over The Guy". There is no such thing as a straight guy with a gay best friend, he's not f!#*ing... a girl.
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How can we ever get out of our box? The Flatlanders
How can we ever get out of the box? Unsuitable for dimensionally challenged individuals ☺ From the movie: "What the bleep do we know? Down the Rabbit Hole"
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film BEAR CUB -extra footage  / film CACHORRO -escena adicional
In spanish but it can still be enjoyed if you don't understand the language -it's very visual. The nephew catches him in bed dressed up in leather with a man so it all starts there...REALLY FUNNY & CUTE.
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Giving BJs to rescue workers....
Margaret CHO
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Catherine and her new toy
March 2007
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Minority Report
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