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Video Production and Digital Marketing for Your Business
Video production solutions for your online marketing or digital marketing campaigns from Gain Crowd Media. http://gaincrowdmedia.com/ New to video marketing and haven't make your first video yet? Not happy with the results your getting form your videos? Check out our Ultimate Video Marketing Starter Package for your business at this link. http://gaincrowdmedia.com/ultimate-video-production-package/ Every business needs video to attract attention online and drive traffic to their websites. Schedule your free video marketing strategy session right NOW with Melissa Ladaire at this link https://www.timetrade.com/book/T272M Check video marketing off your to do list and get start enjoying the benefits of more leads, more engagement and easier conversions. Visit our website at www.gaincrowdmedia.com
How to Transcribe a Youtube Video
In this video, quickly learn how to transcribe a Youtube video on your channel. For more great tips on video marketing subscribe to my channel and visit http://www.gaincrowd.com/
LinkedIn Profile Tips for Creating Your Best LinkedIn Summaries
LinkedIn Profile Tips for Creating Your Best LinkedIn Summaries. http://gaincrowdmedia.com/ These tips will help you create the best LinkedIn profiles when your looking to use LinkedIn for business. Most people don't know the best ways to write a LinkedIn summary but a good LinkedIn summary can dramatically effect your effectiveness in creating business relationships using www.linkedin.com A good LinkedIn summary should allow your reader to quickly scan your summary and find out what you are all about. People don't like taking the time to read. So if you are trying to figure out how to write a LinkedIn summary, then check out the LinkedIn profile tips in this video and apply them to your LinkedInn account. For more business success tips check out my blog http://gaincrowdmedia.com/blog-3/ or subscribe to this channel. Professionals who are looking for the products and services you offer and the skills you possess are on LinkedIn more than any other social platform, and they are ready to connect with you, but are you ready for them? Is your Linkedin profile capturing the attention your looking for and representing you as a professional in your niche? As a professional or business owner, it’s really important that you make the connection you need in order to advance your business or career, but with how busy we all are these days, you may only have a few seconds to grab the attention of that connection you really want. Visitors to your profile will often make a decision within seconds as to whether or not they think you have what it takes to be added to their trusted circle inner circle. Worse yet, if you LinkedIn profile is set up incorrectly, you may not be found at all by the prospect or colleague.
Website Development: Website Design Best Practices
Every company needs to have a great website to compete online. If your website is outdated, is not responsive or mobil friendly and is not performing well on search engines, then it is time to update your website. Choosing the right company to develop your website will ensure that your website will have all the necessary components to perform properly online.
Video Marketing Tips: Part 1 - Video Marketing Made Easy
Video Marketing Tips: Part 1 - Video Marketing Made Easy. Enjoy this free training video on video marketing for your business from Melissa Ladaire of Gain Crowd Media. Find out why Video marketing should be an important part of your online digital marketing campaign and why video marketing for small local businesses makes more sense than ever. Get video marketing tips that will save you time and money. Work with the team of experts at Gain Crowd Media and find out how affordable video marketing for small businesses can be. http://gaincrowdmedia.com/
Custom Hand Printed T-shirts, Garments by Brynne, Backward Prints
Local Laguna Beach artist, Brynne Cogorno, has been creating art all her life. She graduated from the University of Colorado in 2007, where she received her bachelor of fine arts in painting and drawing. Boulder is where Brynne learned the importance of living a sustainable life through the friends she met, and the people she worked with. After moving back to her hometown, Brynne dreamed of creating an earth friendly stationary line, for little did she know her dreams were about to come true. Backward Prints was created in August 2008, with all intentions of reminding people to smile and laugh. Ms. Cogorno shows love for life and attention for our planet through her cards and her wall art. Backward prints uses tree-free paper made from plant fibers and organic cotton that is embedded with wildflower seeds. Each print is hand drawn and hand printed using the block printing technique, for the final product is biodegradable and recyclable. "Backward explains me as an artist . . . the name to me, means someone who follows their dreams. I hope to show people that they can make a difference by how they choose to live their lives, and the decisions they make day to day,” she said. She wants to spread the importance not only on her simple card designs themselves, but spread the knowledge of education to everyone on how easy it is to adopt a little green into your life. Imagine all those tree-free note cards growing flowers instead of ending up in a landfill. Next time you think about buying anything, ask yourself how this will affect the earth? If you would like to check out Brynne’s card line, please visit her website. www.backwardprints.com [email protected] gaincrowd.com
Funtopia Indoor Rock Climbing Adventure
Funtopia is amazing and a fun way to spend time with your friends and family or do team building. Live with Livvey visits Funtopia in Santa Ana. This fun and exciting video format can help drive customers to your adventure related business. Why talk about how great your business is when you can show them!
