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Sex Talk with JoJo Bear Episode 002: What is Sexological Bodywork?
Find out a little more about what is Sexological Bodywork and what you can go to a sexological bodyworker for?
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MMM for Science Day #4 - Movement
JoJo talks about his experience around Mindful Masturbation for the month of May! This is about his practice with movement!
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Sex Talk with JoJo Bear Episode 003: JoJo chats with the men of Pawed NYC!
JoJo interviews Jon & John creators of Pawed NYC who facilitates wellness, health and sensual workshops for men in the bear community!
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Rosebud Massage 101 Workshop in NYC 3/17/2018
Come join us at 3F studios in Manhattan as JoJo Bear facilitates his Rosebud Massage 101 class. Book your spot at www.pawednyc.com
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Sex Talk with JoJo Bear Episode 001: Men Having Erectile Difficulties with other people
Erectile difficulties can be a stressful thing for many men, here are some thoughts on how the answers could be in your subconscious mind!
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Smooching101: How to make out like a pro
Clients come in and talk to me about how to kiss, why their partners don't kiss, or why they don't want to kiss? They never learn, here are some techniques and info about kissing!!
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How to navigate touch & massage in groups 2 or more!
A great description on how to ask for what you need to get the maximum amount of pleasure in a group of 2 or more!!
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Learn the practice of Medibation with me!! This 3 step practice can help with connecting the body with the spirit!
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Sex & Sobriety
How do you navigate sex after sobriety? Here is some suggestions!! Most important be gentle with yourself!
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MMM for Science 2018 Day 5 - Intention: Witnessing & Being Witnessed
JoJo Bear discusses his experience with being witnessed and being witnessing another during his MMM!
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My upcoming offering / workshop in NYC - March 15th
Come join me for Erotic Trance Dance with JoJo Bear in NYC for more information. Check out my website at www.metamorphicembodiment.com or www.daddyretreat.com
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Red Tantra Ritual
This Ritual is for men who want to connect with the sensual spirit.
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Intimacy games 101: Asking for what you need
Come join us on Sunday, April 21 2019 and drop into some heart centered communication in this important workshop lead by Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coach JoJo DeRodrigo. To find out more go to www.metamorphicembodiment.com
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