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Dynasty Warriors 3: Defining EPIC in videogames
A dike!? Oh No!!
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Nihilist's Guide to E3 2018 - Pregame Discharge
Lyle is back to odd out the evens on the video based entertainment thats after your hard-slopped greens. The universe will burn out and it won't matter one day, but TODAY the matter is batter my dudes. This is the nihilist guide to e3.
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Epic continues to dunk on Steam and Retro is taking over Metroid Prime 4! - Pregame Discharge 68
While Steam and Valve may face a new threat in the form of Epic Games, the only threat to Lyle is Lyle himself!
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Devil May Cry 5 multiplayer and Spider-Man is getting its final DLC – Pregame Discharge 64
Warm and happy holidays and sweet, sweet alcohol consumption!
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Soulja Boy has a new console and Bungie is ditching Activision - Pregame Discharge 66
We here at Destructoid do not support the act of putting anything up Mario's booty hole. Bad things happen when that happens. Do you think Mario getting bigger with mushrooms is weird? You don't wanna know what happens when it goes up the wrong end.
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The Nintendo Direct, COD single-player is back, and Yoshi's furry hole - Pregame Discharge 71
One day we'll have an episode that covers the Nintendo Direct in a timely manner. But first, we must study the orb from the void creature and demoralize the masses.
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Final Smash Direct and PlayStation Classic games revealed! - Pregame Discharge 57
Open your eye(s?) to the mastery of stopping time with full body oil coverage.
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Red Dead Online is out this week and Skyward Sword might be Switchbound! - Pregame Discharge 61
We can't always fight nature. We can't fight change, we can't fight gravity, we can't fight nothin'. My whole life, all I ever did was fight those damn Amish... Don't they realize we have VIDEO GAMES!?
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Mortal Kombat 11 got announced and EA performed another Star Wars fatality! - Pregame Discharge 67
Honestly, confusing messes are the only things that make any sense anymore.
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Rev Rant: True Nonlinearity
Nonlinear games are incredible -- it's just too bad only about two of them have been made in the last decade.
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Apocalyptic Games Are Forever A Thing And So Are Soulja Boy Branded Consoles! - Pregame Discharge 63
I promise that whatever is behind the flap isn't apocalyptic. Maybe. Could be post-apocalyptic? It'd be about time, honestly.
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Nintendo screw with time while Activision Blizzard screw people out of a job - Pregame Discharge 70
Bobby Kotick and Activision Blizzard sold their souls to the hamster menace and video games continue to be one big mistake.
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Nintendo Direct, Toad is Forever Impure, and Loot box Crimes - Pregame Discharge 51
Rungeforestow will be the name of my first child.
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The FTC is investigating lootboxes and THQ Nordic now owns Carmageddon! - Pregame Discharge 62
Here's hoping the sleepy old men at the FTC can crack the case on those damn boxes.
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Rev Rant: Moral Choice
In which Anthony argues that people are basically decent and moral choices in games that presume good and evil should be treated with total evenhandedness are naive and unsatisfying.
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Smash Direct, Diablo Immortal made everyone mad, and birds can skate! - Pregame Discharge 58
It feels good to admit your mistakes, only to learn you're actually right! I wonder if Blizzard feels the same way right about now with Diablo Immortal? Probably not.
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No gold behind our money, new Catherine, Rock Hard Abs - Pregame Discharge 25
The cult RPG Catherine is getting a remaster with new content, PayDay 2 is getting some cool new DLC, and GTA 5 gets new DLC. Because no one makes new video games anymore, because you don't buy them. Scumbag. Lyle McDouchebag is here to tell you all this and more in Pregame Discharge!
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Henry "Goofy Lips" Cavill in The Witcher and no Crossplay for Fortnite on PS4 - Pregame Discharge 49
Big serious CGI lips coming to a Netflix Original series near you!
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Dragon's Dogma is heading to Switch and Shenmue 3 is gonna be HUGE! – Pregame Discharge 65
Dragon's Dogma and Dragon Quest XI on Switch? Think of all the dragon possibilities on the go!