Crystal Cove Cottages - Beach Cottage by the Sea
http://gaincrowd.com Could your non-profit use a great video like this one to help boost global branding and recognition. Find out how affordable video can be. Crystal Cove's historic beach cottages, Laguna Beach is a fantastic place to make reservations for your next vacation in Newport Beach. Visitors come to Crystal Cove to enjoy the sun, the sand, the restaurants and the unique historic cottages. Reservations can be made on line in advance or guests can can come to the park for the day and enjoy the surf, sand and tradition of Crystal Cove that dates back to the late 1800s. The Crystal Cove Alliance has been working hard to raise money to restore all of the cottages to their original glory and accomplish this through your generous donations, but Crystal Cove Alliance is so much more. Crystal Cove Alliance helps maintain the parks and trails, provide open access to visitors as well as ecological protection and education of this beautiful beach, wilderness trails and amazing natural resource. Crystal Cove Alliance strives to maintain the Crystal Cove State Park as it was 100 years ago when visitors would come her to camp, bath in the cool waters and paint. There are lots of great reasons to preserve this natural resource so get involved and donate today, your funding helps Crystal Cove Alliance's mission of restoration of these historic cottages by the sea in beautiful Laguna Beach.
Caroline's Cause Corner Promotional Video
Caroline's Cause Corner is a weekly show on KX93.5 Laguna Beach's only FM station and she highlights charitable causes and non-profits in Laguna Beach. This video helps explain. Get your message across and find new opportunities through video.
Dee Perry for Laguna Beach Board of Education
Dee Perry is running for one of three open slots in Laguna Beach school board 2014 election. She is the only candidate with any experience with our schools as an educator. She has taught at each of the Laguna Beach schools over a 35 year period including Top of the World, El Morro, Thurston and Laguna Beach High. She understands how schools operate and the needs and concerns of not only parents and students, but teachers and administration, something only an educator with the vast experience such as Dee would have. Dee Perry cares passionately about our students, their parents and the community and is willing to fight for them. Dee Perry has proven over thirty five years her willingness to stand up for her ideals and is not afraid to state her opinions and fight for them. She wants to see more transparency from the board so the community can be a part of decisions that are being made that effect not only our children's education, but our reputation as a community and our property values. Right now a larger than normal budget is being spent in our district for administration purposes and Dee wants to closely review that budget to make sure it is being spent wisely and direct more of the budget towards the needs of the student. Laguna Beach school district needs positive change and Dee Perry has the qualifications, values and stamina to make the necessary changes. Vote Dee Perry for Laguna Beach School Board 2014 on November 4, 2014
Video Marketing: How to get more views on Youtube
www.gaincrowd.com (949) 264-9882 Want to know how to get more views on Youtube? Creating a video and posting it to Youtube is only the beginning. Your video needs to capture the attention of people that are searching for your content on Google. Start with keyword search to find out what people are searching for and make your videos about that. There is a lot things you can to do to help make your video more interesting and to help your video be found in online searches by doing some video SEO. With 100 hours of content uploaded to Youtube very minute and the pile of videos getting larger and larger, it is easy to understand why your video could be difficult for people to find. There are several things you can do to improve the your video rankings in the search engines. I have listed ten of the most common mistakes people make when they create and upload their video. These are just some of the reasons people are not finding and watching your videos. This video is also an example of some of the best practices. If you would like Gain Crowd Media to help you with your video marketing needs then call the video marketing experts today (949) 264-9882 or visit our website at www.gaincrowd.com
Share Your Expertise
This video is about Share Your Expertise
Realtor Promotional Video
Attract more buyers with this heartfelt video from Gain Crowd Media. We'll customize this video for you so you can use it in your social media feed or in your online advertising. Visit us at gaincrowd.com
Product Video Sample
Use this video format from Gain Crowd Media as a base to share your product information. All aspects of this video can be customized for your needs.
