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A Mind Stronger Than Steel
You've seen magicians bend spoons with their minds right? Watch Mark Zust, The Perceptionist and his audience use their mental powers to bend a 10" steel construction spike! No camera tricks - this really happened!
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PEPPERED! Comedy Close-Up Magic Routine. Perfect for Walk-Around!
Get PEPPERED! and spice up your magic! This fun, modular routine is straight from Mark Zust's restaurant/corporate set and is available for the first time. Mark is a pro who's been performing at trade shows, restaurants, corporate hospitalities and on stage as a keynote speaker for more than 35 years. Peppered! is one of his favorite effects for walk-around. Effect: That’s one pesky olive! It appears, disappears and reappears on the top of the pepper shaker, on the bottom, and yes, even INSIDE the sealed shaker. Finally, the little rascal grows to a JUMBO olive! The routine is designed so you can perform one or several phases, with patter or silently. The PEPPERED! PRO SET includes a FIVE phase routine with script, performance rights, a detailed video e-tutorial, studio performance, PLUS extra moves, tips and ideas. Although not for the beginner, PEPPERED! requires simple moves that you most likely already know. The e-tutorial explains all the moves, misdirection and subtleties. The PEPPERED! Shaker does most of the work for you! Comes complete with gimmicked pepper shaker, three realistic small rubber olives, one jumbo olive, squeaker, Sharpie marker and comprehensive online video tutorial. Retails for $69. Paypal to: [email protected]
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The Magic Die - Learn This Cool Trick Right Now!
Assumptions can fool you! Watch as Mark Zust, The Perceptionist, makes a two dimensional "die" do impossible things. Then, learn the trick yourself! You can download the magic die for FREE at www.zustco.com. Practice in front of a mirror for 10 minutes, then have fun dazzling your friends, family and business associates. Enjoy!
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CROWNED! Comedy Magic Routine
CROWNED! Finally, an egg bag routine for the rest of us! CROWNED! is six minutes of fun and amazement with just a splash of naughty. Oh, did we mention it involves alcohol? WHAT THE AUDIENCE SEES: The laughs begin when you realize someone has swiped your bottle of Crown Royal* from its signature purple draw string bag. A participant joins you on stage, checks out the empty bag, which he then holds. The bag dangles from one finger and yet, when he reaches in to check the results of his magical powers, he takes out a jumbo lemon! The lemon fills nearly HALF of the bag! You take the lemon, show it around, and place it in your pocket. Your on stage helper reaches inside the bag to make sure it’s empty, then the bag is hung on his outstretched finger. Another magical gesture and he looks inside. You guessed it - another jumbo lemon! In disgust, you take out the lemon, tossing it over your shoulder. The participant holds the bag one last time. Both you and your helper make a “magical gesture” that’s guaranteed to get big laughs (definitely NOT recommended for church groups! OR you can perform the 100% clean version, which is just as much fun). You reach inside and instead of a third lemon you take out a shot glass filled with Crown Royal! Hand it to your helper and as he’s getting ready to drink, reach inside the bag and produce a FULL-SIZED GLASS of Crown Royal, on the rocks, for yourself! You toast each other, then the audience. Enjoy a drink and your well-earned applause! CROWNED! includes the custom-made Crown Royal bag, two realistic jumbo lemons, shot glass with gimmick and the incredible shatterproof cocktail tumbler filled with ice and whiskey that you can drink from but needs NO cover! Supplied with a custom made hold-out for the glass that ensures an easy, no-worries production from the CR bag. The CROWNED! Pro Set also includes a written script, Full Performance Rights (including TV), theatrical blocking tips, a step-by-step studio performance break-down, as well as a live performance in an intimate, 250-seat comedy club. The routine can even be performed just a few feet away with proper blocking and audience management. If you’ve always wanted to entertain adults with the egg bag, now you have the props, comedy routine and a double finale that really entertains! CROWNED! was first developed more than 30 years ago by Mark Zust and has been honed during Mark's professional stage act. It's a proven crowd pleaser! There have been other magic and mentalism routines using a liquor bag, but NOTHING comes close to CROWNED! Retails for $199, shipped in ConUS. Order direct via paypal at: [email protected] * All Crown Royal logos, trademarks, service marks, design marks, and related indicia are the property of the respective copyright and trademark holders: Diageo North America, Inc. doing business as the Crown Royal Company
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Sudoku On Steroids! by Mark Zust
Sudoku On Steroids! Watch Mark Zust, The Perceptionist, complete an incredible number puzzle in record time.
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Bluff Mark and Win $100
Five people try to bluff Mark Zust, The Perceptionist, and win $100. It's tough to fool a mindreader!
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