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California Girl Bikini Contest #11
The California Girl Bikini Contest #11 at Oscar's Night Club in Anaheim, California. This is a first round with 20 contestants!Monster line-up includes Tiffany Weston, Bianca McEachin, Julie Kruis, Jacqueline Guerra, Kimberly Schreyer, Julie "Blaze" Fulkerson, Christy Sandoval, Brooke Thompson, Jeannie Sweet and Sherrie Steele. Contestants: 1.Tiffany (Tiffany Weston) 0:43 2.Nancy 4:36 3.Cheserea 8:14 4.Bianca (Bianca McEachin) 11:54 5.Julie (Julie Kruis) 15:11 6.Dani 18:25 7.Jacqueline (Jacqueline Guerra) 22:06 8.Kim (Kimberly Schreyer) 25:41 9.Nancy 29:34 10.Julie (Julie "Blaze" Fulkerson) 33:38 11.Karen 37:24 12.Christy (Christy Sandoval) 40:12 13.Stacey P. 43:44 14.Destiny 48:00 15.Brigitte (Brooke Thompson) 51:40 16.Penny 55:31 17.Mercedes 59:28 18.Stacey M. 1:02:56 19.Jeannie (Jeannie Sweet) 1:07:09 20.Sherrie (Sherrie Steele) 1:10:33
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California Girl Bikini Contest 15 Part 2 - Bikinis
The California Girl Bikini Contest #15(Part 2, Bikinis) at Oscar's Night Club in Anaheim, California. The insane line-up includes Tiffany Ann(Cheryl Johnson), Brooke Thompson, Bianca McEachin, Brandy Wade, Lynnondria Haig,Dana Loury,Jeannie Sweet, Karen Croney, Pamela Brown, Christy Mitchell and Julie "Blaze" Fulkerson. Who will make it to the Finals? Contestants: 1.Michelle 1:15 2.Brandy (Brandy Wade) 5:11 3.Sharis(Sharis Savage) 9:50 4.Karen (Karen Croney) 13:30 5.Tess (Lynnondria Haig) 17:41 6.Lei 21:23 7.Christy T. 25:19 8.Sheri (Sheri Steele) 28:53 9.Bianca (Bianca McEachin) 32:14 10.Tammy 36:58 11.Marisa (Marisa Davi) 40:40 12.Venus 45:53 13.Tara 50:08 14.Christy M.(Christy Mitchell) 53:33 15.Jeannie (Jeannie Sweet) 57:22 16.Dana (Dana Loury) 1:02:42 17.Tiffany Ann (Cheryl Johnson) 1:06:15 18.Nancy 1:09:47 19.Chelsea 1:13:18 20.Julie (Julie "Blaze" Fulkerson) 1:17:09 21.Bridget (Brooke Thompson) 1:20:47 22.Pam (Pamela Brown) 1:24:14
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