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Sex Talk with JoJo Bear Episode 002: What is Sexological Bodywork?
Find out a little more about what is Sexological Bodywork and what you can go to a sexological bodyworker for?
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Sex Talk with JoJo Bear Episode 003: JoJo chats with the men of Pawed NYC!
JoJo interviews Jon & John creators of Pawed NYC who facilitates wellness, health and sensual workshops for men in the bear community!
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Rosebud Massage 101 Workshop in NYC 3/17/2018
Come join us at 3F studios in Manhattan as JoJo Bear facilitates his Rosebud Massage 101 class. Book your spot at www.pawednyc.com
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Sex Talk with JoJo Bear Episode 001: Men Having Erectile Difficulties with other people
Erectile difficulties can be a stressful thing for many men, here are some thoughts on how the answers could be in your subconscious mind!
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MMM for Science 2018 Day 5 - Intention: Witnessing & Being Witnessed
JoJo Bear discusses his experience with being witnessed and being witnessing another during his MMM!
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My upcoming offering / workshop in NYC - March 15th
Come join me for Erotic Trance Dance with JoJo Bear in NYC for more information. Check out my website at www.metamorphicembodiment.com or www.daddyretreat.com
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MMM for Science Day #4 - Movement
JoJo talks about his experience around Mindful Masturbation for the month of May! This is about his practice with movement!
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