Business Profile Video Example for Small Business and Professionals
Connect with potential clients through a business profile video. Help current and potential clients understand your business offerings and the benefits of doing business with you. Business profile videos can be produced by Gain Crowd Media in the privacy of your office no matter where your business is located. Videos are produced by professional videographers in quality HD Video with professional sound and lighting. Professional editing including including company logo branding, text graphics and clear calls to action, smooth transitions and royalty free background music. No scripts to memorize. If you are comfortable talking about your business, product or expertise to a potential client or friend then our professional interviewers will make you feel right at home helping you get your message across in this short 90-120 second video. Add b-roll to your video for even more interest. Contact Gain Crowd Media for more information http://www.gaincrowd.com/ https://youtu.be/X27tSoURFPI https://youtu.be/372mnJUb9TU https://youtu.be/j-_SD6cOfrk
Famous Cebebrity Shares His Personal Passion through Video
We helped this celebrity share his passion through video and we can help you too. Happy Easter from Gain Crowd Media www.gaincrowdmedia.com
SwingIt Super Heros
This video highlights talents of new students and instructors from Swing It Trapeze in Orange County California. Their showcase event was recorded and edited to creating this fun and exciting video that highlights the thrill of areal trapeze and the beauty and grace of silk performance. The fun of the circus is pulled together through a variety of acts and comedy.
Video Marketing Statistics
http://gaincrowdmedia.com/ Video Marketing Statistics. Not sure if video marketing should be a part of your marketing plan? Better take another look. Studies show more than half of all companies are making use of video in some capacity or another in their marketing strategies, and that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. In fact Nelson claims that 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future. So why is video so important? 100 million Americans watch videos online each day. An increase of 43% since 2010. Over 6 billion hours of videos are watched each month on Youtube. That’s almost an hour for every person on the planet. So what does that mean for you and your business? Online video has a much higher perceived value than text or audio alone. Video has the ability to inspire, show emotion, tell a story, demonstrate your product or service, introduce people, connect and engage. So much so that US consumers will watch a product video 60% of the time they find one on a website. But it’s more than just that, 40% of shoppers actually visit a store online or in person, as a direct result of watching a video online. Video content is shared more on social media platforms than any other type of information and video makes your webpages more sticky, meaning that people will stay on your website longer, giving you more opportunity to convert them into customers. Let’s face it, we are all busy these days and most people would rather watch a video about you or your company on your website. Most importantly, video can help create brand loyalty. Because people like doing business with people and brands that they like and care about. So start telling your story today with quality videos from Gain Crowd Media. http://gaincrowdmedia.com/
Text Graphic Based Video Example with Voice Over and Screen Capture
Text Graphic Based Video Example with Voice Over and Screen Capture. Use this explainer video to sell your products or services or to train staff or customers on how to use your products or services. Voice over and screen capture included. Text graphics and imagery to match your branding colors, look and feel.
Caroline's Cause Corner with Laura Davick, Crystal Cove Alliance
Crystal Cove, K-line, Crystal Cove Alliance, charity, 93.5fm, Caroline Rustigian Bruderer
Video Marketing Production Day
Video Production made easy by Gain Crowd Media. with the a Video Production Starter Package from Gain Crowd Media. Avoid expensive productions and the hassle, expense and confusion of trying to produce content your self. Find out how production days from Gain Crowd Media make video production fast, easy and affordable. http://www.gaincrowdmedia.com/ For more information or questions (949) 264-9882 [email protected]wd.com
SwingIt Super Heros
SwingIt Trapeze in Costa Mesa hosts their Super Hero showcase. Families, both kids and adults experience the fun and excitement of circus life including aerial trapeze, aerial silk, juggling, tight rope walking, acrobatics, aerial rings and more.