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New Switch hardware, Fallout 76 microtransactions, and Borderlands 2 VR! - Pregame Discharge 54
Drifting slimy Nintendo Switch rumors are the best kind of rumors!
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Dynasty Warriors 8 REVIEW
Destructoid's Jim Sterling reviews Dynasty Warriors 8. Read the full review at Destructoid: http://www.destructoid.com/review-dynasty-warriors-8-258103.phtml
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EGLX, KFC video games, and Gooigi is an eldritch horror - Pregame Discharge 55
EGLX (the most lit gaming convention) is back in Toronto from October 26-28! Even better yet, on the 27th, Lyle, that yellow dude, and the Sex T-Rex will be on the main stage! Live! For more info, check out the site: https://eglx.ca/
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A Show on Destructoid that We Haven't Named Yet #1 - Destructoid
And you thought DToid's YouTube channel was dead? Wrong. Join the biggest douche bag in gaming, Lyle McDouchebag, and he breaks down gaming news you might have missed out on this past week. We're talking Nintendo, Sony, Xbox, and more. So sit back, get your ass comfy, and join Lyle!
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Lyle Presents: The Best of Pregame Discharge 2017
Do you like Lyle Mcdouchebag? Do you like Pregame Discharge? Well then, prepare for heaven. Let's take a look at the BEST moments of 2017's BEST (or something) new YouTube gaming show: Pregame Discharge!
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Ken Levine on BioShock Infinite's box cover and fratboys
BioShock Infinite creative director Ken Levine sat down with us to discuss BioShock Infinite's box cover and marketing toward fratboys. Check out the rest of the interview on Destructoid: http://www.destructoid.com/q-a-with-ken-levine-head-in-the-clouds-240197.phtml
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RIP Telltale Games and the Devil May Cry Over Microtransactions - Pregame Discharge 52
Creativity isn't a problem when you're a time-traveling existential crisis.
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E309: Uncharted 2 (Sony Press Conference)
http://www.destructoid.com Uncharted 2 kicks off the Sony Press Conference in a big way.
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Halo 5: Guardians - Covenant Small Talk [1080p HD 60fps]
http://www.destructoid.com - Halo 5: Guardians - Covenant Small Talk [1080p HD, 60fps]
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No! Candy Crush TV Show is a Thing - Destructoid
Our favorite game, Candy Crush, is getting a TV show! We all love Candy Crush right?! Candy Crush TV? More like MUST SEE TV! Kill me now. Anyways, let's talk about this TV show that shouldn't exist.
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Creative Assembly's original Alien: Isolation pitch video
Alien: Isolation developer Creative Assembly showed off the video it used to set the tone for its Alien game at the 2015 Game Developer Conference
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Pregame Discharge Intro Compilations 1-20
Pregame Discharge Intro Compilations 1-20 featuring Lyle Rath and/or Lyle Mcdouchebag. Plot twist: they're the same people. Aired from June-November 2017
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Daggerhands, Tiragates, and Shovel Fights - Pregame Discharge 48
The wise man of the mountain begrudgingly holds many secrets for ye
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Xenoblade Chronicles X - Review
http://destructoid.com/ When Xenoblade Chronicles was announced for localization on the Wii, my heart skipped a beat. While there are plenty of JRPGs to go around, the more the merrier, and I wouldn't pass up the chance to experience another Monolith Soft game. I didn't quite have the same reaction to Xenoblade Chronicles X at first, but it really grew on me over time. Written by Chris Carter http://twitter.com/dtoidchris/ Video and narration by Myles Cox http://twitter.com/mylescox_/
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Battlefield V is revealed and PlayerUnknown is forting in court! - Pregame Discharge 40
The only show where Lyle tries to keep it together. In today's episode, Lyle covers Battlefield V getting announced, Killer 7 being remastered, Far Cry 5 heading to Vietnam, a battle royale in court, and I think E3 is also happening? Maybe? Could be real.
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Pregame Discharge Intro Compilations 21-40
Pregame Discharge Intro Compilations 21-40 featuring Lyle Rath and/or Lyle Mcdouchebag. Plot twist: they're the same people. Aired from November 2017 -May 2018
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The Forest Review - Destructoid
Dan and pals get lost in The Forest on PC in search of their missing son, fight off cannibals, maybe become cannibals in the process, and then get lost some more in the caves. But, is it any good? Find out! Check out the game on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/242760/The_Forest/ Enjoying the background tune? Check out other music by Gabe Castro (the composer of The Forest) below: http://gabecastro.com/ --The Forest OST-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aU5u4H1vvg&list=PLeqtTONPfjYuuwp8s5qWrblAR4LZQbmmB
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Remasters of the Universe, Teetahs and Megamen - Pregame Discharge 50
Pregame Discharge celebrates its 50th episode!
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Deus Ex Lives! A Time for Hats, A Bus in the Desert, Weird Rereleases - Pregame Discharge 22
Let's pause the video game news train for a moment to talk about that big blue thing next to so many countries. The Ocean. WTF. Also gaming news.
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Mega Man Returns! Hooters on Motorcycles! Deadpool is Pikachu - Pregame Discharge 23
Mega Man is back, Detective Pikachu is wack, share this latest video or Lyle McDouchebag gets sacked!
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E3: 15 minutes to run through all of E3
Jonathan Holmes does his best to say goodbye to all E3 2012 before the show's all over. Guest appearances by Jim Sterling, Hamza Aziz, Pico Mause, and many more.
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RAGE 2 is a thing, RIP Boss Key, and Valve goes after our waifus! - Pregame Discharge 39
Sleep is for the WEAK! However, Lyle's Pregame Discharge is FOR THE STRONG! It's also for those of you in need of VIDEO GAME NEWS! Which this week includes: No Man's Sky getting multiplayer, Okami HD coming to the Switch, Boss Key Productions shutting down, RAGE 2 announcement, Sony saying not to expect new hardware at E3, and Valve going after anime titties! Lyle has all this and more in today's Pregame Discharge!
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The Mario, Big Sony Announcements, and Snake Oil on Normandy - Pregame Discharge 18 | Destructoid
Another week of gaming, another week of news. Pregame Discharge has it all clumped together for you with our glorious presenter, Lyle McF. Douchebag. Enjoy.
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Monster Hunting Battle Royale? Halo isn't. The Culling 2 Culled - Pregame Discharge 43
This episode of Pregame Discharge comes to you from the sea for no particular reason.
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Everyone Fights Everything in Drag! Big Smash Reveals! - Pregame Discharge 45
Pregame Discharge enjoys a lazy afternoon where nothing could possibly go wrong
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E3 2011: Zelda HD on the Wii U
Jonathan Holmes gets inappropriate with the Zelda tech demo on the Wii U.
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PlayStation now HATES anime sized chests and Apex Legends is a thing! - Pregame Discharge 69
Apex Legends definitely isn't Titanfall 3, but if it helps make that a reality in the future, I'm all for it. Meanwhile, the future is looking bleak for the Senran Kagura series on PlayStation 4 thanks to the worst threat to humanity yet... Anime breasts!
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Rev Rant: Character Empathy
How videogames are not movies, where empathetic characters are concerned.
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Fallout Sues Westworld, Halo TV Show Myths, Projectile Hamsters - Pregame Discharge 41
Pregame Discharge is back with new episodes every Wednesday! No video game is safe! Except that one. You know the one.
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Spider-Man Review - Destructoid
Spider-Man does whatever a spider can, but, can he still be a great video game? With Insomniac Games behind the wheel, we wager it's a safe bet! --BGM-- Twelve Titans Music - Celestial Motion (Spider-Man E3 2016 trailer music) Spider-Man 2 Game Soundtrack - Hung Like a Spider
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