Video Marketing Services for Real Estate Agents
Professional and talented realtors from Evergreen Realty discover the benefits of online video marketing while working with Gain Crowd Media to share their stories and their expertise as real estate agents in the Orange County Real Estate market. Find a home for sale that is right for you with experienced professionals from Evergreen Realty that understand that customer service, hard work and plenty of talent all go hand in hand when negotiating a real estate transaction in the competitive and high stakes game of Orange County real estate. Marketing your homes for sale with the most current online marketing strategies including video marketing, video seo, marketing segmentation targeting and positioning are keys to get your home seen by hundreds of eager home buyers that are targeted and qualified. If you are a realtor or small business owner, looking to expand or improve your business marketing strategies using the power of online marketing, give the professionals at Gain Crowd Media a call. (949) 424-9675 www.gaincrowd.com/agent-profile-videos/ If your looking to buy or sell your next property, contact the team of professionals at Evergreen Realty with offices in Orange County, CA http://www.evergreenrealty.net http://www.davinshomes.com Davin Emmons, Realtor, Evergreen Realty Flor Shakhsari, Realtor, Evergreen Realty Helen Moreno, Realtor, Evergreen Realty Elizabeth Otok, Realtor, Evergreen Realty Jin Ro, Realtor, Evergreen Realty Angie Wanodi, Realtor, Evergreen Realty Lisa Schulz, COO, Evergreen Realty Sarah Piazza, Marketing Manager, Evergreen Realty
Swing It Trapeze Movie Trailer
Promote your business with a cool movie trailer like this one from Gain Crowd Media
Digital Marketing Strategies | How to Get Customers by Giving
Digital Marketing Strategies. Get customers by focusing on the giving instead of the getting. A new friend of mine demonstrated to me the power of focusing on "Giving" in marketing instead of being focused on how we can "Get" people to do things, like buying our products and services. It's a concept I focus on a lot but KJ from Women's Auto Connection reminded me why it is so important and how you can practice the power of giving everyday. When you focus on giving to your audience, good things just come to you and you no longer have to worry about how you are going to get people to engage. Meet KJ from Women's Auto Connection and find out how he reminded me of just how strong the power of giving is. Melissa Ladaire www.gaincrowd.com Find out more about Women's Auto Connection at http://www.womensautoconnection.com/
It's A Beautiful Day with Gain Crowd Media
It's a beautiful day with Gain Crowd Media because we help you market yourself or market your business online and drive more traffic to your websites and more customers to your door. Show up in Google search engines with creative, informative and interesting video content that helps your audience find out about your expertise, your products and services. In minutes you can convey to your audience so much information about who you are and what is important to you and your business. Identify your clients pains then show how you are the solution. The possibilities with video are endless. Gain Crowd Media makes marketing videos to fit all sizes of tastes and budgets to fit your on line marketing needs and help you get found in the top two search engines in the world, Google and Youtube. Let's start making videos together today. Visit our website and contact us for a free video marketing consultation for your business, highlight your product, service, brand or cause. http://www.gaincrowd.com/
Animated Explainer Video Sample
Animated Explainer Video Sample
Video Marketing Tips: Part 2 - Video Marketing Made Easy
Video Marketing Tips: Part 1 - Video Marketing Made Easy https://youtu.be/8csRFAGmRDE www.gaincrowdmedia.com Video Marketing Tips Part 2 in a three part series. The benefits for video marketing for business are huge! Find out how to make quality, engaging video content to promote your business without a lot of hassle and expense. Find out how to make marketing videos for your company that will get you noticed in the Google search engine and show off your expertise. Be sure to check Video Marketing Made Easy Part 1 https://youtu.be/8csRFAGmRDE
Realtor Video Ad
A sample video that can be customized for realtors to help them attract new buyers. As a realtor, it's important to stay top of mind with your audience, on your social media channels, with newsletters and regular emails.This heartfelt video can grab attention and help you stay connected. Real estate is a very emotional product and when you can connect with buyers and sellers on an emotional level, they are more likely to remember you when it comes time for them to buy or sell. I'll add your realtor image to this video, and all your contact information. This video can also be purchased in a square format, great for social media. Square ads tend to perform better on Facebook and other social media platforms. When you order it in square format, you also have the option of branding throughout your entire video. See square screen format sample. You can order your realtor video today at www.gaincrowd.com
Pregnant and Considering Adoption
If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and need support, we are here to help. A is 4 Adoption provides immediate support for pregnant women considering placing their baby for adoption. We can provide you with immediate assistance with safe housing, transportation, medical and prenatal care, food and cell phones. Get back on your feet. Take care of you and your baby. We will help find a loving and supportive family that will take care of you during your pregnancy and provide a lifetime of love and support for your child.
Gain Crowd Media Testimonial Video
Gain Crowd Media works with businesses and professionals to help them with their video marketing needs. Video is currently, undeniably the most popular form of online communication and can be an incredible marketing tool for your business. If you need a video produced for your company, give us a call or set up a free strategy meeting to find out how affordable and effective video marketing can be. (949) 264-9882 Schedule a FREE strategy meeting https://www.timetrade.com/book/774TH
Animated Text Graphic Sales or Explainer Video
Animated Text Graphic Sales or Explainer Video with royalty free background music. Voice over not included in this sample
Facebook Video Ads
Get great marketing video ads made for you. Perfect for Facebook advertising, your website or social media. All done for you so you can work on your image. http://gaincrowdmedia.com/your-video-ad/
Facebook Live Training
Need a little help with your Facebook live videos? Gain Crowd Media can help.
Video Intros
Gain Crowd Media can help your videos become more engaging and help brand your product or company through creative video graphics. For more information visit http://www.gaincrowd.com/
Video Marketing Your Business
Your business needs video! Video attracts attention, gets shared, moves people down your sales funnel, gets them to stay on your website longer and sells products. People who watch a video about your products and services are much more likely to purchase from you. If you think you can't afford professional video we have an affordable solution for you that will be easy on your time as well as your check book. Get your video now http://gaincrowdmedia.com/your-video-ad/
Online Video Marketing Services
Own your own business and want to be happy with your video marketing? Gain Crowd Media offers eye-catching videos like this one to help you get noticed online. On your website, social media and Facebook advertising. Don't know where to start? Well produce it for you, quick, easy and affordable so you can do the happy dance. You'll wonder why you waited so long once you try our professional video marketing services. Start here http://gaincrowdmedia.com/your-video-ad/
Online Video Marketing Agency
Need a marketing video for your small business like this one? Gain Crowd Media can make it fast and affordable. Use your video to get attention on social media, drive prospective customers down your sales funnel using this ad on Facebook Ad or host this video on your website to communicate with your audience, tell them about new products and services and keep them engaged with your website longer. Ready to get your professional video done now? Let's Go... it's easy just click follow this link http://gaincrowdmedia.com/your-video-ad/
Video Marketing Your Business
Whether you need a video to grab attention on social media, drive a Facebook advertising campaign or hold attention on your website, Gain Crowd Media can produce a stunning, effective video for you in no time. For a custom video like this one for your company use this link http://gaincrowdmedia.com/your-video-ad/
Video Marketing Small Business
Your small business needs big time production on a small time budget with no hassel. We get it! You are too busy to be building your own marketing and video content and you can't afford to hire a fancy video marketing agency to do the work for you. Gain Crowd Media has the perfect solution. Short, effective, professional video production, done fast, on a budget. Find out more http://gaincrowdmedia.com/your-video-ad/
Video Marketing Small Local Business
Does your small local business need some attention on social media? Video will make them pause and a good video will get them to take action. Share what is special about your business with a quick and professional video that features a call to action.To get the attention you need, your video needs great footage, a clear message and call to action. Gain Crowd Media can produce your video for you in just a couple of days on a very small budget. Check out our Easy Video Marking Video plans at this link http://gaincrowdmedia.com/your-video-ad/
Internet Video Marketing Service
Video ads can increase CTR on your Facebook ads by +200% over still images. Grab your audience's attention with quick, professional video ads from Gain Crowd Media. Find out how fast and affordable the perfect video can be. You'll wonder why you waited so long to check video marketing off your list. Use this link http://gaincrowdmedia.com/your-video-ad/ Use your ad for Facebook advertising, make your social media feed more effective, make your website more sticky. We'll come up with the perfect copy, footage, and music to capture your target market. Use this link http://gaincrowdmedia.com/your-video-ad/
Video Marketing Services USA
Need a video for your social media feed, Facebook Ad or website that is short, sweet and effective? Gain Crowd Media can create a great video like this one for you too. http://gaincrowdmedia.com/your-video-ad/